Growth of Madison Street Capital under Charles Botchway

Madison Street Capital is a global firm that provides investment banking services. The firm is highly committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in its delivery of corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to businesses that are either publicly or privately held. Such services enable their clients to do well in the international marketplace. Through undertaking every new project; from M&A transactions to successful capital raises and financial advisory to ownership transfer, the goals and objectives of the clients become those of the firm. Madison views emerging markets as the main component that drives global growth of their clients.

While the firm has provided financial advice to major companies, Madison has focused in partnering with the firms in the middle-market to successfully navigate intricate transactions and attain the best possible results. The experienced financial experts are always at the table providing expert financial advice and sophisticated guidance to clients whenever options emerge. Since every situation of a client is unique, they take time to analyze and understand the precise needs of a client in order to come up with an ideal match between sellers and buyers, create capitalization structures capable of optimizing the potential of a client, and arrange appropriate financing.

Charles Botchway’s ideas on Madison Street Capital

Charles Botchway is founder and CEO of the Madison Street Capital. He manages the overall operations and strategic direction of the firm. Before establishing Madison, Botchway was vice chairman and co-CEO of the Houlihan Smith and Company, his task was overseeing the operations and strategic direction of the company and crafting and executing the international expansion strategy of the firm. He has also served in various roles within the mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance sector of the investment banking that focuses on private mid-market and developing market transactions.

Botchway got the idea of starting Madison Street Capital while he was a co-CEO of another investment bank. His partner wanted to specialize on derivatives and big corporations while he wanted to remain dedicated to serving corporate needs and M&A of the middle market clients. He believes that that segment is the heart of American economy and the impact that they make on individual lives is more fulfilling. The divergence of the strategy is what motivated the creation of the Madison Street Capital.

Botchway and his team bring ideas to life by constantly brainstorming and sharing ideas on ways to do things in a different and in a more efficient manner. Since they are generally a diagnostic bunch, they vet new ideas very quickly. If an idea proves to be viable, they then execute it.

One thing that really excites Botchway is the globalization scale. The international transactions were normally reserved for big international investment banks. Thanks to growth of technology, the boutique banks such as Madison are now in a position to compete in global investment bank field.