FreedomPop Expands Services and Influence

Traditional mobile phone companies are being challenged again by the new startup FreedomPop that is adding even more services to their offers. This unique company has continued to spread their low cost and free services across the globe and has recently raised as much as $50 million to increase their services. FreedomPop is offering “free hotpot” services and more data access to mobile users across Europe including $10 SIM coverage of the continent.

There have been rumors that a new investor has joined the company and is potentially adding new and more powerful services to FreedomPop. Co-founder and CEO Stephen Stokois announced a new private-equity group that is they are keeping anonymous for the time being. This could be a major carrier that will help contribute to the value of the service. FreedomPop has raised a total of $109 million to provide their service to more people all over the globe. The company is becoming a major player in the mobile carrier market and continually is building better and better relationships with a number of national carriers which allows them to target new demographics. They are attracting more and more “free” clients overall.

FreedomPop is a provider of Mobile phone and data services at a very low cost to no cost at all. They are able to do this by negotiating great levels of coverage from mainstream carriers like Sprint and their customers only pay for the services they use, rather than paying for excess services they may or may not use. It is a system that is based on common sense and its time is coming. They are continually adding more and more coverage and services to their product line and it seems their growth potential is unlimited. They provide text, voice, data and of course sell mobile phones for clients to purchase. These phones are far below market value and are top of the line. All customers can choose between Android and Apple devices, whichever they are more comfortable with.

The growing reach of FreedomPop, means positive things for consumers because anytime the competition for a service raises the prices for that service decrease. The most concerned at this trend are the established mobile providers who are going to have to significantly change their business practices as FreedomPop gains for of a consumer base. One thing is for certain, the products offered are growing and so is the global appeal. This is a company that is going to grow exponentially in the next five years.

FreedomPop: The Answer To High Cell Phone Bills

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars per month for your cell phone bill? Do you think your cell phone carrier is charging you way too much for the service you get? Do you wish you could get out of that contract and not be hit with massive cancelation fees and other charges? Freedom Pop is the answer for you. They are not like your big carriers because they are not even on the same level. While these large cell phone companies spend millions of dollars building a network of lines, Freedom Pop just comes in and uses their lines for pennies on the dollar. Pretty smart move, huh?

You may have never heard of this company, and that’s okay. They have only been in business for a year and a half. But, if you are in the market to pay little to nothing for your cell service, you need to check them out. They currently serve customers in California, but with over $50 million in investments, they will be coming to a neighborhood near you. They have a similar base to many other pay-as-you-go companies. They give you the opportunity to have 500 free voice minutes per month, along with 500 texts for free. Then if you want to purchase additional minutes, packages start as low as $20. Now who doesn’t have an extra $20 kicking around?

Don’t worry thinking that this company isn’t going to be around long. They have such a good idea even Sprint tried to buy the company. However, the owners graciously declined. They know they are onto something big. They recently took their service to the UK. While it is just by use of a SIMS card right now, soon they will be all over that country too. They have over 100,000 customers right now. What do all these people have in common? They just want to get service and not take an entire paycheck to pay for it. If you have children with phones, a spouse, parents or others you pay for, it can be quite a massive bill.

If you have had it with your cell phone company and want to be free of them, this may be the answer for you.

FreedomPop’s Wireless Plan Is A Game Changer

FreedomPop is a relatively new player on the wireless scene, but as you can see from reviews, they are making a big splash with the way they bring voice, SMS and Wi-Fi data plans to the masses. In 2014 they began selling a Wi-Fi only phone that operated exclusively over Wi-Fi signals. And then in January of 2015 they launched a $5 per month plan with unlimited voice and data that took advantage of more than 10 million FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots range from national chain locations like Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmart and Home Depot to smaller local businesses, and they are spread throughout the country. That number is expected to grow to 25 million hotspots later this year.

This is all done through an app that will automatically log you into the hotspots when you are within range, allowing you to do make calls, text and surf the internet just like on other phones. When the service launched it was available only on Android devices. “iOS is far more closed, whereas Google has committed to make Wi-Fi as seamless as possible,” FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said. But the iOS app is now available for consumers as well.

The $5 plan offers an alternative to the escalating data prices that other carriers charge. Studies show that as much as 90% of the data used by most cell phone consumers takes place over Wi-Fi, between home, work and other public locations. This means they are paying a premium each month for what amounts to only 10% of their total data use. Switching to a $5 plan would save hundreds of dollars each year.

According to Cnet, the company goal is to have more than 90% Wi-Fi coverage across the top 200 metropolitan markets by the end of 2015. To find out how the coverage looks in your area, go to the FreedomPop “Check Availability” page and enter your zip code and email address.