People Often Forget That Dog Food Should Be a Real Meal

Most people often post on facebook that they would go to the ends of the earth for their dog. There’s something about humanity’s canine companions which inspires an amazing level of devotion. But for all the love that people have for their pets, there’s one point where people often forget to protect them. People often forget that meals are just as important to a dog as they are to people. Nobody would want to suffer through three bland meals a day without any real variation or love put into the food. But that’s how most dogs go through their lives. However, a recent article published by the Daily Herald shows that this might not be the case for very long.
The article examines several dog food companies who are taking a very different approach to their wares. One example follows the reporter as he watches a dog food company executive happily sampling his own chicken and turkey recipe. Another example is a Youtube advertising campaign that highlights the idea of dogs eating the same types of food that people do. But these examples all follow a common theme. Every story points to the idea of using higher quality ingredients to make real meals for dogs.

This idea is revolutionary, but at the same time it’s hardly the start of the revolution. Some dog food companies have been pushing in this direction since their inception. For example, a high quality dog food brand made by Nestle Purinastore called Beneful has been around since 2001. And since the very beginning they’ve been using only the highest quality ingredients to make their dog food.

What makes Beneful such an innovator can be seen simply by opening up a bag of their dog food. When one opens the bag he or she will be greeted by an amazing sight. The bag will be full of easily recognizable ingredients. There might be juicy chunks of beef, or savory grilled chicken. And of course healthy veggies are a staple of most recipes ( But whichever one is looking at, there’s one thing that’s a constant with Beneful. That’s the fact that the ingredients are so fresh and tender that anyone can recognize them on sight. And this freshness means that dogs will instantly fall in love with the taste. While owners will fall in love with the happiness they can see on their dog’s face every time the bag is opened up.