Checking Out How Wen by Chaz Works

Recently, an individual at Bustle wanted to see just what all the hubbub is about Wen by Chaz. So, she decided to purchase the products and see just for herself. First of all, when ordering the products, there are several different aromas to choose from. While the end result is the same on, it provides individuals with the option to find something that gives them the necessary aroma that works best.

For starters, WEN on guthy-renker by Chaz is a conditioner, so that needs to be point out right off the bat. The individual who reviewed the product actually used it specifically as a shampoo, which is not actually what it is. It is necessary to use a shampoo before hand and then moving into Wen by Chaz (it calls itself a conditioner right on the bottle, so this should be rather self apparent).

Now, WEN by Chaz does recommend to use a rather large amount of the product. This is not necessary, although it does depend on the overall length and thickness. It is more of an experiment in order to see how much is required to completely coat all of the hair (after all, once the hair is coated, applying more to it is not going to do anything but be washed down the drain.

Now, it is extremely important to take extra time to rinse out everything in the hair at the end of the shower. Due to its thickness it will take much longer to rinse out than normal conditioner. However, if it is not completely rinsed it out it will start to form greasy roots. Ultimately, WEN is great for anyone who showers regularly (especially in the morning). Without the regular showers, the haircare produce might way down the hair, but as the bottle states, it is designed for everyday use.