Crazy Colorful School Hacks by Wengie

Start your school year with some of the most creative school hacks from everyone’s favorite colorful life hacker, Wengie. Wengie starts off with a hack that anyone with a decent amount of office supplies could pull off. This would be a unique way to mark the important entries in your books without having to stick to just one color to do so. Why use just the yellow highlighter or just the pink or blue highlighters, when you can combine them into a striking rainbow of neon? That’s right, by combining just a dab of the pink and just a dab of the blue highlighter on the end of a yellow highlighter and applying, you can create a rainbow marking that will set your notes apart from all the rest.


Using your basic rounded pencils, you can combine them with colorful tape that is easily accessed from any local craft store, and customize the very things you write with every day! This will also set your pencils apart from others, so no one will be able to get away with swiping them without you noticing. There’s also a way to dazzle up ballpoint pens! Wengie goes into detail about how you can make regular old ballpoints something so much more, adding just that little more excitement to your school day.


Wengie goes over numerous other cute and glitzy ways to improve the appearance of your school supplies. From a custom pencil sharpener turned coffee mug, to ways to make your paperclips more stylish.