Class Dojo the App that is Revolutionizing the Education Sector

Class Dojo is an app that connects teachers to student’s parents and helps them to update the parents on the student academic progress and social behaviour in school. This has helped teachers to keep in touch throughout the school year making it easy for parents and educators to instil great values in kids. Before the app was developed, educators and parents only met once a semester, and this created a chance for students to develop bad habits without the parents’ knowledge.

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The founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, said that the company is using its capital to grow its team and to know the other features that can help parents not only in the days when children are in school but also during holidays. The app is intended to dispense more information to parents on how to bring up all rounded kids who can become law abiding and responsible citizens in future. The Class Dojo has also helped teachers too because they are now able to keep parents informed on everyday activities happening in school be it educational or co-curriculum. Educators are now able to take photos of every student class work and maintain the parent updated on the student progress.  Check this

According to, the app has been accepted in the market, and over 85000 schools across the US are using it. It has been able to compete very well with other companies that have existed in the market for a long time. The tech is being used in both public and private schools, and the company is looking forward to distributing the app to more teachers and parents. The app has opened eyes to investors as they can now see some of the tech opportunities in the education sector. In the near future, the app will include features that will make it easy for parents or guardians to pay school fees or field trips without having to leave the house.

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How To Resolve Customer Complaints


White Shark Media is a renowned company that provides outstanding service to clients. The company has been delivering top notch advertising solutions for many years and is well recognized in the industry.


Many years ago, White Shark Media did not have a system in place to address customer complaints effectively but things have changed for the better. Today, White Shark Media has a great reputation for excellent customer service and outstanding results. The professionals at White Shark Media provide superb service and follow procedures, ensuring that clients are delighted with the services provided to them.


When White Shark Media receives customer complaints, they listen to find out the details of the issue. Next, these experts acknowledge the issue by telling the customer they understand and are sorry for the situation. The professionals then takes steps to resolve the matter and ensure that the customer is completely satisfied.


And as always, thank the customer for doing business with you. Keep in mind, if they are satisfied with the service or the resolution of the issue, they will tell everyone on social media sites and discussion forums just as they will if they do not get satisfaction.


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One of the quickest ways to drive traffic to a website is pay per click (PPC) advertising. If you know what works and how to set it up correctly, you can make a lot of money with PPC marketing. If you don’t do it right, you will end up wasting your marketing budget. It is always advisable to get help from the experts.


Anyone can get into search engine advertising, but it takes experience and proper management to extend a marketing budget and generate a return on your investment.


White Shark Media has been managing PPC ad campaigns for clients across a wide variety of industries. The professionals at White Shark Media are well trained and certified. They are well qualified to provide proper advertising management and optimization.


Most online advertising strategies take a great deal of time and cost a huge amount of money before producing results. But with pay per click advertising results are seen in hours.


Don’t try to run a PPC campaign without proper guidance. You will see great results from your PPC campaign, only if it is properly set up and managed correctly. White Shark Media can help. Have a look around their and contact them to start driving targeted traffic to your website right away.

Tips on Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur means hard work; and with that hard work comes a reputation that is built on integrity and trust. People do business with people they know and are comfortable with; people they can trust.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could continue with our businesses without any issues? Unfortunately, that’s not how life works and conflict is bound to happen. Jealousy and envy are just a few of the emotions that run through our competitors minds, and honestly, it’s bound to happen at some point. These emotions tend to damage our business and attack our reputation. Even worse, our customers could start believing these lies.
It’s important to know that staying quiet and keeping to yourself (while it works for some scenarios) does not work in this case. It’s just not enough and it’s not proactive. Here are five ways that entrepreneurs can handle an attack:

1. Don’t get into it with those attacking you.
It’s only natural that we want to fight fire with fire, and get revenge, but this doesn’t solve anything, and also it makes your company look bad. The last thing you want is to look unprofessional. You don’t want to stay too quiet but you don’t want your emotions to get the best of you either, and you certainly don’t want to act on impulse. Ignore what has been said or done and go talk to someone about it.

2.Assure your loyal customers.
When something isn’t going well, our customers can sense that almost immediately. Make sure to assure them things are all right, but do not make promises that you can not keep. Don’t let difficult times such as these to tear your business apart.

3.Counteract what’s being said/done by offering extra value.
There’s a reason why your customers are following you, and it’s because of the value you offer. During these difficult times, focus on giving your customers even more value. Put out content, products and services that will make your customers happy and take their minds off of what is at hand. Most often, people just want to know what’s in it for them.

4.Reach out.
Reaching out for support is crucial! We can not just sit in our corner and cry about our problems (as tempting as that may sound). Running away from our problems just doesn’t work. Other perspectives can help you clear your mind and give you new and fresh ideas. Venting to people you trust is refreshing and it keeps the anger and negativity away. Ask them what there thoughts are on the present issue.

5.Stay focused on the ‘why.’
Don’t forget what the whole picture is about. You started this business and you can over come anything! Mind over matter! That should always be the fuel that you need to keep going. Do what it takes to keep your business running.

Don’t let other peoples negativity bring you and your business down! This too shall pass! If you are looking to clean up your search results and remove negative reviews, please visit

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How To Manage Your Online Reputation With Search Cleanup

For all business owners, keeping important the face you put out online is incredibly important. The website for your business is extremely important, and it is important that it gets a lot of traffic. However, it is also important to make sure you have good reviews online. This will help to make sure potential customers or clients see your business in a positive way. However, bad reviews can be very damaging to your business. Luckily, there are ways to manage the negative effects of having bad reviews. While you can’t really get rid of their negative effects, it is possible to lessen the harm they cause your business. In fact, there are firms that specialize in helping to manage your online reputation.


Google and other search engines show results that can date back a long time. In fact, it is possible for people to find negative reviews that were written about your business a very long time ago. Given this, it is uncommon for a business to have no negative reviews. This is because even a very cautious business owner is likely to make a mistake at some point. Without proper attention, you could find yourself paying for this mistake for many months and years to come.
Search engine reputation management companies work to make sure negative things don’t come up too high in the search rankings. They aren’t able to remove results obviously, but they can help to make old bad reviews less visible. They can make sure that older results don’t show up high in the search results. That means that complaints from months or years ago won’t likely be the first thing potential clients see. Using these companies’ services can greatly enhance your reputation on the internet. This can result in a more successful business. While it will cost some money to get these services on your business’ side, it is often well worth it in the end. Your business will likely present a much better impression to potential clients and customers, and this will result in increased profits for you. One great place to find these services is at The professionals at can clean up negative search results quickly and efficiently.

Use Search Cleanup For Your Online Reputation Management

A quick search on Google of your name May reveal some unexpected results. Negative information that Finds Its way to the internet can be there to stay. There are however some steps you can take to minimize the adverse effects. By using SEO or search engine optimization, a person can place negative results further back on the results Pages. Positive information can be inserted to show up on the first page of a query of your name. This can improve online reputation and will help improve positive visibility.

Unfortunately, no one can control what others post on the internet about them, but this is a method of doing damage control to your online persona. Because of the popularity of social media negative information can come from any website or source. Because of the popularity of social media, negative information can originate from any site or source.This is a type of tactic used for search engine reputation management or SERM. By inserting positive information about a person into the internet platform, negative results are pushed back further on the results page where they are not as readily visible.This tactic not only works for individuals seeking to improve their reputation but also works for businesses as well. Even Fortune 500 companies are in need of reputation management. This method of optimization has become a necessity for those trying to maintain their online image.

The internet is here to stay, and so online reputation management is a market that will continue to grow. An excellent online reputation management company to consider using is Search Cleanup. They can be contacted at The website help remove negative search results so that your company seen in its best light.

Quality Adword Management From White Shark Media Looking For A New Way To Gain Clients?

My business is flourishing now that I have taken on a relationship with one of the best Adwords management companies out there. White Shark Media’s services have really impressed me so far, and my entire team is on the same page. We just met the other day to go over some logistics and other issues that have come up concerning our sales team. Everyone at the meeting was in favor of continuing to work with White Shark Media Complaints because this relationship has brought us a high volume of incoming calls. We had never experienced such a reaction from potential clients in our area and in our industry until we started working with White Shark Media.

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Adwords Performance At Its Best

We realize now how important adwords are to a company’s success. Our company is in the pool services business. We actually found this review on White Shark Media’s website from another pool service company that gave us an idea of what White Shark Media would do for our company. That review can be found here, and there are plenty of other reviews from companies in diverse industries available on their site.

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A Doctor for Your Digital Reputation’s Health

In an age when digital media is becoming increasingly pertinent in our daily lives, there are bound to be a few hiccups in life that make their way online. Whether professional or personal, they become permanently documented across the internet for the world to see. Suddenly, those mishaps become tied to a person’s name and Google searches publicize their blemishes. Even the slightest of mishaps can go on to tarnish relationships and reputations.
This reality has left many people, including high-profile professionals, executives, politicians and businesses in need of a service that protects their reputation on the web. One company that has risen to meet this demand is Status Labs, headed by founder and president, Darius Fisher. In order to guarantee that the most scandalous search results are not the most prominent, Fisher’s company offers services for any digital crisis situation, whether it be preventative, responsive, or recovery.
Fisher has been able to promise these services to upwards of 1,500 clients thanks to dramatically increasing staff numbers since founding the company in 2011. Fisher, a New York native who studied at Vanderbilt University, set up headquarters for Status Labs in Austin before opening additional offices in São Paulo and New York.
Fisher’s presidency at the company has seen him implement strategic frameworks and build relationships with outside agencies to spread the word about his relevant service. His networking has been incredibly effective as Status Labs is the foremost company specializing in digital public relations today. His experience as a copywriter and political consultant gives him a solid grasp on public relations and plays a critical role in his company’s success.
And he has been successful. Type “Darius Fisher” into any search engine and notice the first page results are overwhelmingly positive, focusing on his successful work at Status Labs. The kinds of hiccups that plague most people and businesses of status are absent from Fisher’s search results. If the goal is to keep irrelevant blemishes from the foreground, Fisher’s search results serve as an ideal (and attainable) example. Fisher has shown that he is capable of keeping his online persona polished and presentable and thus proves that he can do so for his clientele. With the evolving threats that the internet presents to our names, Fisher and his team have become a valuable resource for those who wish to keep their digital tails covered.