The most effective way to create and publish Wikipedia page

Wikipedia has become a household name; it is the largest web-based encyclopedia and has been around for about ten years. According to Alexa, a web information company, Wikipedia is the seventh most popular website in the world. Since Wikipedia screens non-legit content,  when businesses make a Wikipedia it page gets some boost in search engines. This explains why the top results of Google search usually come from Wikipedia.


Wikipedia page creation for your business is just like having a well-distinguished reference in your resume. Alongside your site and other branded properties, a Wikipedia page can influence search results positively. For example, Google projects use Wikipedia as a source of artificial intelligence and currently draw summary information to produce Google Knowledge Graph listing from Wikipedia. Thus, if your site has Google Knowledge you can influence the content via your Wikipedia page.


Wikipedia is undertaking new developments to improve its content accessibility to visually impaired people. According to pilot research that was carried out by Swedish telecommunications regulator PTS, about 125 million of Wikipedia users per month prefer text being read aloud to them. Through Partnership with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Wikipedia is developing speech synthesis platforms. Researchers aim to complete the Speech engines for English, Swedish, and Arabic by 2017. Moreover, expand the platform to 280 languages.


In line with these new developments, the website will continue to enjoy a prime position in search engine results. Hence, it is crucial for businesses and personal brands to tap and beef their online presence and reputation using Wikipedia. When you make a Wiki page it also adds a level of prestige and authentic to your organization and brand since most people trust an organization that has Wikipedia page than those that do not have.


Often creating a Wikipedia page can be time-consuming and hard work due stringent rules that must be followed. While writing it yourself, your article is likely to raise a biased point of view that result to your page being removed. It has discouraged most people trying to set a Wikipedia page. The best to create a Wikipedia article about your brand or organization without a lot of hassle is hiring Wiki writers from Get Your Wiki. A Wikipedia editor for hire will create and publish it on your behalf at a modest fee.


The Wikipedia writing company features leading experienced and professional Wikipedia editors for hire. It also gives clients 100% guarantee, and if your article is not published, you get a complete refund. Getting your page polished by Get Your Wiki help you avoid biased that most people put in their article unknowingly and save you the hassle of Wikipedia strict guidelines and requirements. The company will also monitor and edit a Wikipedia page in real time to avoid attack or addition of false information on your page.