How Bruno Fagali Specialize in Anti-Corruption In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who practices in Brazil. His specialties  and skill set include compliance, ethics, administrative contracts, urban law, public civil actions, and bidding law. He is also an expert in the 2013 anti-corruption law which involves both civil and administrative liability. Bruno Fagali runs his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, and works for the advertising agency new / sb as their Corporate Integrity Manager.

It was in 2006 that Bruno Fagali first entered the law industry, as an Intern in the law firm Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. Both before and during his career he has attended a number of colleges and universities in order to obtain a number of law degrees and certifications. Bruno Fagali earned his Master in Law of the State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law degree in early 2017 from the University of Sao Paulo. Other colleges he has attended include the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

At his law firm, Bruno Fagali specializes in Anti-Corruption, election law, public law and compliance. At new / sb he was hired to put in place the company’s corporate integrity program as well as manage the company’s management and employees continued compliance with it. new / sb has a large number of contracts with the state which fall under the anti-corruption law. Bruno Fagali has said that compliance is very complicated as it involves corporate integrity, how relationships are established, suppliers, producers, and graphic designers. The system that Bruno Fagali implemented is meant to assure the public that new / sb is accountable.


Eucatex on Long Term Benefits of Sustainable Development

The business world does not operate in a vacuum, it is affected by the world around it and, in turn, impacts the world as well. In recent years, the impact of business on the environment has been much talked about, especially in light of companies like Eucatex that have proven an important fact – businesses do not have to give up on financial profits to be sensitive towards the environment. When it comes to sustainable development, the general assumption is that it is only for the big companies with enough resources at their disposal. This is not true because even the smallest companies can make an impact. Here are some long term benefits of sustainable development for companies –

Satisfaction For Companies and Workforce – Given the awareness related to the environment in recent years, the world has become a lot more sensitive towards these issues. People don’t want to support industries that are harming the ecological balance of the world and even something as simple as a bar of soap is expected to be green these days. As such, it is satisfying for employees and companies when they are a part of something like Eucatex where they get a chance to give back to the environment.

Financial Benefits In Terms of Rebates and Savings – Of course, the government actively encourages people and companies who are ecologically conscious. This means various tax rebates which would especially be beneficial to small companies with limited resources. It also means long term savings of resources by the company because of elimination of wastage and innovative conservation strategies. These financial benefits would also translate in terms of goodwill for the company.

A Better Standard For Industries – Ultimately, when even small companies make the effort and embrace sustainable development, it would send a loud and clear message to the industry at large. It would lead to better standards for sustainable development all over the world because of this reason. Not just that, industries big and small, old and new, from different parts of the nation would come together and pool their resources to help the environment.

Eucatex belongs to the Eucatex group and like every other group of companies, LinkedIn told the Maluf family started the business from scratch. They persevered to bring the world something that would not only provide value but would also be eco-friendly; and the result was astounding. Flavio Maluf, in particular, has been a huge supporter of other businesses doing their bit for the environment.  This is particularly important because currently, the global warming is no longer just a concept.

Finding The Right Lawyer In Brazil

Are you involved in a legal case in Brazil? Searching for high quality representation for a business or personal matter in Brazil? If you are facing a legal issue or other issue that requires the advice or guidance of a lawyer in Brazil, you need to do your research before choosing someone. There are many lawyers in Brazil but you need to be sure you choose a lawyer that specializes in your type of case.

Finding the right lawyer for you means finding someone whose legal services you can pay for. With that in mind, you should inquire about legal fees at the initial meeting with the lawyer. After all, it would not be a good feeling to find out later that the lawyer is charging you per hearing, per hour, or in a manner that requires you to pay outrageous fees.

Also, try to get a written estimate of the cost to handle your case. Then, again in writing, ask for a contract that outlines the maximum costs of representing you. This will prevent any problems or misunderstanding.

What is a “reasonable” price? The reasonable or fair price depends upon your particular case. It is important to keep in mind that if the legal process takes longer anticipated, the price will increase.

If your lawyer does not provide a contract, it is important that you have something in writing, stating estimated and maximum legal fees.

Seek lawyers with experience. It is very important that you choose a lawyer who is well experienced in the area of law for which you require their services. If you require legal services or advice on on drafting your will, you need a lawyer with estate planning experience. If you have a divorce case, you need an experienced lawyer to draft divorce papers. For criminal representation, you need an experienced trial lawyer to provide you with effective defense. General practitioners can be hired for non-complex matter, but bear in mind that their lack of detailed knowledge in a given area can hurt your case.

There is nothing worse than having a lawyer who won’t respond to his or her clients’ inquiries, or hear their concerns.  Also, make sure the lawyer is well known for obtaining successful results.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly regarded lawyer in Brazil, and works hard for his clients. He has represented and obtained favorable results for numerous clients, and has achieved high status in the Brazilian legal system. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has dedicated many years to the practice of business law, and his areas of specialty includes civil and commercial litigation, electoral law, M&A, banking, international law, corporate restructuring and credit recovery. Mr Ricardo Tosto has some of the most successful business and corporate litigation law firms in Brazil.