Behind The Scenes: Beauty Gurus

On this Wengie vlog, we learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a beauty guru vlogger on YouTube. Wengie goes over different troubles and situations that happen when a beauty guru is filming a make up tutorial or a skincare treatment. Wengie explains that while people watch her videos and enjoy her content they truly don’t have a clue as the amount of work that goes behind the scenes. Aside from makeup seeming like it doesn’t show on camera, there is always the possibility of bloopers or even working repetitively to get the right take.

First step, which is a must for any type of video footage, preparing the set! Uploading a make up tutorial is essentially a performance and it isn’t easy to focus on the person showing you how to do ombre lipstick if they have a messed up bed or dirty clothes everywhere.

Once the set is prepared it’s time to get into “costume” or pre-filming grooming. Wengie highlights this by showing that her nail polish is chipping and isn’t exactly too appealing to look at. Since she’s showing us how to apply makeup we would be focusing on her hands a lot and if we’re distracted by her chipped nail polish we might not see just exactly how she applied that highlighter. Wengie has a simple fix of just applying another coat of nail polish, they may not be manicure perfect but now we’re able to focus on the make up and not be distracted by worn nail polish.

Next is the meat and potatoes of vlogging, filming the make up tutorial! The perfect angle is a must. The camera needs to showcase your face but not be too wide so that our eyes are bouncing off of props that may be in the background. A camera with a face detection feature is perfect for vlogging because it will blur out the background and ensure that your face is forefront at all times.

Despite a face detection feature a camera might become out of focus, as cameras do, and an application of concealer or foundation might need to be done in another take. Wengie also shows how she has all of her supplies on the set (her bed). She’s well prepared enough but we see that she didn’t have her concealer ready and had to go look for it. Little silly things like this are bound to happen when vlogging.

The end result would not be possible without editing and as Wengie shows us, she spends nearly thirty minutes of filming “vain” poses of her with the make up look and are the core part of why we’re drawn to her videos. She only chooses a fifteen second slot but she wouldn’t have got it at all if she hadn’t spent thirty minutes during takes and poses. It is definitely a lot of work and can be strenuous except that is never shown in the videos and it helps us appreciate Wengie all the more.

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