A Look At Whitney Wolfe And The Dating App She Founded

Background Information On Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a female entrepreneur who created the popular female-centered dating application called Bumble. She also helped to create one of the most popular dating apps in the world called Tinder. It is estimated that her net worth is around a quarter of a billion dollars.

Mrs. Wolfe is a relatively young entrepreneur, being born in 1990. She has been heralded as one of the most influential and powerful business leaders in the tech industry at only 26 years old. Her educational background includes studying at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She majored in international studies and spent time volunteering and working abroad in orphanages before coming back to the USA to help start up Tinder and later Bumble.

What Is Bumble And What Sets It Apart From Other Dating Applications Out There?

Bumble is different than other dating applications for several reasons. First it is a female-centered dating application. It was designed to be an application that was made for women and that put women in control. Bumble changes the way dating works online by only allowing a woman to start up a conversation. This principle helps solve the age old problem according to Whitney Wolfe of women being swamped by vulgar and inappropriate messages from massive amounts of men. It also helps cut down on spam, which too many women know all to well occurs on typical dating sites.

For a woman to initiate a conversation with a man on the application, a man must first like the woman. Then the woman must like the man and show that she is interested in him as well. Once a connection is made, the woman has 24 hours to start a conversation. If an action is not taken by a woman, than the connection will disappear. Users have the ability to extend one connection for 24 hours each day.

Talk Fusion: A Revolutionary Item

Every once in a while, there is an item that is very revolutionary. It changes the way things are done in its respective industry. One of these products is Talk Fusion. This product is a video communications product that helps entrepreneurs market their business. People can use this product in order to communicate with anyone through video chat. Bob Reina has developed this device with the intention of connecting users throughout the web. He has also developed this device to make it easier for business owners to market their products.


Talk Fusion’s video chat feature is powered by WebRTC. This allows users to use video chat from any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Bob Reina states that he and his team are only getting started with this product. They plan on adding plenty of features in the future. However, this product is already revolutionary enough to win the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is enough to show how much promise this product has.


Bob Reina has run many promotions for Talk Fusion in order to allow users to experience for themselves how effective this product is. Anyone who signs up for this product and service is offered a 30 day free trial. There is no credit card needed. People can try out this product before deciding if they want to pay for it.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Marketers and other users alike could use this program for marketing and communicating. Among the many features of this product is video email, which makes the marketing aspect of business a lot easier. Talk Fusion can be downloaded as an app from Google Play or iTunes. Bob Reina and his team are hard at work in coming up with some new features for this product.


ClassDojo Implements New Plans to Revolutionize Parent Teacher Conference System

ClassDojo, an application development company that has contributed largely to the elementary academic process through the development of the ClassDojo teacher-parent application, has recently become the topic of technology publications because of the company’s influence on the public school system. ClassDojo recently implemented new software in their popular application that has been developed in an effort to revolutionize the parent-teacher conference system that has traditionally been held in schools. Because of the new developments in the ClassDojo database, parents now have the ability to access their children’s progress at any time of the day. The fact that parents are no longer limited to quarterly student updates is a great accomplishment for ClassDojo. According to the ClassDojo application developer, the team at ClassDojo desired to change the way in which parent-teacher conferences operated in an effort to help personalize student development techniques, create swift access to student progress report, and open the lines of communication between teachers and parents.

Personalization of Student Development Techniques

ClassDojo developers decided to create technology that would positively affect learning techniques. By creating a program that allows parents to interact on a more consistent basis with classroom teachers, ClassDojo leaders hope to influence teachers to create a personalized learning approach for each individualized protocols for individual students. By implementing personalized learning plans, teachers can effectively educate students on a broader level while improving test scores and parental satisfaction.

Creation of Swift Access to Student Progress Reports

The developers of the ClassDojo application believe that the implementation of new parent-student developments will allow parents to maintain knowledgeability regarding student progress. Parents who are consistently engaged in a students progress are more likely to become more engaged with the child in matters of daily life. Because of the positive effects of increasing parental engagement through the ClassDojo application, developers believe that the app will improve student progress by more than 40 percent.

Opening the Lines of Communication Between Teachers and Parents

ClassDojo developers also believe that the lines of communication between teachers and parents should always be open and clear. Because the application was developed by former public school educators, special attention is always given to the needs of teachers, parents, and students in the public school system. The leaders of ClassDojo have stated that the company will always seek to improve the classroom environment through means of active engagement.

How ClassDojo Is Working To Enhance The Learning Environment

ClassDojo has come up with an innovative project that seeks to enhance the relationship between teachers and student’s parents. The company raised $21 million to fund the creation of their application that will offer a perfect communication platform within the school environment. The basic concept behind the development of the application is to work together with parents to enhance the learning experience and offer students a better environment from the information shared across the network.


Today, more than 85, 000 schools in the United States have adopted ClassDojo and 2 in 3 that have done so have vowed to continue using the system because it is bringing about understanding and harmony within the schools. The app has helped to create a positive culture in the schools and classrooms because now parents can directly get involved in the molding of their students without necessarily having to go through the tedious process of travelling to the schools.


Although Class Dojo has been facing competition from other firms, it is still the most preferred player in the industry simply because their application is designed for the most average of users. It is easy to maneuver and can be customized to work with specific schools.


 The program is also going to include transactional features that will make it possible for parents to purchase books and pay for school fees. It is basically a community that will connect teachers, parents and students in a manner that interests and benefits each party. Additionally, there is a section for content like discussion guides, videos and custom yearbooks which are all useful especially when kids are at home.


About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a leading tech firm that has come up with a unique application that has helped to make the learning environment seamless and beneficial for all. The company has created the application to make it easy to connect teachers, parents and students, all through one platform. ClassDojo is simply harmonizing the learning process by ensuring everyone is involved in an interesting manner.


What is more appealing about ClassDojo and their application is the fact that parents can switch languages through the translate feature. Messages can be viewed in the language the parent prefers just with a simple click. The messaging offered is instant and secure, so there is absolutely no need to exchange numbers. ClassDojo is available to teachers free of charge as it helps to make the school a better place.

Handy: Write an Article About Spring Cleaning and Handy

Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning. For some, spring cleaning is laborious and challenging. However, with a few tips spring cleaning can actually be rewarding.
One spring cleaning tip is going through your bedroom closets and store away winter clothes. They can be put in a big plastic container and covered with a secure top. To go a step further, place unwanted or unneeded clothes in a container and give them to the Salvation Army or thrift shop. On your bed, store away heavy blankets and sheets and in place, put out lighter ones. Before putting them away, wash and dry them.

In the kitchen, get rid of any expired foods and clean the inside of your frig with a mixture of vinegar and water. In addition, sweep and mop the kitchen floor and wipe down the counters. Another tip that keeps your kitchen clean and good looking is to clean the inside and outside of your kitchen cabinets. Take out everything in the cabinets—one or two cabinets at a time, clean them with a mixture of soap and water; dry them off and the put down shelf liners. While there, pitch anything you no longer use.

In the living room and dining rooms, dust, sweep the floors, pull down cobwebs, clean ceiling fans with a mixture of vinegar and water, and pitch anything you no longer need such as old books, toys and miscellaneous items.

To be clear, Handy is the leading company that helps individuals who are looking for household services. Handy performs a variety of home cleaning services, as well as handyman services. Handy has a streamlined 60-second booking process, secure payment and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Handy was created in 2012 as an effective way for people to find effective and trusted people to help with household services. Founders of Handy are Oisin Hanrahan, a college student from Ireland, who became a real estate developer in Eastern Europe and Umang Dua. Umang Dua is Co-Founder and COO of Handy. Before Handy, Umang founded College Connect. Before Handy, Umang was a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

To conclude, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be laborious and dreaded; find out how Handy can make spring cleaning a breeze!

Homejoy Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We live in a world that makes it very difficult to find qualified cleaning and repair professionals that are reliable. The Homejoy mobile application was created to fill that void. The company made it possible for independent contractors to find work through their application. People requiring repairs or home cleaning were able to easily book the service through the application. However, the San Francisco based startup was hit with a number of legal challenges that made it difficult for them to keep their business doors open to the public. They filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in a San Jose court, after only 2 years in operation.

Uphill Battle
Perhaps, the company did start with a bang. They raised fundings from several sources that had faith in their business venture. Some of the well-known sources included Google Ventures and First Round Capital. They offered house cleaning services for about $25 per hour. They also rapidly expanded the company to other areas. However, siblings Adora and Aaron Cheung found it difficult to maintain momentum in the industry. Perhaps, this was due to their biggest competitor, Handy Technologies.

Handy Technologies Inc.
Handy is the creator of a mobile application that allows the user to book cleaning and repair services. All the independent contractors are background checked and screened. Thus, users are assured of a good experience with all involved. Oisin Hanrahan is the co-founder of this Handy. Personal experience led the young college student to develop the idea for an application that made it easy to book professional cleaners and repair people.

During the beginning, the Handy application was only available to people living in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Today, Handy is available to major cities across the country and several international countries. Oisin Hanrahan is the co-founder and believes that there is a growing need for this type of application. People simply do not have a way to connect with professional repair people and home cleaners that are reliable and trustworthy. This application helps to close that gap and bring the independent contractor and customer together. The idea is to make the application a mutually satisfying experience for all involved.

Handy Offers Creative Christmas Caroling

If you’re in the mood to hear your favorite Christmas carol at work, or even at home? If you’re in London, you’ll be happy to know that an Oxbridge College Choir will be caroling on demand throughout the city via the Handy app.

The St. Peter’s College Choir has partnered with Handy, an app that allows people to order services for their homes or offices. Usually, Handy users can request services like house cleaning, but the app can now be used to “order” Christmas carols. St. Peter’s College Choir is working with Handy to raise money for Crisis. Crisis is the foremost homeless charity in the United Kingdom.

December 18th was the day that choir members provided holiday carols to the people of London. All Handy users had to do was push a button and reserve a time for the 15-person group of singers to visit their office or home to perform several traditional Christmas songs.

Handy’s Country Manager for the UK, Pete Dowds, stated that few people have the chance to see or hear this top-notch choir during the holiday season. This breakthrough in technology allows people to get the Christmas carols that can make this time of year even more special, simply by pressing a button.

Each time a user books the choir to sing, a £20 donation is required. This is the same rate that users would be charged for ordering a cleaner from Handy for a two-hour period. All proceeds are given to Crisis.

The hashtag #carolsondemand can be used on Twitter to help people keep up with the choir and find out where the college students will be singing next.

Handy Is A Great Application; $50 Million Influx in Funding

Handy has been the recipient of more than fifty million US dollars in funding for helping grow the app, which has been supplied by large investing firms such as Highland Capital Management and Revolution Growth.

Handy was founded in New York at Harvard College by two roommates who did not know each other prior to moving in: Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy started talks back in 2011 and was founded in 2012.

Handy is extremely popular, with more than ten thousand workers on Handy’s listings. There is an average of ten jobs completed for every cleaner that works on Handy, although some of the cleaners are dormant and have not completed a job in a while.

This company has been so successful due in part to the close monitoring that workers for Handy have to do every day so they know that the listings are free of false advertisements or listings that are out of reason.

Handy is worth approximately five hundred million dollars, which is a great growth pattern considering that it was founded out of a dorm room by two college kids.

Approximately eighty percent of the listings on Handy are for home cleaners. Handy is more versatile than providing only home cleaning services, with plumbing, roofing, decorating, and handyman work being some of the variety of services that can be contracted through Handy.

Many of the workers on Handy are not working more than twenty hours per week, so this adds a dynamic for people with kids or those who do not earn enough income from their current job so they can make some side money. It is estimated that the average job costs about seventy dollars, which is very reasonable for a full-service cleaning program. There are businesses and independent contractors alike that work for Handy.

Anyone that wants to learn more about Handy could go to their website, www.Handy.com, or download the Handy application on any mobile app store for free. Handy only costs money when you book a cleaning appointment, so feel free to read up on Handy and download the app to decide if you can benefit from it.

Skout Continues to Move Up in Ranks With Social Media Users

Skout has continued to move up in the ranks as one of the best social media apps on the market today. It has become one of the more favorable apps because allows people to do a lot of different things. People can network and make contacts. They can also establish some friendships that sometimes lead to dating opportunities. The spectrum is quite wide for people that are committed to getting to know people on Skout.

This may be the best reason to use a site like this. It is like a one stop shop. The reality is that this is an app that has made dating so much easier for over the last couple of years. I have appreciated all the work that the creators of this app have done. I have been able to date without getting involved with a premium app. I can just use Skout and get connected to locals in my area or people in other states of countries. I have never seen myself as someone that would do long distances dating, but it certainly has become a possibility for me. I have used Skout to date with some people in other states. I have become a person that has managed to build a special bond with people that are geographically out of range. Skout has made this possible for me. I like getting to know people that are in different cities. When I come to town this makes it very easy for me to get acquainted with a new area. I have really become a fan of this app.

In all of my days as a social media app user I have never come across an app that was so easy to use. It may also be one of the most spontaneous apps because it gives you the ability to “shake to chat” with a random stranger. I have tried to contact random people through Facebook and lots of these people never get back with me. I have had great success building new friendships through the “Shake to Chat” features though. This is the highlight of my day when I am bored. I love to check out Skout when I am in a grocery store line. It makes the process of dating a lot easier. I like to interact with like minds and build up a friendship before I even consider the notion of dating. This is what Skout allows me to do. I can build friendships with the drinks and the loud music as a backdrop to conversations in clubs. I can be sober minded and really get to know a person that wants to get to know me.

Skout has become a very impressive app because it has allowed me to grow over the years. I have certainly become more knowledgeable about certain cities. I have become more in touch with my friends because they are easier to track on Skout. It is a social app that I really do love to use.

Social Media Apps for Smartphones

One of the most popular types of apps are social media apps for smartphones. It makes a lot of sense since smartphones are still phones and phones are social devices used for connecting with people. The key difference between smartphones and regular mobile phones is that they allow users to use apps which include social media apps. Social media apps allow the user to communicate with people in a multitude of ways. There are also plenty of apps that provide entertainment to the user. These apps will keep the user connected and expand his circle of friends.

There are many types of social media apps. Each of them are specialized for a certain function. This function could be anywhere from sharing in conversations to watching videos and listening to music. Some of the most popular social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and plenty of other social media apps. Many smartphones come with social media apps already downloaded onto the hardware. Android phones in particular carry the YouTube, Google Plus, and other social network apps. Th is makes it convenient for users. However, there is one social media app that is quickly gaining ground because of the innovation it provides users. This app is Flipora.

Flipora is a discovery engine. At the same time, it is also a social surfing website. This site not only helps you find the sites that you liked and would like to visit again, it also helps you discover content that is new yet at the same time is related to the content that you look for. Given the big features that it is providing users, there are still plenty of people that have never heard of Flipora. At the same time, the site is growing quickly in membership. Each week, around 150,000 new users are joining up on the hype of this site.

There are plenty of other social media apps that are quickly gaining in popularity. The great thing about these apps is that while many of them originate from the Internet and can still be accessed on the Internet, the apps on the smartphone make it a lot more convenient for people. They no longer have to struggle with the tiny keyboard or touchscreen keys in order to type in the address on the phone and reach the site. With the app, they just have to touch the short cut and then they will be taken to the site. Social media apps are also designed specifically for the devices that they are on. Often times, the interface of the app is different from the website on the computer and even the mobile site. For this reason, it is recommended to access a site from the app on the mobile device.