Bruce Levenson

One of the top businessmen in the United States is Bruce Levenson. He is also an individual who got involved in professional sports. Levenson has been a principal owners of the Atlanta Hawks National Basketball Association franchise for over ten years. As well as being an NBA team owner, he has also been a prominent business tycoon, philanthropist and political activist. Over the course of his lifetime he has gotten involved in number of highly successful venture primarily in media and information technology. Bruce is currently the co founder of the large communications media conglomerate United Communications Group. This company has earned him his status as a successful business leader in the media industry.

Levenson was born in Washington D.C. on October 1, 1949 and grew up in the nearby suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Once he finished his primary schooling he went on to higher education to study at the University of St. Louis and later graduated from law school from American University. While attending law school he began a career in journalism as a writer for the Washington Star. This experience helped propel him to founding his own company that would allow him to experience a lot of success.

In 1977, Levenson founded United Communications Group which started out making a newsletter known as Oil Express. This newsletter talked about the latest news in the oil industry. Levenson based the company from his apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company would later acquire other newsletters and created databases. Over time, United Communications Group has expanded to cover a number of other topics. These topics include data, news analyzing the healthcare industry, mortgage banking, energy, technology and communications. As a result, his company has become a well regarded source of numerous issues that pertain to business and everyday life.

After reaching the pinnacle of success as a businessman, he then decided to get involved in professional basketball. Levenson acquired part ownership of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 along with the Philips Arena and a NHL hockey team. However he would soon sell the hockey team and focus on owning the Hawks basketball team. During his tenure as team owner he looked to make sure that the team is managed very well and remains a perennial contender in the sport. Levenson appointrd former NBA player Danny Ferry to become the general manager and the president of basketball operations. However, Levenson has recently decided to give up his ownership stake in the team and is therefore looking to complete his sale with the assistance from investment banking firms.

As well as being a prominent businessman and professional basketball team owner, Levenson is a philanthropist. He has given a number of funds and time to various charities to help make his community better. In fact philanthropy is one of the main activities he participates in when he is not running his company. Levenson is also a family man as he has a wife and three children. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and in the suburb of Potomac, Maryland. Lastly, Bruce Levenson is quite vocal and active in American politics pertaining to foreign policy.

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