Brad Reifler Changes The Course Of His Investment Firm

The course of Forefront Capital was set many years ago when Brad Reifler was focused on accredited investors who made over $200,000 a year or had a new worth over one million dollars. This all changed when Brad invested in a college fund for his kids. Brad lost money on the deal, and he decided to turn his attention to people who are not represented on the stock market every day. Brad’s new plan with Forefront Capital allows investors with very little money to make more profits from simple investment tools.

#1: Applying The Same Tools To New People

Brad’s original plan was to serve the wealthiest investors on Wall Street, but he has changed his tune, and Forefront Capital is focusing on people who have very little money to invest. Brad’s blueprint for his investments includes the use of similar financial tools on people who make less money. Someone who starts with a small amount of money can increase their net worth quickly, and the funds that Brad invests in typically have massive returns.

#2: Reaching Out To Young Investors

Young investors are able to spend their money wisely with Brad and Forefront Capital because he is focused on using the right investment tools. The funds that serve the people with the least money tend to perform poorly, but these investors will lose money over time instead of profiting. Brad believes that he can create profits for anyone who is interested in investing, and he has made the shift at Forefront Capital to help those people as much as possible.

#3: Will Brad’s Funds Grow?

Brad’s funds will begin growing quite a lot over the years because he has focused his time and energy on servicing every account properly. The funds are traded the way any other fund would be traded, and customers get service that was once reserved only for the most elite investors on Wall Street. Brad’s funds will grow as young investors put in small amounts of money, and the funds could begin to outpace the much larger funds that everyone is aware of today.

The change of course Brad Reifler outlined on his Vimeo is using will help people who believe they cannot make investments on the stock market today. Someone who was afraid to invest can use Forefront Capital as a vehicle for investment, and Brad’s focus on the 1% will help make a difference where no other investment bank has tread previously.

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