Beneful’s new innovative dog food options

Beneful, which is owned by Purinastore which is a subsidiary of parent company Nestle, has long been associated with high quality dog food, has recently expanded their dog food offerings in new and interesting ways. These new product offerings are part of a larger scale migration towards higher quality dog food and the overall push towards premium dog foods are despite the higher cost to end users of these higher quality foods.

Beneful has offered new specialty products on Amazon: to try to capture the interest of dog owners who are attempting to take better care of their dogs, particularly when they have some predilection to poor health. Beneful has lunched a product aimed at elderly dogs who are having problems processing certain types of fats in meat that are challenging for elderly dogs to process. Beneful’s product has something known as medium chain triglycerides in it which is easier for dogs to process and which is derived from coconuts which is better for these dogs.

A website that Beneful has allows users to create a custom batch of food that meets the dietary needs of their dog. When you compare different breeds of dogs, a terrier and a Great Dane as an example, you will understand the different dietary needs of dogs and the benefits associated with customizing the foods that they eat. Many dog owners are working directly with their vets to design the proper diet for their dog through Beneful’s unique site options to choose the right blend for their dog.

Finally Beneful has expanded their product line on Wal-Mart of organic dog foods that are more natural and less modified by genetics than standard dog foods which thereby improve the overall health of your dog. Beneful accomplished this massive expansion of their organic dog food by acquiring an smaller competitor and by integrating their organic food options into the Beneful dog food line.

Beneful is clearly an leader in the premium dog food line and has been offering new food options in this space. As an innovator people are paying attention to Beneful’s implementation of a premium line and seeking to augment their strategy.


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