Beauty Writer Takes 7-Day WEN No-Poo Cleansing Challenge

WEN Hair puts the healthy shine and bounce back into hair with its unique and special cleansing conditioners. The system eliminates the need for regular shampoos and conditioners laden with harsh chemicals and other suspect ingredients that can damage hair. That’s why beauty blogger Emily McClure at took the 7-day Wen hair challenge to see how it would perform on her fine, limp locks.

Emily had heard the buzz on QVC about famous stylist Chaz Dean and his trail-blazing formulas that are kind and gentle to all types and textures of hair. His no-poo method features a single product that both cleanses and conditions. You don’t have to worry about the sodium laurel sulfate, because Chaz Dean would never allow it. In fact, Chaz Dean has not used shampoo on himself or clients since 1993.

Emily was hoping for volume, shine and manageability after using WEN. The only challenge for herself, was stopping the nighttime shower habit and beginning a daytime shower and WEN cleanse routine. That’s how she found her hair react its best to the cleansing conditioner in Fig.

Emily disrupted the WEN routine two times, when she decided to shower at night and when she skipped the daytime shower because of a busy schedule. Her hair paid the price, looking greasy, flat and with little curl-holding capacity.

When Emily returned to the proper daily WEN hair schedule, her hair had the vitality and shine that made her smile. Even her friends took notice and complimented her on her fab tresses.

Emily found out that the Amazon sold Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner to be gentle and safe to her hair. She was thrilled that zero strands fell out during her shower and cleanse, which is unusual for women with long locks.

Emily concluded that if one sticks to each step, the WENS system delivers!


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