How Visual Search Technology Increases Sales

Mobile phones are great because you can search, take pictures, and buy products. What if you could take a picture of a product you want to buy, search for that product, and then conclude the sale all from your phone? That is what visual search technology allows you to do.

Visual Marketing and Sales

Smart phones have changed many aspects of our everyday lives and retailers have had to keep up. The ability to search with an image is making smart phones even more valuable to retailers. If you think about it, a picture tells you a lot more than just a text description.

Let’s look at an example. If you have a picture of shoes, you would see the style, color, type of material and the size of the heel. If you wanted those shoes or shoes that are similar, you might not know the name of the style or the type of heel. With visual search, you don’t need to know the details, you can search, find a store and buy, all from your phone.

This technology has added to the changes in marketing. At one time, marketers just had to build a good website. Then social media came along, and they had to get on board with that. Next came smart phones and they had to make sure their website was mobile-friendly. Now, with mobile visual search, they need to build a presence on the visual web.

Fast Growing Trend

Many retailers have adopted this technology and see it as a way to increase product placement. By searching with an image, consumers can find merchandise and related merchandise as well. With visual search technology, the time frame between seeing the product and buying it is shortened.

Slyce Inc is a leading company in visual search and recognition. Several major retailers are using their technology to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Slyce has also developed technology that will compare the characteristics of a product and show the user similar products.

Pulier Works to Help Humanity

Eric Pulier’s website says that he is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, but he is also a California dad of four who just happens to have founded upwards of fifteen companies and raised millions of dollars for various ventures. Plus, he has poured money into venture capital investments and charitable causes, and he seems to favor start-ups in media and technology.

His path to business success was perhaps begun through the obtainment of a Bachelor of Arts degree when he graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1988, with study in English and American Lit, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies. As a result of a connection made with Al Gore through this event, Pulier was asked to join the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the University of Southern California, Marshal, and successfully fulfilled this position for four years.

One of his earliest endeavors was a multimedia program to educate those with Multiple Sclerosis about the condition, and this utilized home computers that users could interact with even when their muscular control was lacking.

Eric Pulier’s work has also brought technical help to Africa’s healthcare needs as well as underprivileged communities in the United States. Helping others to gain education is also at the forefront of Pulier’s financial donations, as he supports President Obama’s “Campaign for Free College Tuition” for all Americans.

Bettering mankind through technology and financing appears to be a theme to Pulier’s work and charitable giving and investments. He seems to like the way technology can help to move humanity forward in innovation and achievement, with a focus on providing help for those with health issues and those ensnared in poverty.

It’s Easy To Meet Great Guys On The Skout Network

The Skout network is good for a lot of things, but I use it as a place to meet boys. I just turned 18 years old, and it’s as if I never lived until I joined the Skout network. I turned 18 years old a month ago, and my friends told me that I should start dating guys because I now have the freedom to do so. I wasn’t interested in any of the guys in my area, so my friends suggested that I join the Skout network. I had never heard of Skout before, but I would soon learn exactly what it was.

Skout is an amazing place for socializing, and I can’t believe all the boys that are on the network. Although the research I’ve done on the network shows that Skout is mostly populated by 25-35 year olds, there are a bunch of late teens on the network as well, and that’s who I’m looking for. I wouldn’t mind dating a guy who’s in his early 20s either, but I just wanted to make sure that they are not someone I know. One thing I didn’t want is to find someone I went to school with on the Skout network because I never really liked the guys at my school.

I decided to conduct a search on the network to look for guys close to my area, but far enough away to where I would have to drive to meet them. I figured that if I had to drive to meet someone, then they were someone that I didn’t know personally. After a few days of searching on the network, I came across a lot of different guys that piqued my interest. There were some very good-looking guys, but a lot of them seemed intelligent as well. I plan on going to college in a couple months, but in the meantime, I want to have some fun.

After finding a couple guys on the network that interested me, I started chatting with them back and forth. I love that Skout allows me to send pictures to people that interest me as well as adding them to my favorite’s list. I use Skout every single day, and I even downloaded the application to my mobile devices.

I’m not a terribly picky person, but I do expect quality when I look for a guy. Skout has so many men available on the network that I don’t feel it will be a problem for me to get a great guy. There are millions of people on the Skout network, and I’ve brought back a search with hundreds of men from my area.

FreedomPop: The Answer To High Cell Phone Bills

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars per month for your cell phone bill? Do you think your cell phone carrier is charging you way too much for the service you get? Do you wish you could get out of that contract and not be hit with massive cancelation fees and other charges? Freedom Pop is the answer for you. They are not like your big carriers because they are not even on the same level. While these large cell phone companies spend millions of dollars building a network of lines, Freedom Pop just comes in and uses their lines for pennies on the dollar. Pretty smart move, huh?

You may have never heard of this company, and that’s okay. They have only been in business for a year and a half. But, if you are in the market to pay little to nothing for your cell service, you need to check them out. They currently serve customers in California, but with over $50 million in investments, they will be coming to a neighborhood near you. They have a similar base to many other pay-as-you-go companies. They give you the opportunity to have 500 free voice minutes per month, along with 500 texts for free. Then if you want to purchase additional minutes, packages start as low as $20. Now who doesn’t have an extra $20 kicking around?

Don’t worry thinking that this company isn’t going to be around long. They have such a good idea even Sprint tried to buy the company. However, the owners graciously declined. They know they are onto something big. They recently took their service to the UK. While it is just by use of a SIMS card right now, soon they will be all over that country too. They have over 100,000 customers right now. What do all these people have in common? They just want to get service and not take an entire paycheck to pay for it. If you have children with phones, a spouse, parents or others you pay for, it can be quite a massive bill.

If you have had it with your cell phone company and want to be free of them, this may be the answer for you.

Investment Banking Role In Merger and Acqusition

At its simplest, investment banks arrange for additional capital from investors so corporations can grow and expand. An investment bank can put together additional securities offerings (i.e., stocks) and arrange loans or bonds. One of the most prestigious aspects of investment banking is merger and acquisition work.

An investment banker may act as an advisor to one or both of the parties involved, or as someone who looks for companies that may be good targets for buying or selling. M&A analysis is a specialized field and can involve many different components like business valuation (how much a company is worth), to performing due diligence (making sure the company is as they represent themselves), and arranging for the financing of the merger.

Typically in a merger or acquisition, an investment bank will identify likely targets and will discreetly approach those companies to determine the level of interest. If there is interest, then more work is done to make sure that the transaction if it happens, makes good sense to both the buy and sell side. Once this is completed, the parties will start to negotiate the purchase or merger. This part of the process is more than just the dollars and cents side of the transaction. It also includes discussions of what the new company will look like in term of its board, management, and employee makeup.

When all of the negotiations are finalized, the boards of each company meet to approve the deal. Assuming that the okay is given, then the M&A team begin working on the various regulatory issues that must be settled. Sometimes, anti-trust issues must be dealt with in addition to the filings with Securities and Exchange Commission for new stocks, bonds, etc.

To finally reach closing on a merger or acquisition significant time and resources have been spent by all parties. Usually, the process can take as little as six months but sometimes can take a couple of years for complex relationships.

An excellent example of an investment banker is James Dondero, the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Mr. Dondero started his career after graduating from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with degrees in accounting and finance. He started with Morgan Guaranty and went on to be the Portfolio Manger with American Express before opening HCM in 1993. HCM currently manages in excess of $20 billion in assets.

Dondero has led the market as a pioneer in Collateralized Loan Obligations. CLO’s are securities that are backed by a pool of corporate debts (i.e., bonds).

Marketing For Visual Searches

Images have always been a great online marketing tool, but now images are becoming are turning into your most powerful e-commerce resource. Visual searches are increasing in popularity because users are able to easily find what they want without having to write out a description. The technology is here and visual search engines are popping up left and right making images an essential part of your marketing platform.

Product Images

Image recognition is done by finding the closest image matches possible. Within a few short years this is going to become a vital part of selling products online. Searchers can easily screenshot a product they like and place it into the search engine. From there, a visual search will be performed that will show the user exactly where they can buy the product.

As an online business, you want your images to show a clear and colorful projection of your products. High resolution photos cause an increased chance of your image being placed as a top pick in search engine results. The color contrast helps image search engines separate similar products. You’ll want to have multiple images of the same product that shows it from different views as well as the various colors that the product comes in. This ensures that any angle or color the searcher uses will bring up your product as a result.

Infographic Marketing

Infographics have become a popular trend in recent years because they display information to readers in an easy to understand format. Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media websites have slingshotted the effectiveness of infographics. With visual searches, users can take these infographics and find the source relatively easily. In turn, this can result in an increase in web traffic and sales.

Testing Your Images

Once you have images and infographics created for your site you can always test them out. Slyce is a leading visual search engine that works well for testing your site’s image search results. Slyce has helped companies gain as much as an 18 percent increase in sales as a result of image search marketing. It’s a Smartphone app that potential customers can use to take pictures of items they like and find them online in a visual search.