Fenix DX: How A Hangover Can Be Your Ticket To Better Sales


The holidays are a time of celebrating and indulging or overindulging in some cases. Do you know someone who has had too much to drink? There is something that can help. The product is called Fenix DX. DX is a brand put out by Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is not just about the coffee and tea. Organo Gold is in the business of easing the mental and physical state of someone who is hungover. The holidays are the perfect time to start mentioning their product. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

The Business of Healing A Hangover

How many of you are selling Organo products right now? You might want to think about adding DX to your list of products to showcase to the people you know. The next time you get invited to a party take some samples with you.

I can guarantee you will run into someone who is complaining about being sick. They drank too much and are paying for it now. You can be the fix they need. Hand out a sample of the product to your friend. Tell them how it works.

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Some of your friends will try it and some will not. Those who do try it will feel a difference. DX works differently with each person. Some will feel instant relief and others will take awhile.

At least one of your friends will come back and ask you about the sample. Tell them it is part of the Organo Gold brand. You will see at least a few sales from your samples. Organo Gold is doing the selling. You are only the messenger. Organo Gold products sell themselves.

One sample can make a world of difference in someone’s life. Hand a few out at your next holiday party and see what happens. Organo Gold is also available at amazon.com.


Adam’s Early Life

Adam Milstein, originally from Israel, is a philanthropist, real estate investor and a community leader. In 1978, he graduated from Technion and had worked in IDF at the time of the Yom Kippur War. Adam started a career in Commercial Real Estate in California in 1983 and acquired an MBA from USC when he got to the US in 1978. He works at a private commercial real estate investment firm called Hager Pacific Properties as its Managing Partner.

Various persons visited the campus Adam was in, signing up people for jobs. He was dissatisfied by what they offered him because they could not acknowledge his life experiences and the knowledge he possessed. Their offer could match his worth and thus inspire his decision to venture solely on the Real Estate Commercial as a broker. Three years later, he became an investor in Real Estate. Adam employs philanthropy so as to have productive days. He attributes his success from doing follow-ups, being consistent and persistent in his everyday activities.

Adam in Real Estate Industry

Adam is usually thrilled by the fluctuating prices in Real Estate which is brought about by instances where supply is less than demand and vice versa. He advises that one should understand the various challenges and take part in solving them. Adam never limits himself to specific goals but instead works to his level best, ignoring any critics. Adam states that success in Real Estate takes time and rushing things would not be advisable. To know more about him click here.

For easy management of his many contacts, Adam Milstein uses Constant Contact as his software and web services. He terms his partner David Hager as influential and a person of interest to people because of his great thinking abilities, and the fact that he uses psychology.

Adam, as the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, works to strengthen the state of Israel and the Jewish people. He is a board member of several organizations and a co-founder of the Israeli American Council.

Adam values family very much and stays with his wife with whom they have three children and three grandchildren.


The Incredible Biography of James Larkin

James Larkin was an incredible labor organizer in Ireland born on January 21, 1876, in Liverpool, England and died on January 30, 1947, in Dublin, Ireland.

Being brought up in the slums in Liverpool, James had little formal education, and therefore he had to work more than one job including a foreman at the Liverpool docks in his youth days to help his family. He was a socialist who felt like workers did not receive fair treatment which led him to join the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL).

Larkin became a full-trade union organizer on 1905. NUDL transferred him to Dublin where he then formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU) with the aim of combining all Irish Industrial workers both skilled and unskilled to share ideas under one organization and funding their strikes. The union worked until the Dublin Lockout when it fell apart.

In 1914 Mr. Larkin moved to the United States where he continued with his labor organizing programs and also wanted to pursue a freelance career with the aim of becoming an incredible public speaker. The workers’ strikes funded by ITGWU were getting expensive, and therefore James began working towards shifting its headquarters to Liberty Hall which was affordable.

Later, on May 11, 1999, James formed the Irish Labour Party with a goal of also leading strikes. For example, the most viral one was when it led the 1913 Dublin Lockout where over 100, 000 workers were on strike for about eight months, and eventually, they received the right to fair employment. Mr. Larkin funded some anti-war demonstrations in Dublin during the First World War.

Moreover, he traveled to the United States to also fund organizations but was convicted of communism and criminal anarchy in 1920. After three years he was proved innocent and transferred to Ireland. James Larkin is an individual who was well known for bringing together the Workers Union of Ireland for protection of their rights.

James also received some awards from different organizations. For example, he was recognized as an active individual by the communist International in 1924.James was positive about helping workers receive fair treatment.

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How Nathaniel Ru made his Enterpreneurial Mark

Sweetgreen is a restaurant that deals with supplying and serving food such as salads which are nutritious to the body and the prices are affordable to its customers.

It has several stores in Northeast cities among many others. Sweetgreeen also has its own policy that whichever the store, it should live up to its own hence should not consider support from the other stores. Another main objective of the restaurant is to value the company and also assist the community in a way it can.

Nathaniel is the co- founder of the sweetgreen, he states that proper decisions should be implemented for a business to prosper. Some of the sweetgreen stores holds up yoga classes and also does cross promotions with gyms and several fitness clubs among many others.

The new stores that were built, each has its own architect and design that they know is best for the locals taste and preferences. Every employee is entitled a service when one decides to leave the restaurant job.

Sweetgreen was formed by three best friends who graduated from Georgetown University back in 2007. It was raised by a capital of $375000 which was raised by several investors including the students’ parents. The restaurant employs great and highly qualified professionals in the sector of food and nutrients so as to know the snowball effect. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://www.thehoya.com/nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-and-nicolas-jammet/

Nathaniel found out that the proper financial gains from the restaurant came in from where people worked together for a long duration. He suggests that the efficient way to flourish in the market is through marketing your commodities well.

Sweetgreen has flourished over the years establishing over 30 outlets in the state. Through that creation, it has employed many people hence growing the economy as well as improving their standards of living.

Nathaniel Ru in conjunction with his parents launched the sweetlife festival. The festival includes the delicious food from sweetgreens, the farmers, employees and celebrities to entertain the crowd with music. This was a plan to bring community together and cherish their produce.

The festival takes place in Columbia each year and the attendants of the party rises up to 20000. Nathaniel in partnership with his friends came up with a creative idea of having a sweetgreen app.

The app allows its customers to purchase the product from the phone and the credit points are used to help the community with the donations in the society. Through this app, the restaurant minimized congestion in the outlets.

Depression Treatment at Neurocore Brain Performance center

Depression is a complex disease. It is characterized by low self-esteem, very low energy levels and motivation leading to less interest in activities that you used to take part in even those you loved, anxiety, nervousness, and feeling socially segregated and isolated. The qEEV technology used in the diagnosis measures evaluates and gauges the electrical activity of your brain to find out the main course of your depression. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore offers treatment for all types of depression starting from the least severe to the most severe. Most of these depressions can be chronic while others seem to get worse as days go by. Depression may have overwhelmingly negative effects on you, your friends, and family. The company uses authenticated and legalized symptom rating scales and qEEV brainwave mapping technology as well as other diagnostic measurements to help assess your depression symptoms and levels in order to provide the best-personalized treatment through creating a treatment program specifically for you based on your test results.

After successful completion of the diagnosis, you will begin Neurofeedback brain performance training where your brain is taught how to perform better. The program takes 30 sessions all in non-invasive and drug-free treatment where the experts help you to learn how to breathe slower and deeper, and the brain learns how to stop spiking out of anger, sadness, and negative emotions. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

The center offers two treatments; these include Biofeedback Training (HRV Training) and Neurofeedback Training (EEG Biofeedback). The HRV (Heart rate variability) is where you are taught to breathe deeper and slower in order to minimize the functioning of your heart. This allows for enough blood and oxygen to enter your brain. It helps in improving your memory performance, recovery of sleep, and body muscle. The activity also helps with the reduction of stress and cortisol levels and risks of high blood pressure. The EEG Biofeedback Neurofeedback training, you are given a movie to watch for 40 minutes each session while hooked up to EEG equipment and under evaluation by clinical officers. The movie plays when your brain is in therapeutic range and stops once the brain concentration goes out of range. This helps the brain to subconsciously learn how to stop spiking out of negativity, therefore, improving your brain waves activity. This helps improve your brain concentration, focus, and attention. It also reduces headaches intensity and frequency as well as improve your mood.

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The Truth about George Soros, and the Open Society Foundations

There has been a lot of information being passed around about George Soros. Most of the information given is biased, and a good amount of it just downright wrong and misleading. Recently there were articles claiming that Soros had a connection with the Charlottesville accident where a man in a vehicle rammed into protestors. It is clear that the motive of the article was to tarnish George’s name and create an impression that he can use underhand tactics to oppose what he thinks is wrong. However, anyone who understands the legacy that has been created by Soros knows that this is the farthest thing from the truth.

While it is true that a lot is going wrong with the American dream right now, a philanthropist like Soros would never use war, intimidation or violence of any kind to try and make an opinion acceptable. George has always advocated for peaceful ways of resolving conflict education as a way of letting people know why it is wrong to discriminate people basing on their color, sexual orientation and other superficial factors. Soros has been in the country for the past three decades and the causes that he has created and championed are enough evidence of how he feels about discrimination.

The most memorable cause that he has been part of in the past was the Ferguson Missouri protests. This was after an African American was shot by a white cop. What was infuriating about the case was that the white officer claimed he acted in self-defense, yet the boy was not armed. People started a Black Lives Matter Hashtag and pretty soon, the protests had been taken to the streets of Ferguson. George’s role was to offer assistance in the hiring of the buses which ferried protestors to the City.

This is the type of leadership that George has advocated for. When something is wrong with the society peaceful protests can be done. He does not believe in violence because he is a survivor of the holocaust. As a young man, George had to flee from his home country, Hungary because of the Nazi occupation.

Another method that Soros uses in trying to make his point heard is education. There is a University that bears his name in Hungary. This center has been equipped with teachers learning materials that promote a liberal society, as opposed to the communist ideas that are prevalent in the region. He has actually managed to free most of the states in the region from the communistic regime.

George Soros has donated more than $6 billion to these causes which are aimed at making the society a better place. The latest from the foundation indicates that he has given another $18 billion of his $25 billion empire to the Soros foundation. This is a man who has spent his life working for the success of a democratic and free society. He is now working towards living a legacy in the same. Soros is a leader with a difference. and Follow him Twitter.com

5 Must-Visit Churches In Minnesota

When it comes to one thing that Minnesota is known for, is a number of beautiful churches that the state has here. The structures that encapsulate the religious centers here are considered to be some of the most beautiful and attract visitors from all over America. For anyone visiting the state for the first time, the churches are definitely something iconic for one to see. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

Below is a list of five of the best churches in the state and the ones that are worth seeing.

  1. Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is one place of worship that had to be on our list owing to the beauty that surrounds this place. The atmosphere of the church is serene, which adds to the experience that one has when they visit the Mighty Fortress Church. The church has a beautiful modern feel to it, which is why it is so commonly visited in the state of Minnesota.

  1. Cathedral of St. Paul

Cathedral of St. Paul

The Cathedral of St. Paul is one of the most popular churches in the state of Minnesota and is one of the most visited there. Adorned with beautiful French architecture coupled with beautiful renaissance elements, the Cathedral of St. Paul is a spectacle to be seen. Watch this video on Youtube.

  1. Church of the Sacred Heart

Church of the Sacred Heart

Even though the Church of the Sacred Heart is one of the more relatively small churches in the state, it makes up for in beauty what it lacks in space. This church is surrounded by beautiful wooden structures that add to the look and feel of this beautiful place of worship.

  1. Basilica of St. Mary

Basilica of St. Mary

The Basilica of St. Mary is one of the more iconic churches in Minnesota and is known for having one of the most beautiful church ceilings in the state. Modelled using Baroque elements, the church encapsulates olden architecture perfectly.

Visit: http://myktis.com/venue/excell-academy-mighty-fortress-church/

  1. St. John’s Abbey Church

St. John’s Abbey Church

At first glance, St. John’s Abbey Church looks more like a high-end art gallery than a place of worship. Don’t be fooled by the stunning exterior, as it is one of the most solemn and definitely one of the most beautiful structures in the state.

George Soros Philanthropy work

George Soros was brought up Hungary where he was born . He fled to London where he enlisted in the London university of financial aspects while up to now completing as a server and railroad doorman to help himself. He later wandered in finance with one of the investor lenders in London. George Soros later shifted to NY and commenced exchanging on Wall structure Avenue and in 1969 he could create his own exchanging reserve worthy of 12 million. George Soros and his associate Stan Drucken miller shorted the English pound in 1992, and he made a great gain to the idea that folks alluded him as the average person who broke and shook the lender of London. Quite a while later, Soros continued to be a decided considerable financial specialist through his developed Soros Finance Management. As mentioned by Forbes, his family resources are evaluated to relate with 30 billion us dollars and what George Soros understands.

In 2017, George Soros proceeded to go a step higher by using Dawn Fitzpatrick, one of the Wall Street’s most identified and unmistakable gals, to perform and deal along with his projects as the CEO of the Soros Account Management and read full article.

As suggested by open world establishments’ relationship, George Soros is a standout amidst the most recognized givers on earth. Up to now he has distributed more than 12 billion us dollars at this point. His create reserves have upheld organizations and people all over battling for straightforwardness, overall flexibility of articulation, in charge government, and interpersonal purchases that are centered on advancing collateral and correspondence and George Soros’ lacrosse camp. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros stores focus on those gatherings that face segregation by uprightness of what they are. Soros has bolstered categories speaking to European countries Roman individuals, and various gatherings pressed to the border by the typical social requests. These gatherings combine love-making specialists, tranquilize clients, and the LGBTI people group. His engagement in such instances added exceedingly to him establishing reserves as he noticed the murder greater than 500,000 Hungarian Jews being wiped out amid the Nazi profession. His family who had been Jews will make anticipated by faking personality paperwork and hiding figure and foundations and moreover helping other folks to do therefore. Soros, subsequently, pulls his quality from these events as he declares that they could continue to be against abhorrent, permit other to individuals, and in the long run they developed successful. Learn more about his profile at forbes.com

Soros magnanimous work started out in 1979 by offering grants or loans to dark South Africans who had been inspired by politically-sanctioned racial segregation. He increased open to operate thoughts of the Eastern comrade hinder in the 1980s giving out numerous printers which were useful to republish writings which were scorched. He was behind the Western European University following the Berlin that was designed to cultivate basic considering. Following the chilly battle was completed; he used his efforts to Asia, Africa, signed up with states, encouraging different assignments to move forward straightforwardness, opportunity of articulation, liable federal. George Soros altruistic work is well known and perceived just about everywhere across the world.


Mike Baur- Head of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is leading executive of the Swiss Startup Factory. This is an enterprise that was started in 2014 to deal with training and mentorship of young digital entrepreneurs in the Switzerland and the globe at large. Mike Baur started this company after working in the banking sector where he saw how entrepreneurs were having challenges adapting to the business environment. He noted that a very high number of businesses were falling in the first few years of their operations. This is a thing that pushed him to leave the banking sector where he had accumulated experience of more than 20 years to join the startup industry and help the young entrepreneurs manage their startup businesses.

Mike Baur was born in Freiburg, Switzerland. He attended the University of Berne and the University of Rochester. He holds masters in business administration and executive masters in business administration. He joined the banking industry in 1992, at the age of 16. His first role in the banking sector was as an intern. He was working for the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). After his internship, the management was impressed by the skills that he had and offered him a job opportunity at the bank. He was presented with a long-term contract that would see him retire at the bank. Over the years, he would be promoted to various senior executive positions.

Although Mike Baur was destined to stay at UBS for his entire life, this would not happen since after spending almost two decades in the industry, he quit to join another bank in Switzerland known as Clariden Leu. However, even before leaving UBS h had accomplished a lot as a young banker. He had been able to rise to the position of a financial advisor on behalf of the bank when he was barely 30. This was an accomplishment that saw him advice wealthy personalities in the country on the best investment options they could take. Mike Baur joined Clariden Leu as a senior manager in the banks Zurich branch.

After working for a few years at Clariden Leu, Mike Baur quit the banking industry altogether and went ahead to start private investments. Mike Baur together with Max Meister started the Swiss Startup Factory which is an incubator for startups business ion the country. Through this firm, he hopes to train numerous young entrepreneurs and help them manage their businesses. He not only offers training, he also provides startup entrepreneurs with financing and office space.



Equities First Holdings expands its operation in Australia

With the number of clients and all the business associates that have been visiting our offices, there has been a good number of reasons that have made us relocate our Melbourne offices. Having taken into consideration our increase in internal operations, the new location in Melbourne will have all our workers deliver their services well to those visitors coming to our offices. Unlike in the recent past where our offices were not able to accommodate all the workers and clients that sometimes were overwhelming. The new offices are able to offer spacious parking space for all that are visiting. There is no more wasting time to locate our offices as the new location is most easily accessible to all that are visiting. Other offices in Australia are also opening up for expansion, and the members are that are getting transaction form the firm is able to enjoy the services that are offered at the offices.