A new era in the finance sector with Ms. Helane Morrison

Ms. Helane Morrison is an undisputed major player, and a pioneer whose impossible to bring down attitude is greatly changing the finance sector in America. Helane is an assertive lady with a brilliant mind that always leaves an impression from the very day she stepped into the finance industry.
She was born and raised in Brooklyn. She studied both Law (Berkeley School of Law) and Journalism (Northwestern University). Her experience in the law sector made her develop the desire to defend those who are violated in any way. Helane worked with U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for 11 years and made numerous achievements. She was the first lady in history to serve as District’s chief.
After working for SEC, she decided top venture in the field of business. She joined Hall Capital, the biggest and most successful investment advisory firm. She is the chief compliance officer and the managing director. Morrison and the other team leaders at Hall Capital are working tirelessly to regain the lost trust of people to the financial sector after the financial crush of 2008. They insist on integrity, compliance, and regulatory from the staff and in all their transactions.
Helane Morrison ensures that every single investment made on behalf of their esteemed clients is an ethical one and also solid. She has formed a team referred to as the examination staff. This group works with Ms. Helane to study the records of every registered entity that collaborate with Hall Capital. Every firm must undergo a vigorous investigation to prove that they are trustworthy with the client’s money. If the team find anything fishy with a firm, there is an enforcement staff that will continue with disciplinary actions. Morrison and the other leaders at Hall Capital ensure that there is a balance of life and work for every employee at the firm.
Helane Morrison serves as a board member to many organizations. She was a board member of the Bar Association. Currently, she is a board member for American Bar Association in the hedge fund subcommittee. She is passionate about animal and environment, and she is a board member of Regional Parks Foundation. She has been given the award of the most influential woman in the public sector and Bay Area Businesses four times. She received these awards because she has worked for them.

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