Avaaz Is A Unifying Catalyst for Changing Lives and Saving Our Planet

Founded in 2007 Avaaz incorporates the principles of practical idealism with determination and courageous fortitude in its fight to achieve the higher good throughout the globe. Headquartered in the Manhattan Borough of New York Avaaz fights to bring to the forefront and change civil and social issues on a variety of scales. Whatever and wherever crisis arises Avaaz intervenes with the fortitude to make a difference whether in the regional, national, or global arena.

Over the past decade, Avaaz has launched over 3000 campaigns taking on issues such as the negative effects of climate change, human rights violations, animal rights abuses, corrupt governments and/or corporations, the struggles of poverty-stricken, and those caught in the midst conflict. Timing is key to effecting the multiple components related to addressing turning point issues. The utilization of technology makes possible for the core leadership and members of Avaaz to communicate pertinent details regarding potential campaign undertakings, organize member approved campaign issues and strategically mobilize member activists quickly and efficiently and more information click here.

Avaaz is a wholly member-funded democratic organization. Each member is able to choose whether or not to take part in any particular campaign issue. However, all of the issues undertaken by Avaaz are supported by the unifying convictions of its membership that as human beings we are privileged with responsibilities to each other, to future generations, and to the planet.” As stated by Avaaz Director Ricken Patel in an article published in an April 2011 issue of The Guardian, “We have no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Idealists of the world unite!” and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Avaaz welcomes citizens around the globe from all walks of life to take part in a variety of ways affecting meaningful impact wherever crisis arises.

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Robert Ivy The King Of The Architectural Profession

Robert Ivy has been Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects since 2011. As the chief executive officer of the organization, Ivy assumed the management responsibility. In his role, has played a significant role in leading the organizations that aim at revolutionizing the role of the architects in the modern society. He has also led an organization that is struggling to find the relevance of the architecture practice in the future.

During the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in 2012, Robert Ivy noted that the American Institute of Architecture will be committed to implementing policies that will improvement public health and safety. To this end, he noted that the Institute will implement digital programs, community planning and offer its members research grants to facilitate these ambitious initiatives.

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Since Ivy was appointed as the head of the Institute he has also vocal in creating awareness as well as an understanding of the critical role that architects play in in the society. In the 21st century, architects need to build houses that meet the needs of clients. He has also bolstered the position of the architecture in the current world where there are social, creative and economic challenges that are facing the profession.

Before he joined the AIA, Robert Ivy served as the editorial director and vice president of the McGraw-Hill Construction. Additionally, he also held a position at the Architectural Record as the editor-in-chief. During his tenure at the Architectural Record, he oversaw 17 digital and 16 print publications being published. The Architectural Record was recognized for its role in promoting architecture. This is typified by the numerous awards that it won including the National Magazine Award for the General Excellence by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

As an architecture, Robert has distinguished himself as a professional who speaks for the profession. As such, he has taken part in discussions that affect the profession in the modern world such as environmental changes and political environment.

For his contribution to the architecture field, Ivy was awarded the GD Crain Award in 2009. This award was due to his contributions to the editorial excellence in the business media. This was followed by the “Master Architect” Award in 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi the national architecture fraternity. He was honored for communicating the design principles and values to the public and members of the architecture profession.

Robert Ivy is also an accomplished speaker having delivered several keynote speeches across the United States and globe. He has attended several international events and delivered speeches often appearing along with other leading figures in the architecture profession. As an author Ivy published the “Fay Jones: Architect” that has been cited for its high-quality scholarship, production, and designer.

Ivy attended the Tulane University earning a Master’s of Architecture. He also graduated from the University of the South where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Currently, he lives in Washington DC.

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Igor Cornelsen Banking and Investing in Brazil

Brazil is a country that is growing rapidly. With the rapid population growth, various people are starting to invest in Brazil. The banking system in Brazil is complex for many people. The good news is that the country has a lot of great investors to learn from.

Igor Cornelsen has many years of experience dealing with the economic and banking system in Brazil. Here are some of the most important things to remember about these systems.

Think About the Future

One of the most important aspects of financial success in Brazil is to constantly think about the future. With all of the economic growth in the country, entire industries are changing within a couple of years.

In the past, companies could be slow to innovate and change along with this economic growth. However, companies today must be willing to react quickly and innovate in order to grow. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor


The government leaders in Brazil want to encourage business development whenever possible. As a result, the requirements for getting a business loan in Brazil are quite low compared to other parts of the world.

PR Newswire stated that Igor Cornelsen helps people get qualified for business loans whenever he can. With his experience, he understands what companies are looking for when lending money.

New Industries

Many new industries are popping up every year in Brazil. With the rapid growth of the country, many people are excited about what the future holds. Igor Cornelsen is one of the most well-known investors in the country today. He likes to give advice to people who want to invest in the country.

Over time, investing is one of the best ways to change your financial future. Working on a financial plan is the best way to take your finances to a new level in the coming years.

The Startup Master Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a rock star in the technology universe. He is one of the very few people who has shown the ability to be able to launch profitable startups on a regular basis. He has an endless amount of ideas for new companies. He also has the skills to assemble a solid team to help him construct all of his startups. Marketing these new companies after they launch is another thing that Eric has become a master at. There is no question that he knows what the public wants. The companies he creates are always offering a product, service or piece of technology that the public is craving.

Eric Pulier came from very humble beginnings. His family did not have a lot of money to buy him toys. Therefore, he read a lot of books as a child. This made Pulier very passionate about literature. He was not sure what profession he should pursue. He met with a career counselor in high school who suggested that Eric go to college and get a degree in English literature. This would allow him to teach a subject that he is passionate about. Eric took this advice to heart and enrolled in an English literature degree program at Harvard University.

Eric did very well in college. He was a brilliant student and he obtained his degree. However, his interests quickly turned to starting up tech companies after working closely with a few young people on their startup venture. Eric could see that there was a lot of money to be made if he was able to start the right companies and get them to become profitable. Therefore, Pulier abandoned his quest to become a college professor. He devoted all of his time to launching his own startups. One of the most frustrating parts of the whole process was trying to convince people to invest money with him. This was a struggle at first. However, he discovered that more people were willing to hand over their money after he had a few successes. Eric has no trouble at all finding investors these days.

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Rodrigo Terpins – Writer, Reader, Racer, Brother, More

Ideas from Rodrigo Terpins’ – He Writes Stories on the Side

Global Point – Tone: Looking for a prose that’s more flowery. Like Charles Dickens wrote the story. Example below.

First Draft – Alarm Clock resolution

What I want: The pair held each other’s gaze as they laughed about the morning’s excitement, both relieved to have arrived to their exam on time and happy that the near mishap provided this moment for a chance encounter beyond the walls of their campus. When the laughter subsided, John, filled with determination and resolution asked Emily if she would like to go out on a date. Emily smiled and agreed.

This goes for every section for all of the stories. Rodrigo Trepins’ looking for something more flowing and literary – closer to formal writing. You have a lot of sentences between 5 and 15 words. The sentence highlighted above has 42 words. As one can see, Rodrigo’s looking for more sentences like this one in the story: The sentence doesn’t need to be 42 words, but the sentences need to be less short and compact – as well as more flowing.

The manicured campus of Milton University was busy with the sound of sleep deprived students making their way to their final exams. A large university carefully nestled within a large city, the setting was ripe for prepared students, especially during its final exam week. Acquiring sleep the night before each exam was no option.

“The pair held each other’s gaze as they laughed.” Main topic

Recent Story Plot by Rodrigo’s Editors – New Writers Sought to Write About Rodrigo’s Rally Racing in Brazil

1920s New Hampshire, that is where we are, and several questions burn through a young man’s mind as he now decides whether to purchase a secondhand store’s unique armoire. A proud historian and American alike, he considers the many benefits that purchasing the rare item, in turn, may bring him.




IDLife Partners with Garmin in a Move that will Revolutionize Customized Nutrition

Medical experts are increasingly finding a connection between what we eat and our health. Many individuals are getting concerned with what they consume; what are the ingredients? Is the food safe? Is it GMO food? And other such questions are becoming common. However, with the presence of companies such as IDLife, people can attain their health goals with little worry. IDLife was founded with the principle of customized nutrition at the very core. The company appreciates that people differ in their genetic makeup, and hence their nutritional needs are far from similar.

How does IDLife attain its personalized nutrition goal? The company has a website, idlife.com, that members of the public can visit and signup. Members have an opportunity to take a free health assessment while non-members have to be referred by a registered member. The health assessment questions are based on seven categories: personal, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medical and medication. Members are assured that their information is secure with company. The questions are used as the starting point for generating a personalized list of IDLife products suitable for the individual. IDLife prides itself on their personalized nutrition program because nutrition companies provide “one-size-fits-all’’ kind of products.

IDLife products have been formulated in adherence to the highest safety requirements. The company’s products are regularly examined by FDA approved laboratories. IDLife products are non-GMO, gluten free and soy free. IDLife supplements are products of a detailed scientific research incorporating recommendations from over 7,500 peer-reviewed journals and clinical studies. Therefore IDLife members can rest assured that whatever they ingest is safe and functional.

IDLife has remained to be an innovative company. Recently, the company partnered with Garmin—a firm that manufactures wearable fitness gadgets. In the partnership, IDLife will allow its clients to purchase Garmin’s Vivo fitness tracker through the IDLife’s website. The tracker will be used jointly with the IDLife’s wellness app. The tracker will monitor the physical activities of the users while in sync with the IDLife app. This way IDLife members will experience improved recommendations to learn more about us: https://loganstout.com/ click here.

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IDLife. The company is based in Texas.

Karl Heideck On The New Salary Law In Philly

It was a moment worth celebrating to the rights advocates in Philadelphia when Mayor Jim Kenney put down his signature on the new law that prohibits the employers in the private sector from enquiring on the salary history of the applicants. Philadelphia is indeed the first city to pass such a law. This law was initially structured to help bridge the wage gap that existed between men and women in Pennsylvania. It aimed at barring the employers from obtaining the salary details of a potential employee without their knowledge, asking the job applicants of their initial salaries directly, punishing individuals who fail to disclose their wages and giving jobs to those people who reveal salary details.

Employers who have businesses in Philly will be affected by this law. The failure to conform to this law will attract a fine of $ 2,000 each instance. This bill was disputed way before it came to pass. A preliminary injunction motion was filed by the Chamber of Commerce on the 6th April 2017. It was decided that the law stays. Then, the employees’ rights seemed to be close yet so far away. A sigh of relief came in June when the city filed a lawsuit dismissing the injunction.

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With this law, it is a high time that companies that conduct their businesses in Philly rethink about their hiring practices. Even though this is the first city to pass such a law, registration in Washington D.C, California, and Massachusetts feels it is time that inquiry of salaries goes away according to hackronym.com.

It is important for the residents of Philly to approach lawyers who fully understand this law in case employers go against it. Karl Heideck is one of those lawyers. He from the year 2015 became an attorney listed by the Hire Counsel. Besides being a competent lawyer who has specialized in risk management and compliance, Karl Heideck is a writer who shares his knowledge with the Pennsylvania residents on the way laws work.

Karl Heideck graduated with honors from the Temple University Beasley School of Law in the year 2009. He had initially attended Swarthmore College where he earned a bachelor degree in English language and literature. Karl Heideck loves his job.

Securus Technologies Providing Award Winning Products and Customer Service

The field of correctional technology has been highly competitive, and many companies are trying to fight each other to grab the biggest market share. However, Securus Technologies has been able to make a huge difference in the sector by bringing in some of the most innovative products, services, and technologies. The reason the company can do it is by focusing on innovation and research and development. There is a dedicated wing opened by Securus Technologies known as Technology Center in Dallas. The Technology Center is where all the magic happens and where the inventors, scientists, and experts come in to create new products that are suitable for the correctional industry.


One of the new products that the company recently launched and which has become highly popular among the inmates is the video visitation service. It is a service that would allow the inmates to have a video chat with their loved ones in privacy without any interference. It is one of the most advanced communication services available to the prisoners at the moment. It would allow the inmates and the family members to communicate in both audio and video manner, which is very satisfying. The family members and the friends of the prisoners who had to travel to the correctional sphere to meet the prisoner can now only use the video visitation feature more frequently to see their loved one in prison.


Securus Technologies is committed to bringing the best to the customers. It is for this reason the company has backed its products and services to highly responsive and quick customer service as well. The customers facing any issue with the services of Securus Technologies can call the helpline of the company. The client service executive, on the other hand, would elaborately answer all your queries and resolve your issues in a matter of minutes. The customer service of the company has also won the best customer service award at the Gold Stevie Awards in the year 2016.

Petrello’s Fames in the Realms of Business

As the world moves towards the inevitable industrialized village, the demand for energy is rapidly growing. This is an advantage for players in the industry including the giant global energy company, Nabors. Nabors has over the years been a fundamental player in the world’s energy platform providing drilling and geothermal services. The company has grown into a multibillion entity under the genius leadership of its intellectual CEO tony Petrello. Currently the company has an enviable staff base of experienced personnel driving its objectives in a global scale. Petrello has greatly contributed to the growth and expansion of the company through his skillful leadership and innovative mind.

CEO Tony Petrello is one of the most admired business leaders in the world today gaining accolades from global business players. He is famed as one of the greatest driving forces that have propelled Nabors to the top in the industry. He is a graduate with a degree in law and a bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics which he further pursued to receive a master’s degree. His dedication to excellence is the quality that has maintained him at the top position in energy sector where he has been for the last decade or so. Petrello is a great business leader if the Nabors Company’s success and consistency in growth is anything to pay respect to.

Due to his leadership prowess, Petrello has been rising in the industry taking up more influential positions in the business realm. This is both in his current company and in other different spheres where his expertise deemed relevant. Currently he serves as a director in the Stewart & Stevenson LLC’s board of directors. Another company that has valued his input in business owing to his success in the energy industry is the Hilcorp Energy Company where he also serves as a director. All these positions attached to Petrello are as a result of his incredible influence and expertise in the industry. Tony Petrello is undoubtedly a great CEO in and his expertise is greatly revered among world class business leaders.

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