Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, and Other Pioneers of Change and Justice

In light of the disturbing, recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, various civil rights organizations held a march in downtown Atlanta. The civil rights organizations included leaders from the Color Of Change, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Muslim Advocates, and Human Rights Campaign.

They all came together to condemn the rallying and violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia this past Saturday. They also marched the streets of downtown Atlanta. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Time

The rally’s organizers stated that they’ll encourage President Trump to name the rally a “white supremacist convention”.

However, the following civil rights organizations’ leaders will be in attendance: Jonathan Lipman, the Bend the Arc Jewish Action’s Chief Strategy Officer, Brandi Collins, the Color of Change’s Campaign Director, Scott Simpson, Muslim Advocates’ Public Advocacy Director, and Ben Needham, the Project One America Human Rights Campaign’s Director.

The civil rights organizations condemned the hatred, racism, and bigotry that’s displayed from those groups in Charlottesville. They also stated that President Trump’s refusal to clearly condemn white nationalists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right is leadership failure and confirms once again that he is unfit to serve.

What these Organizations Represent

The Bend the Arc organization is a national Jewish organization that focuses on building the passion and power of the progressive Jewish movement within America.

Jewish people from around the country are brought together to organize and advocate for a more equal and just society. The Color Of Change is the largest US racial justice organization online. Lacey and Larkin assist in people effectively responding to the world’s injustice.

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest organization within America that works to achieve equality for gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer people. And lastly, Muslim Advocates is an US educational and legal advocacy organization working on the civil rights’ frontlines in guaranteeing justice and freedom for Americans of all faiths.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and the co-founders are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

This organization is dedicated in supporting groups advocating for migrant, civil, and human rights as well as civic participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona, including the Mexican border, aka “la línea fronteriza”.

Being co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times also, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund resulted from settlement money worth $3.75 million from an unjustifiable arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. On October 18, 2007, Larkin and Lacey were arrested from their homes in the middle of the night by the Maricopa County Sheriff.

They were sent to jail after the revelation of the grand jury existence proceedings that sought reporters’ notes on articles about the Sheriff. The citizens’ identities who read online stories concerning the lawman from New Times were also demanded by grand jury subpoenas.

And as a result, the two journalists, who have spent their careers defending and asserting their First Amendment rights, filed a lawsuit against the country. They won their case in the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit.

Life Line Screening Efforts in Early Disease Prevention

Since 1993, Life Line Screening has been in the forefront in providing health screening services in the US. The company has since spread its services to the United Kingdom while under the leadership of Collin Scully, the firm’s Chairman and CEO. To date, the company has undertaken over eight million screenings. It remains true to its mission of improving awareness of undetected health problems while encouraging follow-up with physicians.

Life Line Screening operations

The company utilizes modern equipment to provide safe, non-invasive, quick yet painless preventive screening procedures. Their highly trained professionals will also offer you high-end services meant to prevent the spread or even slow down the progress of life-threatening disease such as cardiovascular diseases. Early-stage cancers preventable through screening which is done at the firm. This goes a long way in lowering the risk of suffering both financially and health wise.

Ultrasound testing by the firms helps detect underlying problem through sound waves which identify the presence of illnesses such as carotid artery. Life Line Screening also uses simple yet detailed finger prick blood tests to determine various things such as cholesterol levels, the risk for diabetes and inflammation in the body which is done through screening of C-reactive proteins. Electrocardiographs tests, on the other hand, are essential in detecting irregular heartbeats which consequently lowers chances of stroke.

Through its E-Newsletter, Life Line screening focuses on improving healthcare by helping individuals focus on their wellness efforts. For example, it could be controlled lifestyle changes to control illnesses that are chronic such as diabetes.


To effectively carry out screening services, Life Line Screening partners with various insurance companies internationally, organizations as well hospitals. Examples of its partners include MCM solutions, Ameriplan, Mission Hospital as well as Carolina Vascular.


Since October 1996, Lifeline Screenings was accredited a grade A+ by Better Business Bureau(BBB), a clear indication of the firm’s commitment to making an effort in handling consumer complaints that may arise.

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Arizona Tech Investor And Businessman, Jason Hope Is Interviewed On His Business

Jason Hope was asked in his interview what is the most difficult decision he has made in the past few months. His answer was that the toughest choice Jason Hope recently made was to scale back and think through where he wants to head next in his business and life. Mr. Hope says that he has been contributing articles to technology publications frequently in the past couple of months. His new goal is to inform the public about new trends and advancements in technology.

Jason Hope believes that the the more people he can reach through his contributing articles and publications, the greater the impact he can have through his technological work. Without a doubt, Jason claims that the toughest choice he has made recently is dialing back his work and finding some time write about technology to educate others. It may have been difficult but it has allowed him to educate others and connect with people who share similar visions and goals to learn more: https://twitter.com/jasonhope click here.

The next question that Jason Hope was asked was what he thinks is it that makes him successful in his work and life as a whole. Jason Hope’s immediate response was that he always looks forward and ahead to the future. He does not mean this as looking into the immediate time period, but looking at how technology is changing and what benefits it could bring to us. Jason Hope believes in looking ahead not through the lens of time but in how our lives could be impacted and revolutionized by technological changes in the future.

Mr. Hope also says that he has his philanthropic work to look forward to after work. He also enjoys philanthropy and be believes it makes his job more bearable and motivates him to do well. His effort and focus on philanthropy makes him able to move on to other tasks and projects despite failures or doubts that may pop up.

Eli Gershkovitch-Founder of Steamworks Group of Companies

Having come to birth in 1995, Steamworks brewing company started off at Gastown location in Vancouver and is indeed a beer-brewing powerhouse as far as beer brewing is concerned. The founder and CEO of Steamworks brewery is none other than Eli Gershkovitch and is attributed as the brains behind all this. From the 2,000 hectoliters Steamworks was initially producing, Eli Gershkovitch increased production and efficiency so much so, that by 2013, Steamworks was producing 40,000 hectoliters. As of now, Steamworks brewery has increased its products to multiple varieties of beer including Pale Ale, Pilsner beer, Heroic Red-Ale, Tall-Can Mash Up, just to mention a few as well as other seasonal releases.

Eli Gershkovitch is indeed accomplished and his success is tangible and indisputable. Having gone to law school and graduating with a degree in Law, Eli Gershkovitch proved he is indeed book-smart and even more to this, he enrolled for art classes which sharpened his eye for opportunities. This is evident for when he first visited Heidelberg in Germany, he tasted Belgian beer and described the experience as an epiphany which later helped him to start the Steamworks brewing company.

Under the management of Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks company has boosted it sales revenue by 50% and has been put on the global map thanks to its unique and wide variety of its products. This has further led to market penetration into other countries such as the U.S, Germany, Canada, and Italy just to mention a few. Despite all this success, Eli Gershkovitch has still found a way to put his Law Degree into use as he practiced legal works under liquor licenses which helped in the protection and the patenting of his brewery invention.

While still on achievements, Eli Gershkovitch is a certified pilot having obtained his pilot license in 1993 and in 2009 he obtained his wings, having flown from Vancouver to Europe and back. So in essence having been certified as a pilot and taking a keen interest in art classes, It is conclusive that Eli Gershkovitch is both artistic and passionate in his endeavors and that can be partly accredited to the success of Steamworks Brewing Companies (YouTube).
Given the steady progress of Steamworks Craft Breweries, the future for Steamworks looks bright, owing its success to constant growth in the past and the leadership of its founder, Eli Gershkovitch (http://www.steamworks.com/brewery).