Building a Comfortable Homes with Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is prosperous in the world business of entrepreneurship; Jason Halpern mainly deals with real estate business. He firstly adjusted to the real estate business and the industry at huge. He is the manager of the JMH Development and has worked for the company for more than 50 years, therefore assisting in building a lot of real estate houses and supervising them. Due to his skills and experience in the real estate business it has enabled the company to be among the greatest in the states. Also his family has managed a lot of properties in the states the states include Westchester County and New York City.

The corporate builds historical constructions as one of their development due to the buildings attract tourist. Jason Halpern and his staff team have made the company to be exceptional for the building of history constructions. Because of the amazing work of the organization, it has led to the better relationship among the workers and the clients in numerous cities. The company provides a full-time service in the real estate business, therefore creating itself as one of the top and best in the real estate development.

The company is well-recognized for constructing marvelous and astonishing buildings that enable everyone to observe and praise. Because of the development variations, JMH has put themselves with Brooklyn and Williamsburg as the rising markets to assist them in progressing better. The organization has major goals in establishing outstanding, comfortable and successful buildings in numerous states. Actually the organization is creating techniques of establishing a town residential of Cobble Hill.

With the partnership of Madden Real Estate Ventures the company formerly presented a 235-room hotel which is named Aloft South Beach. The hotel has an eight-story tower. Separately from venturing into the real estate business he also takes the time to support and contribute to the charitable organization. Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center it is situated in his hometown and it is one of the projects he participated in building through funding them. Another center which he also supported is Westchester Medical Fraternity the center has numerous tools that carry out open-heart surgery, emergency neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery.

The center also makes sure that patient such as the expectant women, children and patients with critical injuries are attended first and adequately. Jason Halpern has various other philanthropic works such as giving $20,000 to each contract of the worldwide water non-credit charity. The charity work supports water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. In conclusion, Jason Halpern is a devoted man who puts more effort in establishing his company and also assisting people who want help henceforth improving people lives.

Success Academy Has Improved American Education

The founder and CEO of Success Academy is Eva Moskowitz. It was nearly a decade ago that she decided to launch the largest charter school network of high-performing schools in New York. This way she has managed to improve American education in a big way.


She has no plans to expand the operations of Success Academy outside New York City. But she has launched an online platform that will grow the footprints of the network that will go much beyond New York district.


This will be called “Success Academy Education Institute.” The Success Academy has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan. It will be a free portal. It will be offering access to several things. These include the curriculum besides the teacher development strategies. All these are presently being employed at all the 41 schools of Success Academy all across the city.


The reason for launching this online platform is that a large number of kids all across the country are in schools where they are not learning the basic level of reading and writing and doing mathematics as well as science. Hence Success Academy wanted to provide the solution. This is being achieved by providing the online platform. Through this platform, Success Academy is sharing all that they have developed. They are supporting this model through educators from all across the country and even the world.


Due to this effort by Success Academy, it was the winner of the $250,000 Broad Prize. This is being given for various programs that promote college readiness of students. These can be in the form of scholarships, campus visits and so on.


This way Success Academy is experimenting with several approaches to education. They are trying to share the lessons they have learned with the education community in general.


This online platform is currently offering literacy curriculum. This is for kindergarten and goes up to fourth grade. This is the first step being taken here.…/success-academy/index.php

Success Academies Gear

Lacey and Larkin, Fostering Global Cohesion

Global cohesion and peace is something that has evaded our world for many centuries. Civilizations have gone to war with each other, cultures have gotten conquered, people have ended up as hostages, and others have died all in the name of ‘peace.’ Due to the raging wars, individuals have been forced to migrate from their war infested countries in search of refuge in neighboring nations only to end up in the hands of oppressors.

To the migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border, mistreatment coupled by oppression happens to be a norm. Because of the hate directed towards refugees, migrants have gotten exposed to unlawful deportation, torture, and even murder. However, human and civil rights groups have sprung up to take action against law enforcement agencies including border security that is quick to do more harm than good to migrants. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

For instance, The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project got created so as to offer detainees in fear of getting deported legal support. Through the organization, detainees have been able to gain access to competent and impartial lawyers, something that has helped most of these victims successfully fight back.

Also, the group has offered legal support to immigrant children who happen not to have a parent or legal guardian. It is because of the efforts of The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project that many refugees have had a second chance to rebuild their lives.

Since The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project strives to protect the rights and freedoms of minority groups, it has initiated a program meant to provide essential services to ‘special needs’ migrants.

The refugees are either mentally ill, look frail, are in search of asylum, running away from domestic violence, or those individuals who have at one time survived torture. For the many years that the group has been in existence, it has provided high levels of services to both children and adults.

The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project has been receiving funding from The Frontera Fund, an organization created by Michael and Jim. Out of their kind hearts, Jim and Mike made use of their court settlement money to do something good for the Hispanic community.

Since the duo has always wanted to see that individuals from poor backgrounds regain their dignity, they chose to use the $3.75 million that was given to them to do something meaningful for the world to see.

It is in 2007 that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin got wrongfully arrested and detained by the then Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. At one point in time, Jim and Mike had covered and published a story about the atrocities committed by Arpaio while in office. Since the allegations against Joe seemed to shed some bad light on the law enforcement officer, he resulted to arresting the two journalists in the cover of darkness, in a covert kind of operation.

News of the arrests soon reached an angry public who demanded the immediate release of the duo. It is then that a long court battle ensued between Maricopa County and the two journalists. Luckily, Jim and Michael won and got a $3.75 million compensation. From that glorious day, the idea for The Frontera Fund was born.

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Dr. Rick Shinto and his Innovation Strategies in the Success of InnovaCare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto, the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, is credited for leading the firm into a major managed health care provider in North America. He is regarded as one of the most innovative Executives with aggressive strategies which have restructured the firm into a highly competitive one in all its functions. Dr. Shinto believes that the highly competitive healthcare industry won’t spare any faults and laziness by the service providers, and in no time, such mistakes can cost the company itself.

He regularly adds talented heads to the firm to cope up with its growing business and market. Recently, he added three more executives including Penelope Kokkinides – an executive with more than 20 years of experience and proven career record – as its Chief Administrative Officer. Dr. Shinto has strong emphasis on team work of Penelope Kokkinides and instructs the management team to have a greater communication and coordination each other to be highly productive and efficient. He is also a strong advocate of transparency and thinks that it is a great tool to make sure everything inside the firm is in fine shape and nothing goes out of control. Also, people love transparency as they understood that the term reflects trusted business.

Since Dr. Shinto joined the firm in 2012, it grew tremendously by making use of every opportunity in the market. The firm offers highest quality healthcare programs which are ensuring physical and mental wellbeing of each of its customers. The customer satisfaction rate of the firm and its affiliates consistently scores above 90 percent due to strict measures implemented by Dr. Shinto in the organization. InnovaCare added innovations in the healthcare sector and made the visits to Penelope Kokkinides and doctors more affordable along with less expensive treatment solutions for ensuring quality care for everyone a reality. Dr. Shinto supplies both clinical and operation experience to the leadership of the firm considering his more than 20 years of experience in healthcare industry in both the lines.Before joining InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto worked with Aveta Inc., as its Chief Executive Officer. During the period, he was recognized by the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur – 2011 Award for his efforts and commitment to excellence. Dr. Shinto started his career as an intern in Southern California. He also worked with Medical Management, Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Pathways Management Company, and NAMM California. Dr. Shinto completed his Bachelor of Science from the University of California and earned his medical degree from the State University of New York. He also secured his MBA from the University of Redlands.

NuoDB – Leading Database Company Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts

NuoDB was launched in 2008 as NimbusDB before changing to its current name in 2011. The system’s founders are Barry S. Morris, its CEO, and Jim Starkey. Its database is SQL compliant (elastic SQL database) for cloud applications. NuoDB has analyzed object architecture that operates in the cloud meaning that adding a new server to scale-out the database, it runs faster without sharding. It’s the database that distributes various tasks amongst different processors to eliminate the bottlenecks of data. NuoDB database utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in routing tasks to nodes and besides, it’s ACID compliant.
NuoDB separates data components into programming objects referred as “atoms.” The database is worked around a “strong conveyed cache” plan that uses an arrangement of in-memory caches to bolster cloud-style versatility while guaranteeing that the entire data items are securely maintained and stored. It likewise bolsters MVCC (Multi-version concurrency control) to identify deadlocks data and resolve of coming conflicts. Also, it utilizes components of message-oriented and object-oriented dispersed processing techniques, chiefly peer-to-peer asynchronous formats of communication. NuoDB is produced and marketed by NuoDB Inc., the software vendor formally established as NimbusDB in 2008. Later, NuoDB 1.0 was released into the market in January 2013. The system can operate with no close coupling any application and data on the disk drive.

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From Malls to Airports, José AuriemoNeto is Overseeing Some Daring Projects at JHSF

Few names are as respected in the Brazilian real estate scene as JHSF is. Formed in 1972 by four partners, including brothers Fabio and Jose Robert, the organization has over the last four decades grown to become one of the most respected in the country. Unlike many in the industry, JHSF has concentrated on a combination of commercial and residential developments, luxury hotel developments, development and management of shopping malls, and most recently the development of a business airport.

JHSF started like any other conventional real estate company but has over the years slowly set itself apart through innovative moves. Initially, the company’s main focus was commercial and residential developments. However, noticing the growing mall culture in Brazil, the company later decided to expand into retail developments. Currently, it has developed and operates five shopping centers in the country. Additionally, the company later added hospitality to its portfolio by launching the Fasano group of hotels. Finally, the most recent project, an airport, shows that the company is not scared of scale and has a real desire to dominate the real estate industry in Brazil.

The unconventional thinking and strategy that has driven JHSF to its current enviable industry standing have come from one man, Jose AuriemoNeto. The Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University alumnus has been the CEO of the company since 2003. He also currently doubles up as the organization’s Executive Chairman. Having joined the company ten years before being named as its CEO, few understand the company better than Neto does. He has infused an innovative mindset at the organization that has seen it attempt daring expansions moves that others in the industry could not attempt. Venturing into the hospitality business, let alone developing an entire airport, was practically unheard of in Brazil’s real estate industry before JHSF decided to do it.

Jose AuriemoNeto will now oversee the company’s next expansion drive into a number of locations outside Brazil. The company has particularly been looking at the United States (New York and Miami) and Uruguay (Punta Del Estate). There is little doubt that Neto will effectively pull this off just as he has with his previous undertakings at JHSF. In fact, he has already overseen the raising of a considerable $461 million, through the disposal of JHSF’s unwanted assets, to fund the company’s international expansion and learn more about Jose.

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Mike Baur Created The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that exists to help inspiring entrepreneurs overcome the difficulties of beginning a new business. Many great companies do not last through the beginning stages of business startup due to unforeseen obstacles. These encounters are costly. It is impossible for a new entrepreneur to plan for many of the variables that they face as they begin operation.


Mike Baur created the Swiss Startup Factory because he had a passion for helping others through these trying times. Mike began his career in banking. He moved his way up from the very bottom of that industry and eventually became a top executive at a large bank. At the age of 39 he decided to venture out on his own. Mike followed his heart and began helping others realize their dreams. The Swiss Startup Factory is designed to focus on each of the particulars that become the downfall of many great business concepts.


Financial planning is the foundation of any company. The Swiss Startup Factory is very involved in assisting new entrepreneurs with developing a solid budget for their ideas. Everything cost money. The business plan itself has a price tag. However, there is no way to account for the variables that can only be learned through the process. The Swiss Startup Factory is involved in building a financial operating structure that tracks expenses and profits in a way that allows the owner to balance their responsibilities. Keeping track of finances is crucial to helping a business stay afloat through the lean years.


Sales and marketing is overlooked in many cases. However, there is no business that is successful without the ability to market itself. Mike Baur and his team at the Swiss Startup Factory assist new business owners in developing a marketing scheme that focuses on their target audience. It is important to know who the customers are supposed to be and where to find them. An important aspect of marketing is being able to locate your business in a area where people desire the product. The Swiss Startup Factory is thoroughly involved in helping each person develop a presentation that will attract customers and investors.


A business plan is nothing without action. However, action cost time and money. Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory are there to assist those who are serious about taking on the business industry with their own ideas.


The Swiss Startup Factory has a well-rounded and dedicated team that caters to every type of business concept.


It might be a good Season for the Aloha Construction Inc.

Whether East or West home is best, yes, this is where everyone feels secure and away from trouble. However, a home is built on understanding and needs that expert you can think off to unveil its quality. Therefore you need the experts, think of Aloha Construction Inc. to do the job of building a quality home for you. This year the Aloha Construction are looking forward to a new siding and roofing season due to the experience of extreme winds, hail, and storms in most areas of Northern Illinois.


Aloha was founded in 2008, since then, the firm has grown to tackle 7000 projects in the state of Illinois in the year 2013. This year they have raise their game to 20,000 projects. With a new office in Bloomington 2015 agenda was providing better services to persons of Southern Illinois. Additionally, better a wise warrior than a strong one, therefore, Aloha have integrated into their system a new website that will improve the experience of clients providing them with expert services in just a few clicks.


Further, as a means to meet their promise of building quality homes, their growth and experience have led to opening a new branch of Aloha Builds Network launched in May. The new team will deal with cleaning, interior restoration, remodeling of kitchens, washrooms, water extraction, and natural disaster aid. The brand has its office near their Lake Zurich Headquarters.


From David A. Farbaky President and CEO of Aloha Construction, Inc, as a firm, they know who they are and what they need. Therefore this year is their time to make life easy for the people of Midwest. Proud of completing over 18000 projects in their industry in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, Aloha Construction is a licensed bonded family owned company with about 200 employees. They specialize in Roofing, Siding, gutters installation, insulation and weather damages providing a ten-year warranty.



Up Close And Personal With Paul Mampilly

There are many people who dream about making it huge as entrepreneurs, unfortunately, not all of them are as successful in their ventures as they hope. This is either due to lack of the proper preparation or lack of the proper guidance in the process.

When Paul Mampilly started his journey of investment, all he had to support him was educational qualifications and great ideas. He joined Banyan Hill publishing in the position of a senior editor. He has been offering advice about investing, in cap stock, technology and similar products for the past several decades.

For the last thirty years, Paul has been a common name in wall street. His first wall street job was a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. This was followed by a move to Deutsche banking, and then ING. In both of these places, he managed portfolios for multi-million dollar clients. In 2006, Kinetics Fund Managements recruited him to take care of their hedge fund. The company had a net worth of $6billion when he started. He did an impressive job there because by the end of that first year, he had managed to grow that amount to $25billion. This growth earned him a lot of respect from the financial circles with Barron’s naming the hedge funds as one of the best in the world. This was a remarkable growth because the company was gaining 26 percent every year.

His competence is what led to the invitation to take part in the Tan investment challenge. This is a challenge which is normally organized by the Templeton Foundation. When he started the challenge, the company was worth $50 million and in the span of a year, Paul Mampilly had managed to make $88million as profit alone. The most impressive thing on his resume as an investor is the success that he was able to achieve despite the economic hard times between 2008 and 2009.

With time however, the world of wall street became a little mundane for him, especially the fact that his skill and expertise was only helping the 5 percent. He quit wall street and moved back home. However, he is not retired as he prefers to offer his expertise elsewhere.

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