Patty Rocklage Uses Empathy in Therapy

Patty Rocklage is renowned in the Boston area as the marriage and family therapist with a heart. Patty Rocklage warm and empathetic style of communications has endeared to her patients-single people, couples, and family. The fact that she considers it her privilege to be able to help troubled people get a hold of themselves, speaks volumes about the kind of person that she is.

With her over two decades of experience, Rocklage is quite adept at providing workable solutions to the often troubled and distressed people who approach her for help. The pedigree of her qualification is out of the top drawer with her having graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. Her license as a psychotherapist entitles her to practice in Massachusets, and it is here that she picked up her considerable skills in coaching, public speaking, teaching and team building and more information click here.

She believes that these skills make her a better counselor in that her warm and empathetic endeavor helps her help her clients achieve personal growth in a most emphatic way. This is a godsend for the people of Massachusets because life and work are far more challenging in the present times than these were in the past, and more and more people have graver psychological problems and issues than before.

Now more than ever before people need to engage in therapy with trained and empathetic professionals like Rocklage to better navigate their lives. In spite of all the social media channels and endless opportunity for entertainment, people continue to suffer from anxieties arising from job and relationship issues, apart from the uncertainty that has become a norm in the present times.

Rocklage well understands that there is a greater need to engage in current times and with her experience and evolved skill set, she can do just that. It is not surprising therefore to discover that her clients are all praise for her and recommend her quite readily. Rocklage intends to continue serving the people of the Boston area to the best of ability in the years ahead, which can only augur well for the people who live there and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

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Taking Care of Business, That’s the Highland Capital Management Way

In 1993, James Dondero and Mark Okada launched one of the most significant and well-informed global alternative investment management firm, named Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management oversees roughly 15.4 billion of assets along with their partners. Stationed in Dallas, Texas with expansions of offices located in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Entrusted in arranging their clientèle with a range of various unconventional investments that depicts a range of financial approaches, for their investor.


Highland Capital Management is devoted to delivering services that have a certain appeal with capitalizing in numerous financings strategies that can produce a profitable outcome for their customers. They go beyond the norm and suggest alternative tactics that grant access to a distinct selection of investment prospects. Dedicated to a certain standard when their clients are in mind, Highland Capital professes their philosophy based on three standards. The first is constructed on experience, being in the business for over 24 years, has undoubtedly earned them the right to being knowledgeable in their craft; by arising in the formation of the leveraged loan and CLO markets.


Second is discipline, grounded by believing in separating the weak from the strong, and guaranteeing the best and unsettling for just adequate service towards their investors. Lastly, they are bold. For these guys, that is an understatement. They are triumphant in the work they do, by acquiring resolutions for their financiers. Vigorous and willing in their beliefs, Highland Capital Management have a charitable spirit. From being proactive in cultivating North Texas communities to donating 1 million dollars for victims of family violence. This innovative company takes the bull by its horns, with no hesitation.



Eric Pulier Channels Fame and Fortune into Helping the Less Fortunate

On the surface, Eric Pulier is a lot like other Harvard grads who went on to big names in the tech industry. He started programming computers as a 4th grader in New Jersey. By the time he graduated high school, he had his own database computer company. While at Harvard, he starting writing for and became editor of the Harvard Crimson.


Upon graduation, he moved away from the East Coast and like a lot of dreamers before him, settled in Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. His first start-up company was called People Doing Things, and it focused on technology and the healthcare industry. In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton tapped him to help design low-cost cloud computing for communities in need. By 1997, he was again tapped at a national level, this time to create the presidential technology exhibit called ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century. Over his career he has founded or co-founded over 15 companies, and made his fortune in software and computing.


What he has done with his entrepreneurial success makes him stand out. Over his career, he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital for future entrepreneurs. Eric Pulier also helps new ideas come to fruition using his start up the X-Prize. There, competitors can show off their inventions and ideas in a competition for cash prizes and the chance at commercial success.


His commitments are not just to those in the tech world. From the beginning, he was dedicated to helping children. In 1995, he teamed up to help create one of the first social media networks, called the “Starbright World” where children with chronic illnesses could communicate with each other online and share positive messages in a safe environment. Eric Pulier even created a game called “Starlight World” where children with diabetes could explore how their bodies and the illness worked while having fun.


Eric Pulier’s philanthropy extends into today. At the Painted Turtle, he has generously donated both time and money to the summer camp for children with chronic illnesses, to bring a bit of joy into their lives.




Renown Health for All

Renown Health is the only non-profit healthcare network located in Northern Nevada. They employ more than 5,500 employees and is one of Northern Nevada’s largest employers. It is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare. Their mission statement is “Make a genuine difference for the many lives we touch by optimizing our patients’ healthcare experience.”

Renown Health was founded in 1862 and served the healthcare needs for over 140 years in Nevada. It was founded during the Civil War, when there was a smallpox outbreak and more clinics were needed in Nevada. It became the area’s first hospital in 1864 when Nevada became a state. Anthony D. Slonim is currently the president and CEO of Renown Health. Dr. Slonim is a cancer survivor, an author, an administrator, board-certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine critical care, and well respected among his peers. Renown Health has partnered with the University of Nevada’s School of Medicine. They want to expand and increase the number of doctors who train and practice in Northern Nevada. Click here to know more.

Renown Health is one of the Top 100 integrated health networks in the country. They proudly offer Nevada an integrated solution for all of the community’s healthcare needs. As a not-for-profit healthcare network, all of the profits stay in the network and are reinvested into people, programs, and equipments to better serve their community. There are no outside owners or shareholders to answer to or satisfy. Renown is northern Nevada’s healthcare leader and are an entire network of Reno hospitals, urgent care centers, lab services, x-ray and imaging services, primary care doctors and dozens of medical specialties. They want to help their community live a healthier life.

Renown have more than 6,000 nurses, doctors and care providers dedicated to the health and well-being of Northern Nevada every day of the year. Renown Health is the past, the present, and the future of Northern Nevada’s healthcare.


NuoDB, Innovative Databases

NuoDb is an elastic SQL database that expands on IBM computer scientist Edgar Codd’s twelve rules of relational databases. The system is capable of handling over 1 million transaction per second and has the ability to run anywhere. The tiered approach of the database technology allows for predictable and scalable data in the cloud. The technology is often also referred to as “NewSQL”. NuoDB allows added servers to scale out on cloud based platforms without any sharding. No errors are likely to occur and the servers run more efficiently. The database is allowed to appropriate information to the correct nodes via peer to peer communication.

NimbusDB was the oringal name of NuoDB , but was later changed in efforts to re-market. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB cloud database provides it’s patented technology to many notable companies such as Kodak, Dassualt Systemes, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems. In 2012 the firm acquired twelve million dollars in venture funding and later went on to reach over sixty million dollars in total funding in year 2016. Just at notably, NuoDB was awarded as one of Boston’s Business Journals innovative all stars in 2014.

Mike Baur: The Man behind Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur. Recently, he established Swiss Startup Factory. His company offers financing and consultation to a number of startups. Swiss Startup has enabled Mr. Baur to help a lot of business people get what they need to achieve their organizational goals. Mike has spent several years investing time, money and effort in companies that are starting up. This has enabled him to develop a strong rapport with new emerging firms. When he was starting off his career, Mr. Baur worked in the banking industry. He assisted business owners in securing loans to start their enterprises.


When Mike worked at banking firms, he would spend most of his time working with entrepreneurs who needed funds to expand their businesses. Mr. Baur would meet these clients to discuss their goals and objectives, as well as the best way to meet them. He would then offer them loans to help them fulfill their objectives. Also, he would advise the entrepreneurs on the best ways to manage their debt and funds. This kind of advice is essential to business owners because it helps them stay afloat and avoid bankruptcy.


Mike worked in the banking sector for twenty years. He left the banking scene and decided to invest in startups where he’d earn high returns on his investments. This business model became lucrative for Mr. Baur because he managed to make a lot of money from the companies he invested in. Apart from the high ROI he got, Mike also gained experience with upcoming enterprises that had the potential to succeed. This experience inspired him to establish his company. He was fascinated with the idea of growing his business as he helped other businesses grow as well.


Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory with the aim of helping other companies succeed. His firm enables business owners to access enough funds to start or expand their businesses. Swiss Startup also offers guidance and advice to entrepreneurs who need to take their businesses to the next level. The company has played a significant role in the success of various Swiss companies.


Swiss Startup Factory assesses the ideas of clients to determine the best financial solutions for them. The firm gets most of its funds from different private investors. It also has a program that makes sure that the startups can compete in both international and local markets. Mike Baur holds two Master’s degrees in Business Administration. His experience and educational background have enabled him to make his company successful.


NuoDB, Database Management Comes to the Cloud

NuoDB is a cloud-based database management system (DBMS) oriented for SQL. Because it retains traditional SQL database features while being upgraded for cloud use, NuoDB may be categorized as a NewSQL database system. However, what makes NuoDB cloud database remarkable is its three-tier structure. With administrative, transactional and storage tiers, the system works without close coupling an application on a disk drive. This layered approach makes database management smoother and clears obstructions typically caused by certain cloud applications.

NuoDB was conceived in 2008, and launched in 2010 by two industry leading innovators: renowned database architect Jim Starkey and enterprise software executive Barry Morris. Their vision was to develop a smarter, more powerful database with enough elasticity to adapt to the emerging requirements of today’s business-critical cloud applications. They accomplished this and more, and today NuoDB is backed by a senior management team that includes executives from the biggest names in technology including Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Oracle, BroadVision and Object Design, according to

David McDonald’s Tenure at OSI Group Food Industry

About David McDonald

OSI Group is a global leader in supplying value-added protein items such as sausage links and beef patties. It also supplies items such as sandwiches and pizza to leading food service and retail brands. Its headquarters is located in Aurora and operates more than 50 facilities in 17 countries. For the past 20years, OSI Group has extended its services throughout China and as the country’s economy grow, so do OSI Group.

Mr. David G. McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. Previously, Mr. McDonald served as the Project Manager of OSI Industries. Besides, he served as the Chairman of North American Meat Institute. He has also been an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods since December 2008 after it acquired OSI Group’s operations in Europe and Brazil. Furthermore, Mr. McDonald is a member of OSI Group’s board of directors. Currently, he serves as the Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia. He holds a degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University. Today, he takes pride in his over 30 years of experience in the food industry.

Recently, Mr. McDonald said that OSI Group would make administration changes in China and set up a quality control center in Shanghai to oversee its operations. Furthermore, OSI Group plans to hire international experts to assess its activities in China. It will also hire world-class auditors to help in visual surveillance and broad employee interviews. Additionally, the firm intends to spend 10 million Yuan ($1.62 million) on a food safety education program in Shanghai. Recently, OSI Group has acquired Baho Food as a strategy to broaden its presence in Europe. The firm partners with equipment manufacturers to develop processes and machines that assist in food security such as built-in X-ray equipment that senses strange particles. According to McDonald, production capability does not limit OSI Group’s capacity to offer more to its customer. OSI Group involves its clients in the decision-making process to bring out the desired outcome. In turn, it partners with its suppliers to attain that outcome and learn more about David.

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Omar Boraie: Real Estate Development with a Difference!

Omar Boraie is a force to reckon with. He is one of the visionary leaders of his time and an optimist at heart. He will go down in history as one of the developers who saw potential in the New Brunswick area. He is an Egyptian-born real estate developer, entrepreneur and the founder of the company called Boraie Development, LLC. With his experience and determination, he has managed to change the face of New Brunswick and its environs. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

According to NJ Biz, one of the latest projects which Omar Boraie has overseen and funded is the deluxe residential unit called The Aspire. This is one of the many achievements which the visionary has made in his lifetime. When asked about where it all began, Boraie is quick to point out that it was not that easy. He faced a lot of criticism when he started his real estate and development projects in the area. Some skeptics did not see how he could set up luxurious residential and office buildings in downtown New Brunswick.

In an article on NY Times, Boraie was born in Egypt but he moved to the United States to find greener pastures. His real estate and development company was started with the main aim of providing real estate solutions to everyone, including the poor. His strategy is to develop the community and to work on projects which can benefit them too. While other developers focus on luxury apartments and condos for the elite, his vision is to create residential and office spaces for all classes of people in the New Brunswick area. He also has other development projects in various parts of New Jersey.

Sam Boraie: Following in Omar’s Footsteps?

Boraie is a businessman whose repute has grown over the years. His legacy will be carried on by his sons and company. His son, Sam Boraie, has been following in his father’s footsteps for a long time now. He is currently the Vice-President of Boraie Development, LLC. He is also a member of several boards of trustees. Part of his philanthropic activities and donations go to the Elijah’s Promise, an NGO which provides food to the hungry in New Jersey.

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How Bruno Fagali Specialize in Anti-Corruption In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who practices in Brazil. His specialties  and skill set include compliance, ethics, administrative contracts, urban law, public civil actions, and bidding law. He is also an expert in the 2013 anti-corruption law which involves both civil and administrative liability. Bruno Fagali runs his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, and works for the advertising agency new / sb as their Corporate Integrity Manager.

It was in 2006 that Bruno Fagali first entered the law industry, as an Intern in the law firm Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. Both before and during his career he has attended a number of colleges and universities in order to obtain a number of law degrees and certifications. Bruno Fagali earned his Master in Law of the State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law degree in early 2017 from the University of Sao Paulo. Other colleges he has attended include the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

At his law firm, Bruno Fagali specializes in Anti-Corruption, election law, public law and compliance. At new / sb he was hired to put in place the company’s corporate integrity program as well as manage the company’s management and employees continued compliance with it. new / sb has a large number of contracts with the state which fall under the anti-corruption law. Bruno Fagali has said that compliance is very complicated as it involves corporate integrity, how relationships are established, suppliers, producers, and graphic designers. The system that Bruno Fagali implemented is meant to assure the public that new / sb is accountable.