Dick DeVos: A Business Oriented Philanthropist

Richard DeVos Jr. or Dick DeVos is someone who is known in many sectors. Professionally, Dick DeVos serves as the head of Amway, which is a company which was started by his father. Taking on the family name, Dick DeVos has managed to do wonders for the company, upholding the family business and taking it to places it has never been before. Currently, the company is doing extremely well under his leadership, expanding to a large number of countries across the entire world. Dick DeVos is someone who has made it a point to learn as much as possible and apply that to benefit his life and the lives of the people around him. Having the responsibility of an entire company on your shoulders is no easy task, especially when that company is a one among the Fortune 500, nevertheless, Dick DeVos has shown an exemplary amount of leadership and management skills, which has helped him run his company efficiently.


As the CEO of the company, Dick DeVos has to handle and oversee all the operations that Amway conducts. He has to make sure that the offices in every country that the firm has set up in run smoothly and without any hiccups. However, for the past couple of years, Dick DeVos has shifted his primary focus from his father’s company to something that he loves doing more.


Even though Dick DeVos came from one of America’s most affluent families, he was taught to always remain grounded and use his wealth to help the less fortunate people around him. Since a very early age, Dick DeVos saw his father deeply immersed in the world of philanthropy and decided to follow in his footsteps. Dick is known for his contributions to and efforts to helping a large number of organizations and lending a helping hand towards tackling hard issues. Now, having reached the peak of his career, Dick DeVos decided to focus his efforts towards something that he has always strived to do – help people. Along with his wife Betsy, Dick DeVos started the DeVos Family Foundation, to be able to offer aid to organizations and people who are in need of such kind of help.


Dick and his wife Betsy firmly believe that they can change the course of the education system in the country, to benefit future generations. Dick DeVos believes in rewarding those who perform well in academic institutions, and aids them so that they can develop their skills better to serve society. As part of the foundation, Dick DeVos awards scholarships to deserving students so that they can seek a higher level of education in private schools and better their talents. Dick DeVos also offers scholarships to students who complete their MBA from a select number of universities that The DeVos Family Foundation has tied up with.

Statistics on the Implications of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the controlling of the information that shows up when people search your name on the internet. This process involves the administration of a service or product search website results. Online reputation management ensures that the information posted on a website is correct and accurate.

The basics of online reputation management

Currently, a well-updated website is what helps in make a huge impression. Therefore, understanding how to improve, control, and monitor our reputations online is crucial and beneficial. Several comprehensive guides can help in online reputation management. However, numbers aid in bringing the necessity to focus. Before the Internet was invented, information about people, companies, or products could only be found on the Yellow Pages. Word of mouth was also paramount in building a person’s reputation.

In a report by onlinereputationreviews.com, these days, when you meet a person, you already know them by their profiles posted online. Evidence shows that almost everyone uses online information to make critical decisions about people. Below are the statistics of the implication of online reputation management:

  • 75 percent of the human resource departments are required to search a candidate online before hiring them. Three-quarters of employers have rejected prospective employees based on their online profiles while 85 percent claim that online reputation has influenced their decision to hire.
  • About 90 percent of executive recruiters Google people before hiring them. Approximately 82 percent of these recruiters allude to the fact that positive online information about a candidate helps improve their job prospects. However, 50 percent of the employers have eliminated executive positions because of the online profiles of their holders.
  • At least 60 percent of the companies compare a candidate’s resume to their information on social media. In 2016, only 52 percent of the employers screened candidates via social media while in 2008, 22 percent scanned the social media for any red flags. Nearly 46 percent of employers were unhappy with the information they found while 43 percent of recruiters discovered that prospective employees were on drugs and were using alcohol. Evidence from social media also revealed that 29 percent of candidates had poor communication skills and 31 percent were bad mouthing their former employers.
  • 42 Percent of the entrepreneurs admit to checking the websites of their partners before doing business with them. 45 percent of the entrepreneurs were turned off by the results they found while 56 percent were impressed by their findings.


Why ClassDojo Is Changing The Way Parents, Students, And Teachers Interact

There is one app that is changing the way parents, students, and teachers interact. The world of “parent and teacher” is always a confusing one because teachers don’t know how to lay it all on the table unless teachers bring teachers in weekly, which we all know is not possible. ClassDojo is finding a way to empower students and parents by staying connected even in a classroom setting with their latest new app. The app is now being used across the United States in more than 85,000 schools at the moment. ClassDojo is an app teachers use as well as parents, and the teachers can send videos, pictures, and even messages to parents via the app to keep parents in the know.

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The app also gives teachers that main chance just to give parents a heads up on what their kids are doing in class. Are they doing well? Do they need extra help on a subject and the parents need to be involved? ClassDojo has solved one of the biggest issues in education right now, and it’s an ever evolving technology that will better enhance the learning experiences for students in future generations. ClassDojo is currently in need of more development and new team members to help craft better features and find more growth to further enhance its design.  Source: en.wikipedia.org


Receiving a massive $21 million in funding, the app’s creators will be able to find more people to handle support requests and find tune the development of the future of the ClassDojo app.


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Eric Lefkofsky Has Changed the Technology Industry

There are relatively few times that someone is so good at what they do that they almost single-handedly change the very face of the industry in which they choose to work. When someone that is capable of doing such a thing does come along, it seems like everyone stands up and takes notice. That is probably because it is such a rare occurrence. When it comes to the industry of technology, especially as it relates to incorporating high tech data and the internet, Eric Lefkofsky is certainly one of those individuals. The truth of the matter is that he has propelled a lot of different industries to the top but they all have one thing in common, at least to a certain degree. They all utilize technology that simply didn’t exist just a few short decades ago in order to accomplish something in the real world. As such, he has completely transformed the lives of countless numbers of individuals, his resume.

Whether it involves researching cancer for his latest endeavor, Tempus, or finding a great deal on a massage by logging onto Groupon, it is all because of Eric Lefkofsky and his efforts that any of this is even possible. It is not at all common that someone is capable of changing the lives of everyday citizens in one capacity or another, not to mention being able to do this on a daily basis. However, that is exactly what he has accomplished. In some cases, the change is a small one because it enables people to live their lives more easily by making something more convenient for them or saving the money. In other cases, the change can be significant because it can save lives, such as developing state-of-the-art cancer research using an approach that has never really been embraced in the past click here.

It would be relatively safe to say that Lefkofsky’s goal has always been to make life better for other people. Through those rather altruistic efforts, he has managed to make himself very successful, both financially and from other points of view as well. The most important thing to realize is that he hasn’t necessarily approached any of these endeavors from the perspective of trying to find out how much money he can make. Instead, his goal was to change the shape of the future and in doing so, change the lives of individuals. He has done exactly that. Perhaps that alone is the reason that he has been so financially successful in the process.

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ClassDojo Makes Plans To Enhance Its App

One of the most talked about technology developments regarding school use over the past few years has been the app developed by ClassDojo. A tech startup company that developed an app to be used in school environments, ClassDojo has become a household name in the educational arena. The company has provided its app to thousands of schools across the country. Many teachers use the app to complete a variety of school related tasks.


The ClassDojo app works on a network platform at the schools. Teachers, parents, and students can use the app for various school related purposes. Teachers use the app to help with various aspects of school related tasks such as making test grades available, uploading homework, and sharing videos. Another feature of the app that has been used a lot by many teachers is the communication capability between parents and teachers. This communication allows teachers and parents to communicate whenever desired.


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The communication is sent over the app network platform. The communication can be sent by either a teacher or parent to the desired party. Once the communication is received by the party, the individual can respond to the communication whenever it is convenient.


This technology driven way of communication on the app between teachers and parents has been used as a replacement to the usual student conference communication between teacher and parent in many schools. The app communication saves times and work regarding the communication between teachers and parents.


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According to en.wikipedia.org, ClassDojo has made the communication between teachers and parents much easier through the use of its app. In addition, ClassDojo is always looking to make enhancements to its app. The company recently received an additional 21 million dollars in funding concerning its app. The money will be used to make various enhancements to the app and network platform.

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Sujit Choudhry Helps Lead Constitution Building Processes

Comparative law involves the study of the differences between varying legal systems across the world. It is the general study of legal systems and their elements, including socialist law, religious laws, civil law, common law, and Canon law. This study involves describing and analyzing legal systems, even if there is no explicit difference between them. Comparative law has become more and more important in recent decades, with the appearance of economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization in the world.



According to en.wikipedia.org,  this study of legal systems includes studying their constitutive elements and how all of these elements combine to make one system. Comparative law has branched off into several specialties, like comparative commercial law, comparative administrative law, comparative constitutional law, and comparative civil law. The purpose of this study is to perfect current legal systems, gather a deeper knowledge of these legal systems, and to help unify legal systems. The use of comparative law can be combined with other areas of study, like sociology and economics. These combinations can answer questions about how legal systems affect the society and economics of an area.



One of the foremost experts in the field of comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry. He is a Professor of Law at Berkeley and is a world-renowned expert in the area of comparative constitutional law. His research has allowed him to be an advisor in constitution building processes for areas like Nepal, South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, and Jordan. This research addresses a wide array of issues within the field of comparative constitutional law and has been used for design in constitution building, decentralization and secession, federalism, bills of rights, transitions from violence, and minority and group rights.


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Sujit Choudhry is also a very accomplished author, having more than ninety articles published by prestigious organizations like Oxford and Cambridge. Professor Choudhry is a member of numerous organizations like the International Society of Public Law, the Constitutional Court Review, the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. Sujit Choudhry is also the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization that puts like-minded people together with the goal of supporting constitution building processes.

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An In-Depth Review Into The Services Offered By White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the few marketing agencies in the North American region that have impacted the way businesses manage their marketing campaigns. Since the company was founded in 2011, it has been providing unique services that have helped small businesses in the region to build strong structures of marketing. Stirring growth and impacting the way businesses overcome challenges is one of the ways White Shark Media has been useful to promoting the growth of entrepreneurship. The company offers a number of marketing services including SEO, SEM, PPC and AdWords, which have been useful to businesses that are looking to move from start-up to real success.


Conversion tracking services

Tracking the rate of conversions is vital as it allows one to understand which campaigns have been most reliable in driving customers to the business. White Shark Media offers a conversion tracking service that allows clients to understand the types of campaigns they should concentrate on to keep the business moving. Google AdWords are a vital resource in the marketing process but lack of a way to track them could lead to investing in the wrong type of keywords. With this feature, clients can track calls and forms and get a report that offers insight into the kind of decisions they should make to boost the performance of their businesses.


Get recurring content to drive organic traffic

Apart from offering great marketing tools, White Shark Media also appreciates the need for high quality content that is fully optimized to rank the website well on search engines. Clients can choose to get high quality and keyword optimized content regularly that should boost the ranking of their website on search engines. Content is key when one wants to rank a website and since it is the foundation of the business, White Shark Media comes up with a modern marketing approach that is linked with the development of unique content.


Solutions for eCommerce stores

Businesses in various platforms rely on proper marketing to find clients and this is clearly defined when it comes to eCommerce sites. Ecommerce systems are competitive and have to embrace a strong strategy to succeed in the market and one of the ways these businesses have been earning good results is through such marketing services as provided by White Shark Media. To support eCommerce stores, White Shark Media offers custom plans that allow the businesses to manage their marketing needs more efficiently and with assurance of good results.