Class Dojo Successfully Raise $21 Million in Their Series B Round of Venture Funding

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary founded the ClassDojo in 2011. The EdTech start-up began with the aim of creating a healthy classroom community involving the teachers, parents, and students. Currently, two in every three schools in U.S. use the app in their daily learning. The app is available in 40 different languages in more than 180 countries with millions of downloads every day. 25 employees with experience working with the public & private schools, Facebook, Y Combinator, Google, Amazon, and Dropbox help in running the San Francisco- based start-up.


ClassDojo has made great contributions in creating an amazing classroom environment. Through the application, students and teacher share everyday activities with the parents through videos, photos, and announcements. Teachers also discuss issues challenging the student through the messaging feature on the app. All this allows continued assessment of the student’s performance in class, which is better than the one-semester parents’ meetings. ClassDojo allows the students to create their portfolios that they use to share any positive feedback in class and add the pictures and videos that they created.


General Catalyst led the ClassDojo’s Series B round of venture funding that ended in April 2015. They raised $21 million from the funding for the growth of the company. They intend to introduce more features and content to their app and increase the number of employees. The primary goal behind the upgrade is to help the parents hold productive conversations with their children at home and extend the learning process to their homes.


The founders guaranteed the app users of complete protection of data and confirmed that they do not intend to make the revenue out of the data. However, they gave an alternative to that which involves the inclusion of premium features on the app that the parents would be required to pay. Some of the investors that have joined the fastest growing education technology company of all time include GSV, Reach Capital, and Signal Fire.


Class Dojo has collaborated with the Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center in the production of animated videos. The series of five animated videos feature most of the ClassDojo’s characters known to the students and focus their teachings on growth mindset. Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, states that when students understand that they have the power to change their abilities, they tend to take learning as a challenge that they embrace. Therefore, the videos aim at helping the teachers and students in understanding the growth mindset topic.

Secure Communication Using Securus Technologies

Getting used to talking to someone in the prison system can be very difficult because Technologies are more strict when it comes to people behind bars. A lot of problems that prison families face is that they simply cannot make the trip to the local prison and so they feel they are at a loss when it comes to being able to see that person up close and personal. This is why Securus is a wonderful technology for you to make you so and can totally transform the way you see this amazing option for you and your loved ones.


There has recently been a press release published by the GTL that contain the variety of inaccuracies revolving around the Securus system. Securus has come back and corrected all of these inaccuracies as well as errors that were made by the GTL so that you can have a better understanding of what their company is like and what they can do for the public. Securus has a main concern when it comes to Prison Communication and that is both safety as well as reliability. Their technology is one of the most secure in the market and so they are often chosen before any others when it comes to keeping in touch with a loved one.


If you have never made use of Securus before and are interested in what they can do for you, you will want to look up some information regarding this amazing company and see if it is right for you. When I had to keep in touch with a loved one in prison myself, I found Securus to be one of the best things I have used and found at the current moment. This is a wonderful technology that can get families back together and it is worth taking a look into if you have been using normal Communication in terms of the prison system.


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Better Communication Using Securus

In a recent press release published by the GTL, there were several inaccuracies and errors when it comes to the technology known as Securus. Since the press release was put out there back in June of 2016, Securus has completely remedy the issue and corrected all of the inaccuracies that were claimed by the press release itself. If you are not aware of what Securus is, you will be amazed to know that this is one of the top Prison Communication Technologies on the market at the current moment.


Because of the fact that I have been using Securus for a few months now and I’m relatively used to using the technology, I can completely recommend it to people in my situation. I personally wanted a technology that I could use to keep in better contact with a loved one who was behind bars but I also wanted to technology to be safe and hack free so that I did not have to worry about anything being involved with this. This is why I have used to secure it for so long now and continually recommended to prison families who I feel can make use of the same technology as well.


There has never been a better communication technology for prisons than Securus. Because of the fact that it is something that truly works and can change your life for the better, it is definitely something to take a look into and you will find that it is also just as affordable because it is being used by prisons all across the country. If you have struggled in the past with communicating with a prisoner, it is important that you take a look into Securus to see if this is something for you and the fact that it has worked for so many other people who have made use of it as well.


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How To Resolve Customer Complaints


White Shark Media is a renowned company that provides outstanding service to clients. The company has been delivering top notch advertising solutions for many years and is well recognized in the industry.


Many years ago, White Shark Media did not have a system in place to address customer complaints effectively but things have changed for the better. Today, White Shark Media has a great reputation for excellent customer service and outstanding results. The professionals at White Shark Media provide superb service and follow procedures, ensuring that clients are delighted with the services provided to them.


When White Shark Media receives customer complaints, they listen to find out the details of the issue. Next, these experts acknowledge the issue by telling the customer they understand and are sorry for the situation. The professionals then takes steps to resolve the matter and ensure that the customer is completely satisfied.


And as always, thank the customer for doing business with you. Keep in mind, if they are satisfied with the service or the resolution of the issue, they will tell everyone on social media sites and discussion forums just as they will if they do not get satisfaction.


White Shark Media provides pay per click advertising management, and has clients all over the world. White Shark Media caters to small and mid-sized businesses and has the resources and skills to meet the needs of their clients.


One of the quickest ways to drive traffic to a website is pay per click (PPC) advertising. If you know what works and how to set it up correctly, you can make a lot of money with PPC marketing. If you don’t do it right, you will end up wasting your marketing budget. It is always advisable to get help from the experts.


Anyone can get into search engine advertising, but it takes experience and proper management to extend a marketing budget and generate a return on your investment.


White Shark Media has been managing PPC ad campaigns for clients across a wide variety of industries. The professionals at White Shark Media are well trained and certified. They are well qualified to provide proper advertising management and optimization.


Most online advertising strategies take a great deal of time and cost a huge amount of money before producing results. But with pay per click advertising results are seen in hours.


Don’t try to run a PPC campaign without proper guidance. You will see great results from your PPC campaign, only if it is properly set up and managed correctly. White Shark Media can help. Have a look around their and contact them to start driving targeted traffic to your website right away.

IAP Worldwide Services a Trusted Logistical Partner

IAP Worldwide is very proud of the work that their 1,600 employees located in 25 countries and over 100 different locations do on a daily basis. A large portion of that work is to support over 175,000 military personnel around the globe. IAP Worldwide Services also helps numerous private businesses in some of the world’s remotest locations, according to their website. The company still maintains the same mission that it started with in 1995 to help others fulfill their mission.

When it comes to logistics and procurement, IAP Worldwide offers solutions that are right for any company. For example, they can bring a consolidated approach to the most complex procurement challenges.

IAP Worldwide Services offers supply chain operations and management that are unavailable through most normal sources. For example, they operate a 40 foot mobile intensive care bus that they can put on the ground in any location very quickly. IAP Worldwide also have the experienced manpower to relocate entire medical facilities. Furthermore, the government contracts with them to provide bus service on many bases around the globe. When local drivers are contracted, an expert in English is always hired to be the main driver making communication very easy.

The government trusts IAP Worldwide Services to transport some of their most important equipment on Google. They have received government contracts, according to their website, to help relocate equipment along the border separating the United States and Mexico.

While not all equipment, tools and supplies are needed all the time, IAP Worldwide Solutions can operate warehouses where this equipment can be stored. Then, when it is needed, they can safely transport it where it needs to go.

The company is very proud of their history of serving the government well in both times of conflict and peace. It is the only company to be consistently given large government logistic contracts for the last 20 years on In fact, IAP Worldwide Services was established in 1995 to deliver generators to Saudi Arabia. Today, that pride still permeates everything that the company does. If you have a logistics problem, then please contact these professionals today.

Equities First Banks On Stock-Based Lending Despite Change In Tact Among Lenders

Recent developments among lending institutions have led to changes in lending laws and many companies are losing customers. One of the companies that have reaped big following these developments is Equities First Holdings, LLC, which has seen an explosion in the number of borrowers who attach stocks as collateral when borrowing.


In a situation where banks have adopted tight lending regulations, borrowers are left with few options. Lenders who are looking to raise quick capital are left with narrow options and one of the best avenues they could use to raise money is to opt for equities lending.


Increased interest rates and tightened qualifications for borrowing are said to be some of the issues that have motivated borrowers to go for alternatives like stock-based lending. One of the benefits borrowers enjoy when they choose stock-based lending is that they are offered a higher loan-to-value ratio.


Additionally, the interest rate attached to the loans is fixed, which is contrary to what conventional loans offer. This implies no changes in the economic conditions will affect the interest rates as would be the case with conventional lending. Another feature that makes stock-based loans ideal is the fact the borrower can use the non-recourse feature that ensures one can walk away from the loan any time.


The borrower basically enjoys lower investment risk since amidst fluctuations in the market, the interest rate is fixed and there are no changes to the agreement signed at the time of getting the loan. Equities First Holdings has as a result experienced an increase in the number of borrowers who go for the stock-based option.


About Equities First Holdings

Incepted in 2002, Equities First Holdings has remained the most reliable lender in the country and the achievements the company has made are as a result of offering alternative lending options to customers. The financing solutions offered by Equities First Holdings stretch from offering capital against publicly traded stocks.


The company operates globally and they have offices in several countries including London, Australian and Singapore. Equities First Holdings has grown into one of the most reliable companies in this space and their customer base has grown in the past few years.


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Bob Reina Is A True People Person

I’m a firm believer that in order to get ahead in life, you truly have to care about people other than yourself. So often, people get wrapped up in their own bubble and they can’t see anything outside of it. It is all they see. They see themselves and they see what they can do and how they can make their lives better. They don’t take the time to look around, notice other people, and look for ways to help them and be there for them. In today’s society, more than ever, it is vital that we lift each other up and work in harmony as opposed to all doing our own thing.


If there is one person that knows that more than anyone, it is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. In fact, he has made it in his life’s mission to help people and it is not something that he does for publicity or to feel good about himself. It is something he does because he truly believes it is the right thing to do. When someone helps out their fellow man or fellow woman, they are paying it forward. That is the way that life should be lived. The thing that is different about Bob is he wants to do it.


It is not one of those things where he feels like he has to do it or is forced to do it. He truly wants to help people and he knows that Talk Fusion is helping people in so many ways. It is helping them live out their dreams by working from home, having more time with their families, and removing any and all negative energy from their lives. He is also a big animal lover and made a record-breaking donation of $1 million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That is in addition to all of the lives he has saved of animals. He has saved human and animal lives. That is the kind of person Bob is, and we should take a moment to reflect on that and look for ways to improve our lives and do a little bit more.