Insights into JustFab’s Amazing Fashion and Accessories World

In recent years, the world of fashion and accessories has witnessed a lot of changes in the way goods are sold and distributed, thanks to advances in e-commerce. One company that is at the forefront of this revolution is JustFab, Inc. According to Wikipedia, the online fashion subscription company consists of several online subscription brands namely; Fabletics, FabKids and FL2.

The company offers a wide selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Shoppers on JustFab are assisted by a team of experienced stylists whose first task is to review the client’s profile, before submitting a list of styles the client would love to buy.

The Fabletics brand was established in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson after they discovered a huge market for stylish, affordable and high quality activewear.

The brand operates internationally in markets such as the UK, Germany and France. Since its inception 3 years ago, Fabletics has seen its sales increase phenomenally.

According to the Fabletics website, the company made 1 million orders in 2015. During the same year it launched the FL2 line of men’s wear and fashion accessories, and expanded into Australia, Spain and the Netherlands. The other development was the unveiling of 6 brick and mortar stores in the US. Beyond clothing, Fabletics has done a lot to promote its “Live Your Passion” mantra.

Additional information here: JustFab Summer Shop

The FabKids brand, on the other hand, was established to give kids an opportunity to express their individuality through fashion. The lists of affordable items under the FabKids brand exude style and are made from high quality materials. Making an order through Fabkids is simple; a shopper starts by answering a simple quiz to identify the buyer’s desired style.

Next, the company stylists handpick the most desirable outfits on the buyer’s behalf. The main two methods of shopping on Fabkids are via regular and VIP membership. For the regular membership, outfits start at $42.00. VIP members on their part, get the first outfit at only $15. Members also save 50% off on retail purchases and earn Fabkids reward points.

In line with its long-term growth strategy, JustFab announced a merger with ShoeDazzle in 2013. According to Venture Beat online magazine, the merger by the two LA based fashion and accessories outfits has created one of the largest online fashion subscription companies in the world.

The umbrella company generated sales worth more than $400 million in 2014. JustFab also boasts over 33 million members around the globe.

Some of the factors that have led to this phenomenal growth include the high rate of releasing curated fashion and trendy designs by leading fashion stylists and celebrities.

ShoeDazzle is also a subscription e-commerce fashion company with attractive monthly offers.

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Use Search Cleanup For Your Online Reputation Management

A quick search on Google of your name May reveal some unexpected results. Negative information that Finds Its way to the internet can be there to stay. There are however some steps you can take to minimize the adverse effects. By using SEO or search engine optimization, a person can place negative results further back on the results Pages. Positive information can be inserted to show up on the first page of a query of your name. This can improve online reputation and will help improve positive visibility.

Unfortunately, no one can control what others post on the internet about them, but this is a method of doing damage control to your online persona. Because of the popularity of social media negative information can come from any website or source. Because of the popularity of social media, negative information can originate from any site or source.This is a type of tactic used for search engine reputation management or SERM. By inserting positive information about a person into the internet platform, negative results are pushed back further on the results page where they are not as readily visible.This tactic not only works for individuals seeking to improve their reputation but also works for businesses as well. Even Fortune 500 companies are in need of reputation management. This method of optimization has become a necessity for those trying to maintain their online image.

The internet is here to stay, and so online reputation management is a market that will continue to grow. An excellent online reputation management company to consider using is Search Cleanup. They can be contacted at The website help remove negative search results so that your company seen in its best light.

Coke Suspends Production of its Product in Venezuela

Coca-Cola has suspended the production of its product in Venezuela because there is a sugar shortage. It was reported to workers that there is not enough sugar to make the soda. The company official Jose Manuel Gonzalez said that this could go on for some time.
Coca-Cola FEMSA has operations in many different Latin American countries. Consequently, 90% of its products require sugar, putting production to a halt.

Despite Closing one of its central offices in Venezuela, Gonzalez said that it is not leaving Venezuela altogether.

In addition to the lack of sugar, there is also a lack of barley. A company named Polar Group, which is Venezuela’s largest food and beverage company, said that it needs to temporarily suspend production of beer and other malt drinks because of the barley shortage.

Venezuela’s economy is on the brink of collapsing. President Nicolas Maduro reminded the public that closed factories may be seized and nationalized.



ClassDojo: A Revolutionary Communication Platform Changing How Parents & Teachers Talk

Time and technology keep moving forward, while the rest of the world plays catch-up. One of the most exciting things about moving forward is the fact that a communication platform can play an intricate part in the lives of your children and your children’s teachers. The platform is called ClassDojo, and it is one of the most successful resources to hit classrooms since textbooks.

What Is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a platform where teachers, parents, and students can find an interactive connection as well as empowerment. This is done through a series of services that ClassDojo provides to the teachers, students, and parents. For example, the teacher is given the opportunity to make announcements that every student or parent can read.

The parent and the teacher can communicate privately as well, not to mention the fact that this communication platform can translate messages into 35 different languages. ClassDojo is about creating a community amongst students, parents, and teachers where everyone will feel more involved. This push towards active participate is key towards creating a positive culture with the classroom, school, and parents. One way that ClassDojo is achieving this is by sharing classroom videos and photographs, making everyone feel more involved.

The Impact that ClassDojo Might Have on Schools

The truth is this communications platform is creating revolutionary ground-up change that will be changing the way that teachers interact with parents. The change is happening quickly enough to say that 2 in 3 schools are already using it. In fact, ClassDojo was able to raise 21 million dollars just make the ClassDojo app with the promise that it will make parent-teacher meetings completely obsolete.

Both parents and teachers are excited about the idea for different reasons. For one, parents who work know that making time for a parent-teacher conference is very hard. Teachers, on the other hand, feel a little better knowing that they will not have to stay at work hours after school has closed when they can be at home. Both will use the app to communicate throughout the year regarding a child’s progression in school or a specific task a child completed that day. The ability to communicate constantly will eliminate the need for a parent-teacher conference.

Of course, this is just one of changes that you can expect with ClassDojo but who knows what else might change.

Just so teachers know, ClassDojo is making sure that the communication platform stays free for them, no matter what. Parents will be able to pay for additional services as they are introduced to the platform.


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Talk Fusion Celebrates Success of Their App

In just a few short weeks after the launch of Talk Fusion Video Chat, the company is seeing amazing success as they find themselves listed as one of the top communication programs in multiple countries around the world. According to AppBrain, a tool used by Android Market, Talk Fusion Video Chat is the top communication app in Indonesia, ranked 5th in Japan, and 20th in Switzerland.
The company is enjoying their success, but this is simply the beginning for them and they continue to push forward to gain mare consumers. Talk Fusion is currently gearing up for their highly anticipated 30 day free trial program that is creating a lot of international buzz. Along with the trial the company has enhanced their current products and is including some newer products. In just 90 days the company vaulted over 30,000 positions in their Alexa web ranking, and all the new buzz and offers are sure to help the company continue that climb.
Associates are excited to receive tremendous amounts of support from customers around the glob, and are anticipating huge company growth with the launch of the new free trial. Right now, customers can head to iTunes or the Google Play Store to get the app, or head to an Associates personalized site to join directly and enjoy 30 days of complete access to the company’s entire product line.
Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina, who was told by AOL that he could not email a video out to his friends. Upon hearing this, Reina began thinking about all the possibilities for that could be available with video email and with the help of a tech savvy friend, created Talk Fusion. The company includes video emailing, video newsletters, e-subscription services, auto video responders, video blogs, and more, all aimed at keeping people connected and helping business grow their customer base. Not only is video emailing the way of the future, but it is a proven method when it comes to contacting customers and gaining business.

A new era in the finance sector with Ms. Helane Morrison

Ms. Helane Morrison is an undisputed major player, and a pioneer whose impossible to bring down attitude is greatly changing the finance sector in America. Helane is an assertive lady with a brilliant mind that always leaves an impression from the very day she stepped into the finance industry.
She was born and raised in Brooklyn. She studied both Law (Berkeley School of Law) and Journalism (Northwestern University). Her experience in the law sector made her develop the desire to defend those who are violated in any way. Helane worked with U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for 11 years and made numerous achievements. She was the first lady in history to serve as District’s chief.
After working for SEC, she decided top venture in the field of business. She joined Hall Capital, the biggest and most successful investment advisory firm. She is the chief compliance officer and the managing director. Morrison and the other team leaders at Hall Capital are working tirelessly to regain the lost trust of people to the financial sector after the financial crush of 2008. They insist on integrity, compliance, and regulatory from the staff and in all their transactions.
Helane Morrison ensures that every single investment made on behalf of their esteemed clients is an ethical one and also solid. She has formed a team referred to as the examination staff. This group works with Ms. Helane to study the records of every registered entity that collaborate with Hall Capital. Every firm must undergo a vigorous investigation to prove that they are trustworthy with the client’s money. If the team find anything fishy with a firm, there is an enforcement staff that will continue with disciplinary actions. Morrison and the other leaders at Hall Capital ensure that there is a balance of life and work for every employee at the firm.
Helane Morrison serves as a board member to many organizations. She was a board member of the Bar Association. Currently, she is a board member for American Bar Association in the hedge fund subcommittee. She is passionate about animal and environment, and she is a board member of Regional Parks Foundation. She has been given the award of the most influential woman in the public sector and Bay Area Businesses four times. She received these awards because she has worked for them.

Quality Adword Management From White Shark Media Looking For A New Way To Gain Clients?

My business is flourishing now that I have taken on a relationship with one of the best Adwords management companies out there. White Shark Media’s services have really impressed me so far, and my entire team is on the same page. We just met the other day to go over some logistics and other issues that have come up concerning our sales team. Everyone at the meeting was in favor of continuing to work with White Shark Media Complaints because this relationship has brought us a high volume of incoming calls. We had never experienced such a reaction from potential clients in our area and in our industry until we started working with White Shark Media.

We found out about White Shark Media at a trade show last fall, and we followed up with them during the next quarter when we were focusing on increasing our number of incoming calls. Incoming calls are always exciting for our sales team because it is usually coming from an interested party. Our incoming calls before we started working with White Shark Media were of a low quality, typically people who were unsure about what our business does. However, the work that White Shark Media has done has granted us access to clients who are immediately interested in working with our company. The quality of leads we are receiving now is phenomenal.

Adwords Performance At Its Best

We realize now how important adwords are to a company’s success. Our company is in the pool services business. We actually found this review on White Shark Media’s website from another pool service company that gave us an idea of what White Shark Media would do for our company. That review can be found here, and there are plenty of other reviews from companies in diverse industries available on their site.

If you are curious about what White Shark Media can do for your company and your company’s lead generation strategies, then I highly recommend stopping by their website. They have a free adwords performance evaluation that you can take in order to understand what your current strengths and weaknesses are in terms of your adword management strategies. You will then hear back from a White Shark Media marketing expert who will have more information about how to change up your marketing strategy with quality adwords.

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