Socialism Is A Violation of Human Rights, Says Thor Halvorssen

Recently on a Fox News interview, film producer Thor Halvorssen made some very interesting observations in reference to the candidates of the upcoming election.

Regarding Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Thor began by noting that socialism is a violation of basic human rights, and the discussion which ensued ended up noting many Bernie Sanders supporters don’t actually have any idea about the socialist policies Bernie intends to implement. Through the course of the discussion, Thor revealed some pretty frightening experiences he had personally had with socialist regimes; but despite this, he was also sure to note that he had made the largest campaign contribution legally possible to the Bernie Sanders campaign. His reasoning was that, despite socialism’s decidedly anti-human rights leaning, the pick from the Democratic Party was far worse. He never mentioned Hillary Clinton by name, but he did note that she had been funded by a cavalcade of regimes and dictatorial entities, and that such would be far worse for the country than Bernie’s stridently socialist bent. He also pointed out that the establishment candidate on the right side of the fence (Ted Cruz, whom he also refrained from mentioning by name) also regularly accepted contributions from parties with dictatorial roots negative to the country.

What is most interesting about this interview is that Halvorssen (HuffingtonPost), despite being leftist, will concede that the primacy of socialism represents a violation of human rights. The reason is a sort of government bureaucratization of the populace; a process implemented often in a dictatorial way which ends up killing many. Thor Halvorssen noted as an example that very often socialist governments will artificially set prices, undercutting the economy and facilitating shortages that end up causing humanitarian abuses.

Halvorrsen has personal experience with human rights violations. His mother was killed by the Hugo Chavez regime, his father had been a political prisoner, and he has a cousin that is currently incarcerated for similar reasons. Obviously he can’t vote on the “right” side of the fence, but that he is so opposed to Clinton that he would willingly endorse a socialist candidate says a lot about the current political atmosphere.

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Handy: Write an Article About Spring Cleaning and Handy

Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning. For some, spring cleaning is laborious and challenging. However, with a few tips spring cleaning can actually be rewarding.
One spring cleaning tip is going through your bedroom closets and store away winter clothes. They can be put in a big plastic container and covered with a secure top. To go a step further, place unwanted or unneeded clothes in a container and give them to the Salvation Army or thrift shop. On your bed, store away heavy blankets and sheets and in place, put out lighter ones. Before putting them away, wash and dry them.

In the kitchen, get rid of any expired foods and clean the inside of your frig with a mixture of vinegar and water. In addition, sweep and mop the kitchen floor and wipe down the counters. Another tip that keeps your kitchen clean and good looking is to clean the inside and outside of your kitchen cabinets. Take out everything in the cabinets—one or two cabinets at a time, clean them with a mixture of soap and water; dry them off and the put down shelf liners. While there, pitch anything you no longer use.

In the living room and dining rooms, dust, sweep the floors, pull down cobwebs, clean ceiling fans with a mixture of vinegar and water, and pitch anything you no longer need such as old books, toys and miscellaneous items.

To be clear, Handy is the leading company that helps individuals who are looking for household services. Handy performs a variety of home cleaning services, as well as handyman services. Handy has a streamlined 60-second booking process, secure payment and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Handy was created in 2012 as an effective way for people to find effective and trusted people to help with household services. Founders of Handy are Oisin Hanrahan, a college student from Ireland, who became a real estate developer in Eastern Europe and Umang Dua. Umang Dua is Co-Founder and COO of Handy. Before Handy, Umang founded College Connect. Before Handy, Umang was a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

To conclude, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be laborious and dreaded; find out how Handy can make spring cleaning a breeze!

People Often Forget That Dog Food Should Be a Real Meal

Most people often post on facebook that they would go to the ends of the earth for their dog. There’s something about humanity’s canine companions which inspires an amazing level of devotion. But for all the love that people have for their pets, there’s one point where people often forget to protect them. People often forget that meals are just as important to a dog as they are to people. Nobody would want to suffer through three bland meals a day without any real variation or love put into the food. But that’s how most dogs go through their lives. However, a recent article published by the Daily Herald shows that this might not be the case for very long.
The article examines several dog food companies who are taking a very different approach to their wares. One example follows the reporter as he watches a dog food company executive happily sampling his own chicken and turkey recipe. Another example is a Youtube advertising campaign that highlights the idea of dogs eating the same types of food that people do. But these examples all follow a common theme. Every story points to the idea of using higher quality ingredients to make real meals for dogs.

This idea is revolutionary, but at the same time it’s hardly the start of the revolution. Some dog food companies have been pushing in this direction since their inception. For example, a high quality dog food brand made by Nestle Purinastore called Beneful has been around since 2001. And since the very beginning they’ve been using only the highest quality ingredients to make their dog food.

What makes Beneful such an innovator can be seen simply by opening up a bag of their dog food. When one opens the bag he or she will be greeted by an amazing sight. The bag will be full of easily recognizable ingredients. There might be juicy chunks of beef, or savory grilled chicken. And of course healthy veggies are a staple of most recipes ( But whichever one is looking at, there’s one thing that’s a constant with Beneful. That’s the fact that the ingredients are so fresh and tender that anyone can recognize them on sight. And this freshness means that dogs will instantly fall in love with the taste. While owners will fall in love with the happiness they can see on their dog’s face every time the bag is opened up.

The most effective way to create and publish Wikipedia page

Wikipedia has become a household name; it is the largest web-based encyclopedia and has been around for about ten years. According to Alexa, a web information company, Wikipedia is the seventh most popular website in the world. Since Wikipedia screens non-legit content,  when businesses make a Wikipedia it page gets some boost in search engines. This explains why the top results of Google search usually come from Wikipedia.


Wikipedia page creation for your business is just like having a well-distinguished reference in your resume. Alongside your site and other branded properties, a Wikipedia page can influence search results positively. For example, Google projects use Wikipedia as a source of artificial intelligence and currently draw summary information to produce Google Knowledge Graph listing from Wikipedia. Thus, if your site has Google Knowledge you can influence the content via your Wikipedia page.


Wikipedia is undertaking new developments to improve its content accessibility to visually impaired people. According to pilot research that was carried out by Swedish telecommunications regulator PTS, about 125 million of Wikipedia users per month prefer text being read aloud to them. Through Partnership with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Wikipedia is developing speech synthesis platforms. Researchers aim to complete the Speech engines for English, Swedish, and Arabic by 2017. Moreover, expand the platform to 280 languages.


In line with these new developments, the website will continue to enjoy a prime position in search engine results. Hence, it is crucial for businesses and personal brands to tap and beef their online presence and reputation using Wikipedia. When you make a Wiki page it also adds a level of prestige and authentic to your organization and brand since most people trust an organization that has Wikipedia page than those that do not have.


Often creating a Wikipedia page can be time-consuming and hard work due stringent rules that must be followed. While writing it yourself, your article is likely to raise a biased point of view that result to your page being removed. It has discouraged most people trying to set a Wikipedia page. The best to create a Wikipedia article about your brand or organization without a lot of hassle is hiring Wiki writers from Get Your Wiki. A Wikipedia editor for hire will create and publish it on your behalf at a modest fee.


The Wikipedia writing company features leading experienced and professional Wikipedia editors for hire. It also gives clients 100% guarantee, and if your article is not published, you get a complete refund. Getting your page polished by Get Your Wiki help you avoid biased that most people put in their article unknowingly and save you the hassle of Wikipedia strict guidelines and requirements. The company will also monitor and edit a Wikipedia page in real time to avoid attack or addition of false information on your page.

Beauty Writer Takes 7-Day WEN No-Poo Cleansing Challenge

WEN Hair puts the healthy shine and bounce back into hair with its unique and special cleansing conditioners. The system eliminates the need for regular shampoos and conditioners laden with harsh chemicals and other suspect ingredients that can damage hair. That’s why beauty blogger Emily McClure at took the 7-day Wen hair challenge to see how it would perform on her fine, limp locks.

Emily had heard the buzz on QVC about famous stylist Chaz Dean and his trail-blazing formulas that are kind and gentle to all types and textures of hair. His no-poo method features a single product that both cleanses and conditions. You don’t have to worry about the sodium laurel sulfate, because Chaz Dean would never allow it. In fact, Chaz Dean has not used shampoo on himself or clients since 1993.

Emily was hoping for volume, shine and manageability after using WEN. The only challenge for herself, was stopping the nighttime shower habit and beginning a daytime shower and WEN cleanse routine. That’s how she found her hair react its best to the cleansing conditioner in Fig.

Emily disrupted the WEN routine two times, when she decided to shower at night and when she skipped the daytime shower because of a busy schedule. Her hair paid the price, looking greasy, flat and with little curl-holding capacity.

When Emily returned to the proper daily WEN hair schedule, her hair had the vitality and shine that made her smile. Even her friends took notice and complimented her on her fab tresses.

Emily found out that the Amazon sold Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner to be gentle and safe to her hair. She was thrilled that zero strands fell out during her shower and cleanse, which is unusual for women with long locks.

Emily concluded that if one sticks to each step, the WENS system delivers!


Growth of Madison Street Capital under Charles Botchway

Madison Street Capital is a global firm that provides investment banking services. The firm is highly committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in its delivery of corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to businesses that are either publicly or privately held. Such services enable their clients to do well in the international marketplace. Through undertaking every new project; from M&A transactions to successful capital raises and financial advisory to ownership transfer, the goals and objectives of the clients become those of the firm. Madison views emerging markets as the main component that drives global growth of their clients.

While the firm has provided financial advice to major companies, Madison has focused in partnering with the firms in the middle-market to successfully navigate intricate transactions and attain the best possible results. The experienced financial experts are always at the table providing expert financial advice and sophisticated guidance to clients whenever options emerge. Since every situation of a client is unique, they take time to analyze and understand the precise needs of a client in order to come up with an ideal match between sellers and buyers, create capitalization structures capable of optimizing the potential of a client, and arrange appropriate financing.

Charles Botchway’s ideas on Madison Street Capital

Charles Botchway is founder and CEO of the Madison Street Capital. He manages the overall operations and strategic direction of the firm. Before establishing Madison, Botchway was vice chairman and co-CEO of the Houlihan Smith and Company, his task was overseeing the operations and strategic direction of the company and crafting and executing the international expansion strategy of the firm. He has also served in various roles within the mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance sector of the investment banking that focuses on private mid-market and developing market transactions.

Botchway got the idea of starting Madison Street Capital while he was a co-CEO of another investment bank. His partner wanted to specialize on derivatives and big corporations while he wanted to remain dedicated to serving corporate needs and M&A of the middle market clients. He believes that that segment is the heart of American economy and the impact that they make on individual lives is more fulfilling. The divergence of the strategy is what motivated the creation of the Madison Street Capital.

Botchway and his team bring ideas to life by constantly brainstorming and sharing ideas on ways to do things in a different and in a more efficient manner. Since they are generally a diagnostic bunch, they vet new ideas very quickly. If an idea proves to be viable, they then execute it.

One thing that really excites Botchway is the globalization scale. The international transactions were normally reserved for big international investment banks. Thanks to growth of technology, the boutique banks such as Madison are now in a position to compete in global investment bank field.

Checking Out How Wen by Chaz Works

Recently, an individual at Bustle wanted to see just what all the hubbub is about Wen by Chaz. So, she decided to purchase the products and see just for herself. First of all, when ordering the products, there are several different aromas to choose from. While the end result is the same on, it provides individuals with the option to find something that gives them the necessary aroma that works best.

For starters, WEN on guthy-renker by Chaz is a conditioner, so that needs to be point out right off the bat. The individual who reviewed the product actually used it specifically as a shampoo, which is not actually what it is. It is necessary to use a shampoo before hand and then moving into Wen by Chaz (it calls itself a conditioner right on the bottle, so this should be rather self apparent).

Now, WEN by Chaz does recommend to use a rather large amount of the product. This is not necessary, although it does depend on the overall length and thickness. It is more of an experiment in order to see how much is required to completely coat all of the hair (after all, once the hair is coated, applying more to it is not going to do anything but be washed down the drain.

Now, it is extremely important to take extra time to rinse out everything in the hair at the end of the shower. Due to its thickness it will take much longer to rinse out than normal conditioner. However, if it is not completely rinsed it out it will start to form greasy roots. Ultimately, WEN is great for anyone who showers regularly (especially in the morning). Without the regular showers, the haircare produce might way down the hair, but as the bottle states, it is designed for everyday use.

OrganoGold Gets to Customers Through Direct Distribution

OrganoGold is a premium brew that is getting a lot of exposure. This is one of the new brands of gourmet coffee that has emerged victorious largely because there are a lot of people that buy this brand directly. This has become the coffee that is so important to those that are interested in drinking coffee that is healthy. That is itself seems like a sharp contradiction, but gourmet coffee that is healthy is the new trend.

There are some coffee shops on the west coast that are pushing the concoction of sticks of butter and coffee, and this is marketed as bulletproof coffee. There has been a lot of buzz about how this combination is the great solution to boost your energy through the day, but Bernardo Chua has created something far greater. He has actually developed a brand of coffee that is a proven healing agent. The Ganoderma mushroom is the foundation that makes this a wonderful brand of coffee to consider. This is the type of premium coffee that has emerged victoriously as one of the better brands on the market today. More people are becoming familiar with this brand because more people are confirming the way that they feel after consuming this product.

The Ganodrerma mushroom has been attributed to things like lowering cholesterol so there are a lot of people that are curious about the nature of this coffee. The small coffee shops that order this can really entice new customers. These stores have access to a brand of coffee that is not sold in stores so they can provide something that is out of the ordinary. People that may not want to buy a whole box of the coffee before tasting it will usually check out the coffee shops and simply order a cup of OrganoGold. Bernardo Chua is fine with this because he knows that this is all that it takes to get people to take interest in this coffee.

The OrganoGold brand is building up steam as the premium coffee brand that is questionably one of the best on the market. Customers are ordering it online, and it has become one of the strongest brands on the market in the direct distribution realm. Chua could have easily adapted to the grocery chain and used this as the middle man to access customers, but he relied on direct distribution and reaped greater profits.  This led to an award winning strategy that has seen Bernardo rise to the top.  See Chua himself speak about his success on YouTube.

Beneful’s new innovative dog food options

Beneful, which is owned by Purinastore which is a subsidiary of parent company Nestle, has long been associated with high quality dog food, has recently expanded their dog food offerings in new and interesting ways. These new product offerings are part of a larger scale migration towards higher quality dog food and the overall push towards premium dog foods are despite the higher cost to end users of these higher quality foods.

Beneful has offered new specialty products on Amazon: to try to capture the interest of dog owners who are attempting to take better care of their dogs, particularly when they have some predilection to poor health. Beneful has lunched a product aimed at elderly dogs who are having problems processing certain types of fats in meat that are challenging for elderly dogs to process. Beneful’s product has something known as medium chain triglycerides in it which is easier for dogs to process and which is derived from coconuts which is better for these dogs.

A website that Beneful has allows users to create a custom batch of food that meets the dietary needs of their dog. When you compare different breeds of dogs, a terrier and a Great Dane as an example, you will understand the different dietary needs of dogs and the benefits associated with customizing the foods that they eat. Many dog owners are working directly with their vets to design the proper diet for their dog through Beneful’s unique site options to choose the right blend for their dog.

Finally Beneful has expanded their product line on Wal-Mart of organic dog foods that are more natural and less modified by genetics than standard dog foods which thereby improve the overall health of your dog. Beneful accomplished this massive expansion of their organic dog food by acquiring an smaller competitor and by integrating their organic food options into the Beneful dog food line.

Beneful is clearly an leader in the premium dog food line and has been offering new food options in this space. As an innovator people are paying attention to Beneful’s implementation of a premium line and seeking to augment their strategy.