Learn From Past Social Media Mistakes

It is important to not only learn from past social media mistakes a company makes, but to learn from what other individuals and other companies do as well. Status Labs is a major online reputation management company and is always looking for ways to improve an entity’s visibility online while removing the negative content as well. However, the best way to avoid negative content online, as Status Labs points out, is to avoid posting anything negative in the first place. That is exactly why learning from the mistakes of Hootsuite is so important.

Having a strong social media presence is important. From Facebook to Pinterest, Instagram to Twitter, there are so many different methods for connecting with other individuals online. It also opens up the world of negativity. Just one undesirable posting and all of a company’s followers can see exactly what the business doesn’t want to see. In an Instagram post, the Hootsuite CEO posted an image of himself holding a beverage in one hand, with the tag “cheers to my homies.” However, that opened up a world of hurt due to what the CEO had just done. He had just lade off dozens of employees for no real reason. With 65 employees gone over three different offices, many of the former employees (and even current employees who did not approve of the move) took to his account, pointing out how he must enjoy drinking after firing so many people right before the holidays.

Status Labs points out that it is far too easy to point something undesirable nowadays on social media. After all, it goes up for the world to see after just a click of a button. That is why it is important to push past a status update or picture by a few people before posting something to make sure there is no negative fallout from the posting. This kind of an issue could have been avoided at Hootsuite had the CEO taken this advice. Now, the company is still reeling as many outside companies do not want to do business with a company bleeding workers.

Homejoy Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We live in a world that makes it very difficult to find qualified cleaning and repair professionals that are reliable. The Homejoy mobile application was created to fill that void. The company made it possible for independent contractors to find work through their application. People requiring repairs or home cleaning were able to easily book the service through the application. However, the San Francisco based startup was hit with a number of legal challenges that made it difficult for them to keep their business doors open to the public. They filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in a San Jose court, after only 2 years in operation.

Uphill Battle
Perhaps, the company did start with a bang. They raised fundings from several sources that had faith in their business venture. Some of the well-known sources included Google Ventures and First Round Capital. They offered house cleaning services for about $25 per hour. They also rapidly expanded the company to other areas. However, siblings Adora and Aaron Cheung found it difficult to maintain momentum in the industry. Perhaps, this was due to their biggest competitor, Handy Technologies.

Handy Technologies Inc.
Handy is the creator of a mobile application that allows the user to book cleaning and repair services. All the independent contractors are background checked and screened. Thus, users are assured of a good experience with all involved. Oisin Hanrahan is the co-founder of this Handy. Personal experience led the young college student to develop the idea for an application that made it easy to book professional cleaners and repair people.

During the beginning, the Handy application was only available to people living in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Today, Handy is available to major cities across the country and several international countries. Oisin Hanrahan is the co-founder and believes that there is a growing need for this type of application. People simply do not have a way to connect with professional repair people and home cleaners that are reliable and trustworthy. This application helps to close that gap and bring the independent contractor and customer together. The idea is to make the application a mutually satisfying experience for all involved.

Wendy Huang: Among the Top of YouTuber Stars

Since it was founded ten years ago, YouTube has been the launch pad that many ordinary people have used to become international stars. Viewers have a plethora of subjects that they can watch on the popular site. They can learn how to replace a starter in their car, learn how to play the cello, or laugh at a skit performed by an amateur comedian. While there are thousands of people who get mediocre traffic on their YouTube channels, a select few go viral and become instant celebrities.

The way people make money with YouTube is through the website’s sponsors. YouTube partners with businesses and brands across the world to advertise on their site. When users subscribe to a certain channel, they will see ads from various partners. These companies pay YouTube a certain amount for every hit and YouTube shares the wealth with their performers. So the more viewers a YouTuber gets for his or her channel, the more money that person will make. Some people are making millions just by smiling for the camera.

Out of the many famous YouTubers of this year, Felix Kjelberg remains at the top. The Swedish star goes by the name PewDiePie and films himself playing popular video games. His fans enjoy his over-the-top reactions so much that he has made $12 million during his YouTube stardom. The comedy duo of Rhett & Link keep their fans and sponsors constantly entertained. They are laughing their way to the bank to the tune of $4.5 million thus far.

Other top stars on YouTube include comedians Roman Atwood and Lilly Singh. America has also been intrigued with rap virtuoso Michael Kittrell, the “Angry Ginger”. Fans loved his rants and rap so much that Michael stars in his own reality series “Hollywood Hillbillies”. These people and many others were virtually unknown and became celebrities almost overnight.

One of the top beauty advisors on YouTube is Australian Wendy Huang. In her channel, the Wonderful World of Wengie, she offers makeup tutorials and a lot of other sound advice about beauty. Wengie felt like Asian women were basically being ignored in the international beauty market and she wanted to change that. Even though women of all nationalities enjoy her channel, she is especially geared toward Asian beauty tips.

Wengie’s radiant smile and positive attitude has made her so popular that she now has sponsorship from some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. Wendy not only advocates outward beauty, but she also talks about internal beauty. She continues to be among the top in YouTube celebrities.

Handy Offers Creative Christmas Caroling

If you’re in the mood to hear your favorite Christmas carol at work, or even at home? If you’re in London, you’ll be happy to know that an Oxbridge College Choir will be caroling on demand throughout the city via the Handy app.

The St. Peter’s College Choir has partnered with Handy, an app that allows people to order services for their homes or offices. Usually, Handy users can request services like house cleaning, but the app can now be used to “order” Christmas carols. St. Peter’s College Choir is working with Handy to raise money for Crisis. Crisis is the foremost homeless charity in the United Kingdom.

December 18th was the day that choir members provided holiday carols to the people of London. All Handy users had to do was push a button and reserve a time for the 15-person group of singers to visit their office or home to perform several traditional Christmas songs.

Handy’s Country Manager for the UK, Pete Dowds, stated that few people have the chance to see or hear this top-notch choir during the holiday season. This breakthrough in technology allows people to get the Christmas carols that can make this time of year even more special, simply by pressing a button.

Each time a user books the choir to sing, a £20 donation is required. This is the same rate that users would be charged for ordering a cleaner from Handy for a two-hour period. All proceeds are given to Crisis.

The hashtag #carolsondemand can be used on Twitter to help people keep up with the choir and find out where the college students will be singing next.

Playful Puppy With Beneful Foods

My family just got a new puppy, so I wanted to make sure she had the best food and treats possible. We tried a few different brands, but we were pleased when we started using Beneful. There are many varieties to choose from, and the food that we have placed her on seems to work well with her stomach. I enjoy being able to see the natural ingredients that are listed on all of the foods that we have purchased, such as sweet potatoes and corn. Our dog is only four months old, so we started her with the Beneful Healthy Puppy. It’s made with real chicken and has the vitamins and minerals that she needs to grow. There is a large amount of calcium and DHA to promote the development of her brain. I have noticed that her coat is shiny, and her muscles are developing. We recently changed her food to the Incredibites. She is of a small stature, so the pieces are just right for her mouth. There is a lot of protein in the food, which can sometimes lead to going outside more often, but I know that she enjoys the food as she is playful shortly after eating. She rests well, and she seems to enjoy the flavor of the chicken, spinach and carrots. I wanted to treat our dog to a wet meal for the holidays, and I was pleased to find that Beneful has small containers of foods with natural ingredients. These are convenient as there is a lid that can be put back on if she doesn’t eat everything. I can see the different pieces of food that are included in the meal, which makes me feel safe in knowing she is getting something healthy. We tried the Roasted Turkey Medley that includes chopped pieces of turkey, wild rice, peas and corn. This was a good decision as it didn’t upset her stomach as most wet foods have have done with other dogs we have had. When our furry friend does something we ask, we reward her with a Beneful treat from Amazon. The Baked Delights are amazing as they seem to have a rich flavor, and the aroma is pleasing. We have tried the Heartfuls with apple and bacon filling and the Snackers with peanut butter and cheese.