Susan McGalla Gave Her Career Her All

There are a few jobs that are harder than others, especially when it is a woman who is trying to get them. One thing that women have struggled with for many years is finding a place in the business world. Being a businesswoman can be a challenge, as the business world can be a pretty harsh place. There are still some prejudices there, and there is a lot of work that needs to be put into a career in order for a woman to prove her worth in the field of business. But, does that mean that every woman who has ever dreamed of being involved in a business one day should just give up on her dreams? Does that mean that she shouldn’t try for success as a businesswoman, but that she should instead focus on something else?
No, it doesn’t. No woman should ever feel pressured by what she feels is expected of her. No woman should ever feel scared by the struggles that may come when she enters a certain field. Instead, the woman who dreams of being involved in the business world one day simply needs to believe in herself and do the things that she was meant to do.
Susan McGalla had a lot of support from her parents when she was a young girl, and that is part of what helped her to believe in herself and her ability to make things work in the business world. She knew that she wanted to be a businesswoman, and she knew that she wanted to do some big things in the business world, and so she did just that. Susan McGalla pushed past the struggles on that she faced in order to get to serve in a high position for a big clothing company. She worked for two different, big clothing companies, and she was very successful in her career. She could have been scared away from doing something so risky, but instead she was fearless. And her fearlessness is something to be admired.
No woman should feel that having a career in business is something beyond her reach, even if it is a bit harder than having a career in a different field would be. Instead of thinking of all of the things that could go wrong every woman who wants to become a businesswoman should just give her career her all and hope for the best.

Social Media Apps for Smartphones

One of the most popular types of apps are social media apps for smartphones. It makes a lot of sense since smartphones are still phones and phones are social devices used for connecting with people. The key difference between smartphones and regular mobile phones is that they allow users to use apps which include social media apps. Social media apps allow the user to communicate with people in a multitude of ways. There are also plenty of apps that provide entertainment to the user. These apps will keep the user connected and expand his circle of friends.

There are many types of social media apps. Each of them are specialized for a certain function. This function could be anywhere from sharing in conversations to watching videos and listening to music. Some of the most popular social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and plenty of other social media apps. Many smartphones come with social media apps already downloaded onto the hardware. Android phones in particular carry the YouTube, Google Plus, and other social network apps. Th is makes it convenient for users. However, there is one social media app that is quickly gaining ground because of the innovation it provides users. This app is Flipora.

Flipora is a discovery engine. At the same time, it is also a social surfing website. This site not only helps you find the sites that you liked and would like to visit again, it also helps you discover content that is new yet at the same time is related to the content that you look for. Given the big features that it is providing users, there are still plenty of people that have never heard of Flipora. At the same time, the site is growing quickly in membership. Each week, around 150,000 new users are joining up on the hype of this site.

There are plenty of other social media apps that are quickly gaining in popularity. The great thing about these apps is that while many of them originate from the Internet and can still be accessed on the Internet, the apps on the smartphone make it a lot more convenient for people. They no longer have to struggle with the tiny keyboard or touchscreen keys in order to type in the address on the phone and reach the site. With the app, they just have to touch the short cut and then they will be taken to the site. Social media apps are also designed specifically for the devices that they are on. Often times, the interface of the app is different from the website on the computer and even the mobile site. For this reason, it is recommended to access a site from the app on the mobile device.

The Highland Capital Management Supremacy

Highland capital management is apparently one of the largest forms of investments ever pursued in the United States. The most coveted company by Jim Dondero, with its headquarters in the populous sections of Dallas Texas, commands a huge base of clients all over the US. Texas, presumed by many as a utopia for investors, gives the company the ideal resources it needs to run effectively. However, the firm has been expanding its offices to other parts of the world, London, New York, and Singapore.

The company is an SEC- registered investment adviser with numerous services being offered to its clients. The company specializes in credit strategies like the credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed investment funds. The firm invest in global public equity and hedging markets aiming at leveraged loans, high yield bonds, and structured products. It commands a huge client base at the moment with total assets of about 20 billion US Dollars. The company also have hundreds of employees equipped with the relevant skill to offer assistance to their clients.

The company is never ceasing to expand and attract a larger client base. It is through the introduction of newer services and new techniques to provide quality output. In mid-2015, the company announced the launching of three new exchange-traded funds (EFTs). The three, designed with the assistance of HFR (Hedge Fund Research Inc.) recreate aggregate hedge fund positions in an is already trading in New York Stock Market, which kick-started in June 2015. Earlier March 2015, the company launched Highland Alternative Investors, an alternative investment that will incorporate all of the company’s liquid alternative funds.

The successful operations of the company so far are attributed to the able management comprising of the one brilliant individual, James Dondero. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 along with Mark Okada. Currently, he is the president of the company. He handles ensuring execution of firm’s strategic investment and operational initiatives. Before joining the company, he was chief investment officer for Protective Life’s GIC growing the business from scratch to a $2 billion net worth. Mr. Dondero is also a member of nine boards in nine different organizations across 20 different industries. He is currently chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding Inc., Chairman Next Bank BSS, Chief Executive, and HCC Acquisition Company. Also, he is Director MGM Holdings Inc., Director, American Banknote Corporation, and Director Safety Kleen Inc.

Mr. Dondero management have brought up numerous awards to the funds he manages throughout his career. Some of his awards include the Lipper Awards for floating rate opportunities in 2014, Morningstar five-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014 and healthcare equity fund in 2014.

The University of Virginia Graduate who graduated with B.S in Commerce (Accounting and Finance) with 30 years experience in the industry has managed to steer the company into achieving its goals. His portfolio management experiences ranging from emerging markets, derivatives, common stocks, and mortgage-backed securities attest to how strongly coveted James Dondero is, and success of Highland Capital Management is a result of his expertise.

Status Labs, Ashley Madison, Reputation Management, and the Art of Damage Control

At some point during a crisis, the only step a person can take is damage control. That is not necessarily a bad thing. The damage cannot be undone, but work can be undertaken for the sole purpose of trying to reduce the effects of that damage. Harm to a reputation is never easy to fix. Yet, there are ways to help improve an unfairly sullied reputation.

Recently, hackers exposed a ton of personal details about members of the website for Ashley Madison, a dating service for married people looking to have affairs.

Everyone should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. With hacking all the rage these days, privacy online is not necessarily easy to maintain. With the public dumping of Ashley Madison files, a great deal of formerly private data is now right there in the internet to be stumbled upon. So, if “Jon Doe” chooses to apply for a job and the employer runs a search of the name through the search engines, all that embarrassing information from the Ashley Madison hack may turn up.

At least the online reputation management firm Status Labs is making free crisis counseling available to those who have been exposed via the hack. The crisis counseling may end up being extremely helpful to persons stressed out over the situation. More importantly, the affected persons can talk to someone from a solid online reputation management firm.

Status Labs has worked very hard to represent and service people from all walks of life. Whether the clients be private citizens, those who work for the government, or someone who is a major celebrity, Status Labs has done whatever it could to repair the online damage done to the person’s reputation.

Through a protracted public relations campaign combined with working on publishing positive information online, a great deal of effective damage control may be possible. Helping to stem the damage to a reputation in the wake of something as serious as the Ashley Madison hack is not going to be easy. However, with the right effort and the right online reputation management firm handling the job, huge improvements could end up being done. Once a reputation is repaired, life almost begins anew.

What the Ashley Madison Scandal Can Teach Us About Online Reputation Management

In the wake of the fallout from the Ashley Madison hack online reputation management service Status Labs is offering free advice and counseling to victims of could be one of the biggest hacking scandals of all time.

Personal identification details including: email addresses, locations and even credit card numbers were leaked, exposing millions of people to scrutiny. Status Labs has received numerous calls from concerned individuals including: lawyers, accountants, government employees and even small business owners who are concerned about the damage to their reputation this data breach may cause. Status Labs believes regardless of the person’s intentions when they joined Ashley Madison a single mistake should not ruin someone’s life.

Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, has stated “spectators should not include about this hack” believing it’s just a matter of time for we are all victims of some sort of hack. He believes if large corporations such as: Target, Home Depot, Sony and even the US government were vulnerable, then eventually you will be affected by hack as well.

Mr. Fisher has provided some guidance about how to protect your online privacy and prevent exposing yourself to these type of acts. First, he recommends protecting your address and keeping it private, this includes regularly removing your information from data brokers such as PeopleSmart. Next, Mr. Fisher recommends that most people keep their social media posts private. He believes that only public figures or someone with a business need should be making public posts on social media sites and all posts should be considered carefully before posting.

In addition to keeping your address and social media posts private Mr. Fisher recommends changing your passwords at least four times a year using a different password for each social media account. He advises simply write them down on a piece of paper and storing them in a desk drawer instead of using the online password manager that could itself be hacked.

Mr. Fisher also recommends Googling your name from time to time to see what people find when they search your name, this he says should be done after clearing your browser history and while logged out of the browser. Are you unhappy with what he found? What can you do about it? First, Mr. Fisher says purchase your own domain name you create a website or at least post your resume there as a placeholder.

The Ashley Madison data breach as open the eyes of many people just need to take online privacy seriously. By following Darius Fisher’s advice we can all rest a little easier knowing we are not likely to find our private information posted online for the world to see.

Dating In Russia Can Be Done With A Great Dating Application

There are dating applications out there by the dozens, and some are popular while others are not. A dating application is a great way to access a smaller version of the website where a person is dating someone else online. Maybe a website was created with the same name, and then an application was later created to accommodate those who want to access the website on the go. The fact is, using a cell phone to access a website doesn’t end up being the same thing because many websites are not mobile in size. A person may not be able to access everything on a mobile website as they would on a regular computer.

Since it can be difficult to access a dating website with a cell phone, dating applications were created to help fill the need of those who wanted the same experience from the dating website, but it’d be in a smaller more compact application. Dating applications can give the person everything they’re looking for, including being able to find a date through the application. It might even be more fun to use a dating application, especially since the person can use it anywhere they go. Most people have smartphones these days, so downloading a dating application should be easy.

The AnastasiaDate dating application is free of charge, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with the different women that a man may be talking to on the network. It’s very likely that a man will not go straight to choosing a single woman to talk to, but he’ll find several women and court them over time.

As time goes on, and the man uses the AnastasiaDate application even more, then he may dwindle down the number of women he’s talking to until he finds the right one. It’s great to have the AnastasiaDate application on hand because not everyone is able to sit that their computer all day, especially if they’re talking to a woman for a long period of time. Sometimes, a man may get into a heated conversation with a lady, and it’s too hot for him to stop talking, but he can’t sit at the computer and talk the whole time. It’s possible for the man to switch over to his smartphone, and then he can continue the conversation, even if he has to leave his computer.

The fact is that dating applications are very helpful, and they are great for those who live on their smartphones. Those who choose to utilize the AnastasiaDate application can easily download it from the Google Play store, and the application is free of charge.

Eucatex on Long Term Benefits of Sustainable Development

The business world does not operate in a vacuum, it is affected by the world around it and, in turn, impacts the world as well. In recent years, the impact of business on the environment has been much talked about, especially in light of companies like Eucatex that have proven an important fact – businesses do not have to give up on financial profits to be sensitive towards the environment. When it comes to sustainable development, the general assumption is that it is only for the big companies with enough resources at their disposal. This is not true because even the smallest companies can make an impact. Here are some long term benefits of sustainable development for companies –

Satisfaction For Companies and Workforce – Given the awareness related to the environment in recent years, the world has become a lot more sensitive towards these issues. People don’t want to support industries that are harming the ecological balance of the world and even something as simple as a bar of soap is expected to be green these days. As such, it is satisfying for employees and companies when they are a part of something like Eucatex where they get a chance to give back to the environment.

Financial Benefits In Terms of Rebates and Savings – Of course, the government actively encourages people and companies who are ecologically conscious. This means various tax rebates which would especially be beneficial to small companies with limited resources. It also means long term savings of resources by the company because of elimination of wastage and innovative conservation strategies. These financial benefits would also translate in terms of goodwill for the company.

A Better Standard For Industries – Ultimately, when even small companies make the effort and embrace sustainable development, it would send a loud and clear message to the industry at large. It would lead to better standards for sustainable development all over the world because of this reason. Not just that, industries big and small, old and new, from different parts of the nation would come together and pool their resources to help the environment.

Eucatex belongs to the Eucatex group and like every other group of companies, LinkedIn told the Maluf family started the business from scratch. They persevered to bring the world something that would not only provide value but would also be eco-friendly; and the result was astounding. Flavio Maluf, in particular, has been a huge supporter of other businesses doing their bit for the environment.  This is particularly important because currently, the global warming is no longer just a concept.

Citadel Reaches Highpoint

Founder and CEO of Citadel, Ken Griffin of businessinsider, Illinois richest billionaire, has rebuilt his Citadel, the Chicago Hedge Fund that nearly collapsed during the financial 2008 crisis, today Citadel is more powerful than ever. Recently, Wall Street Journal reported that the firm is once again considering an initial public offering for his Chicago-based hedge fund.

Hedge funds had a bad year in 2014 – the average hedge fund was up around 3%. The scale is highly subjective and Wall Street pays for performance, measured and judged based on the performance of last year.

Griffin plays down his role and credits his team at Citadel, as he said via a spokesman “The team is the essence of how you win.” He believes that Citadel has the strongest team he has ever had in 2015. Citadel ranked third overall on Alpha’s Hedge Fund Report Card 2015. Citadel’s clients generally give high ratings.

Citadel is a front-runner in using leverage to strengthen its bets and have various protective measures in place to limit risk. As one investor pointed out that though the leverage is high, but it’s for relatively low-risk strategies and overall, it is healthy for the business. The firm’s use of borrowed money is used often for offsetting bets, meaning that it doesn’t carry huge risk.

Mr. Griffin made a $150 million donation to the financial aid program at Harvard University, his alma mater. This makes it the largest gift in Harvard College history, primarily focused on supporting Harvard’s financial aid program benefiting as many as 800 undergraduate students every year. He also donated $10 million to his charity, the Kenneth G. Griffin Charitable Fund to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. He is a keen collector of modern and contemporary artists like Paul Cezanne and Jasper Johns and has loaned many of the pieces in his collection to museums. Griffin’s total donations to various organizations and causes are estimated to be about $500 million. Ken Griffin is a member of many philanthropic boards. He is actively involved in civic and cultural institutions in Chicago.

Citadel is a real success and is one of the largest hedge funds in the world. He is also a member of Advisory Board of Eurasia Group, specialized in securities regulation. Griffin is touted as one of the most versatile hedge fund managers, and as CEO, has led his flagship investment firm, Citadel to impressive returns.

Everyone Is Going To Love Flipora

Teenagers, adults, and even young children, have all come to love social media. Everyone has their own reasons for enjoying getting on the apps that they have on their devices, but when it comes down to it, the main reason that everyone loves social media is because of the way that they are able to form a connection with others through it. Because, if it were not for all of the social media apps that are out there, a lot of people never would be talking to the people that they are. They never would have met their new friends, and they never would have stayed in touch with their old friends or distant relatives. Social media gives people the chance to stay close to the ones that they love, and everyone appreciates that about the apps that they have.
Flipora is a new social media app that allows people to have the chance to stay connected in yet another way. Many people are getting interested in this new app and in the ways that they can connect through it, and Flipora has started off successfully.
It’s always fun to hear of a new app, and people are going to be swarming Flipora in no time. This social media app will be sure to take off even better than it already has been when more people hear about it. With how much people love social media and all that it can do for them, there is no way that they will let a new app just sit there without trying it out, for long.
There are many different reasons that people love social media, and there are different apps for all of those different reasons. One thing that every form of social media allows people to do, though, is connect with the world around them. And people really appreciate being able to do that in this way.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Makeup

Makeup is an extremely varied medium that changes greatly from brand to brand. While one brand may use all natural ingredients that are great for the skin, other brands may focus more on the overall effect of the makeup. Knowing a bit about the makeup brand that you are looking for can make a huge difference in your overall selection of makeup products.
For those that love great makeup that is truly out there and unique, Lime Crime which was created by founder Doe Deere is a wonderful brand. This brand hosts s a large range of funky colors, new styles, and products that are out of this world. Creator Doe says that she created Lime Crime on tumblr as a makeup for unicorns. This means she wants everyone that uses the brand to be unique, to feel unique, and to use the makeup to create their own style and individual looks.
This is not a brand for people that like neutral shades and shadows that are going to be wearable to absolutely every event you could imagine, rather, this brand is for people that are not afraid to mess around with makeup, those that are not afraid to play with their faces, and those that are ready and willing to try crazy new things.
This brand features a wide range of products like mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, and so much more.  On top of this brand having some fantastic colors and products, this brand is also completely vegan and completely cruelty free. What does this mean? It means that products were not tested on animals which means that they are made only with products that are known to be safe on the skin of humans. This is great for people with sensitive skin that often have trouble finding products that are gentle enough for their skin.
This is also promising for those that want to find products that are not tested on animals and therefore have a much smaller impact on the environment. The products in this line are also completely vegan so if you are a vegan and you prefer to use items that are not produced with animal by products this is the line for you.
You can check out Lime Crime online and shop for their great products that are sure to help jazz up your makeup routine and make a huge difference in the way you see yourself.