CipherCloud On Why Cloud Is The Future

CipherCloud is and internet and cloud security company that ensures companies are safe and sound as they adopt cloud technology. But what is the cloud and how does it benefit the corporate world? Can anyone adopt and jump in on the cloud trend or is it a special tool meant only for high end names? Is it possible for companies to enhance their efficiency and increase their profits by adopting the cloud? The following points answer all these questions, and more –

Immediate Upgrades – Because the cloud is available to one and all, upgrades are rolled out in one, swooping motion and no one is left out. This means that employees can have the latest updates at the tips of their fingers as soon as possible. This affects the overall efficiency levels of the organization positively.

Reducing Costs But Enhancing Efficiency – For companies that have massive data centers, the internet footprint is always a problem. Plus, servers tend to harm the environment, cost a lot, and keep bringing the company down by increasing fixed costs. As such, companies like CipherCloud can ensure that all these problems are sorted out without harming the efficiency of the company.

Flexible Expenditure – With traditional systems, companies pay for their peak hours and thus, end up wasting money during idle time. With cloud services like CipherCloud, the plans can be tweaked up when the traffic is high and reduced when there is less traffic. As such, instead of wasting money and resources, the budget becomes flexible and benefits the company greatly.

Great Reliability – Traditional systems cannot be trusted but cloud services like CipherCloud are extremely trustworthy. The uptime is close to 99.99% and the customer service is quite helpful in solving any problems that companies and managers may encounter. What’s better is the fact that installation is also quite simple. The reliability of cloud services is unmatched.

Increased Mobility – Telecommuting has become quite popular in the world. Workers sometimes work from home and there are employees who are not even in the same country as their company’s head office. This was previously inefficient because the exchange of information used to be a problem. With cloud services, however, it has become quite simple to ensure safe and continuous exchange of information. It has increased mobility and, in turn, improved the profits of the company due to money saved on traveling.

The world is still relatively unaware of the benefits of this technology because there isn’t a lot of awareness about life on the cloud. It is assumed that this is a luxury only big companies can afford and as such, small scale companies that would benefit most from CipherCloud, are unaware of its pros.

How NYC’s Real Estate Expo Can Help You

As most people know, even those who do not work in the real estate world, New York City is the largest real estate market in the United States of America, let alone the entire world. This 2015 calendar year was deemed as “remarkable” for all the home buyers and real estate agents involved. At the New York City Real Estate Expo a few weeks ago, Mr. David Greene spoke of a “relentless” environment for signing leases in New York City.

TOWN Residential is an important real estate player in the New York City real estate scene who specializes in luxury trades. Some of the listings on TOWN Residential’s website,, are upwards of $20,000,000, with others nestled right under one million dollars. Anybody that does not have a good deal of disposable income can probably not afford any of these locations, but one does not have to be wealthy to afford an apartment or home in New York City for less than one million dollars.

TOWN Residential is a relatively new company, only being founded in 2010. Even though TOWN Residential is a young business, it is projected to grow into being one of the most important luxury real estate firms in the Big Apple in the near future.

Very important real estate players such as Peter Von Der Ahe and Ken McCarthy spoke at the Real Estate Expo earlier this November. Many of the variables in the real estate market were covered so the participants will perform better next year and in the years to come.

Mr. Von Der Ahe spoke about regulations that are enacted by the government of the United States and the state of New York, and noted that more regulations usually do not result in good things for the real estate market. Mr. Spencer Levy, another real estate mogul that worked for CBRE, recently said that the stock market has been volatile so the Federal Reserve Bank has changed interest rates for the worse as of recently, which roughly translates into less people being interested in real estate because they will not be able to get the same types of loans that those people could get if the market was more friendly. This will probably not have too much of a negative effect because NYC is so big and it thrives.

Handy Is A Great Application; $50 Million Influx in Funding

Handy has been the recipient of more than fifty million US dollars in funding for helping grow the app, which has been supplied by large investing firms such as Highland Capital Management and Revolution Growth.

Handy was founded in New York at Harvard College by two roommates who did not know each other prior to moving in: Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy started talks back in 2011 and was founded in 2012.

Handy is extremely popular, with more than ten thousand workers on Handy’s listings. There is an average of ten jobs completed for every cleaner that works on Handy, although some of the cleaners are dormant and have not completed a job in a while.

This company has been so successful due in part to the close monitoring that workers for Handy have to do every day so they know that the listings are free of false advertisements or listings that are out of reason.

Handy is worth approximately five hundred million dollars, which is a great growth pattern considering that it was founded out of a dorm room by two college kids.

Approximately eighty percent of the listings on Handy are for home cleaners. Handy is more versatile than providing only home cleaning services, with plumbing, roofing, decorating, and handyman work being some of the variety of services that can be contracted through Handy.

Many of the workers on Handy are not working more than twenty hours per week, so this adds a dynamic for people with kids or those who do not earn enough income from their current job so they can make some side money. It is estimated that the average job costs about seventy dollars, which is very reasonable for a full-service cleaning program. There are businesses and independent contractors alike that work for Handy.

Anyone that wants to learn more about Handy could go to their website,, or download the Handy application on any mobile app store for free. Handy only costs money when you book a cleaning appointment, so feel free to read up on Handy and download the app to decide if you can benefit from it.

The changing face of New York Real Estate Landscape

In the last seven years, it is estimated that the NYC luxury real estate industry in Manhattan area, New York recorded an all-time high. This is one of the fastest growths ever recited. For people looking to buy homes, then one in five of the homes in the market can be classified as luxury, and, therefore, this has made the prices soar. The city has high demand from the multinationals and locals and therefore, the competition makes the prices shoot up.

Rental prices shoot up

The rental prices around Manhattan shot by an average of 10.7%, hitting $3339 for a single bedroom unit. In Brooklyn, there was a steady rise of rental charges averaging 1.5%. Today, the amount of rental charges is at its peak. This has impacted negatively on affordable homes. Brooklyn and Manhattan has seen a rise in rental charges. And for this fact, many residents of New York must find an alternative cheaper area to live in, especially in East and South Brooklyn, or the 110th street to cut on the high rental charges.

To those who bought homes in Manhattan, they also encountered high charges in resale. On average, the price for buying a home shot to 6.3% reaching $982958 from 2014. When compared to Brooklyn where prices shot to 9% above the ordinary rates and peaked at $545139. Real estate experts estimate that in the coming months, the price in Manhattan and Brooklyn is expected to rise again.

By the start of this year, there was a mixed reaction as selling prices fell up to the third quarter. This was an indication of a big trend upward.

In general, the real estate industry in New York feels by 4.5% in the middle quarter. However, this should not worry the industry players.

Real Estate firms

When a person wants to buy, rent of purchase any property, they have to get the expert advice in New York. For New York residents, they need the services of Town Residential Real Estate Company. Town Residential Company has several listings for sale, to rent, has open and virtual open houses to give clients the best deals.

The real estate firm advises clients on the sales and leasing arrangement. Whenever you are looking for any real estate deal, all you need is to get in touch with Town Residential real estate representatives to get the information that will suit your needs. Town Residential will also do the marketing on behalf of clients. To those who want to develop their real estate, the firm is the best to choose as they have the experience of doing so in New York.

Guide to Get Published on Wikipedia

Writing an article for Wikipedia isn’t necessarily difficult, but there are some rules and guidelines you should be aware of before you get started as Wikipedia writers for hire.

The first step is to create a wiki account. Once you’ve done that, you are officially a registered member of Wikipedia. Only certain topics are covered, the requirement is that topics be “worthy of notice”. Basically, if a topic would be published in a regular encyclopedia then Wikipedia will cover it. If you aren’t certain how notable your topic is, you can visit the Wikipedia Teahouse and ask. Wikipedia requests that you do not create pages about yourself, your company, your brand, your friends, advertisements, or personal essays. Once you have chosen a topic that meets the guidelines it’s important to search and make sure that it doesn’t already exist. Search any title that could be used and be very thorough.

Now it’s time to write. It’s important to include lots of resources, this shows where you researched your information should it ever be questioned and it also shows your article is authentic and you have researched facts that can back up any of your claims. Make sure that any sources you use from the internet are stable, meaning they are pages that will be around for very long lengths of time, not just a passing fad website that might not be around in a week.

If all this seems like a lot more work than you were prepared for, there are other methods. Websites, like Get Your Wiki, exist to aid people in the creation process and they often guarantee your article will get published on Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki creates business and personal articles that are very similar to what Wikipedia themselves produce. They guarantee that they will use the proper format, Wikipedia’s manual of style, and will include reliable references. They offer a full refund if your page is removed from Wikipedia.

Get Your Wiki also offer two additional services, Wikipedia Monitoring and Translations. They have professional translators on staff that can translate your page into any other language, and they guarantee it will fit all the required guidelines for each different community. The monitoring service checks to make sure that any edits that happen to your page will be completely accurate. They will remove any malicious edits to prevent damage to your personal or business reputation.

Eric Pulier Brings Excellence To The Computer Sciences Corporation

The Computer Sciences Corporation is all about the clients that it is working for. It knows that it needs to do things well for those who are counting on it, and it has made sure to always be making improvements for them. The Computer Sciences Corporation is dedicated to giving its clients excellence, and in order for it to be able to hold true to that, it has made sure to only hire the very best people to work for it. It knows that it takes excellent employees to be able to deliver excellence, and that is why it has worked so hard to make sure that is all that it has working for it.

One of the most excellent people that is working for this corporation is Eric Pulier. This man is good at all of the things that he chooses to do in his life, whether that is being the CEO of the Computer Sciences Corporation, a technologist, philanthropist, public speaker, author, father or more. He has shown a great work ethic in everything that he does, and people can look up to him with respect because of that. He has dedicated himself to doing good things in each task that he takes on, and the Computer Sciences Corporation is lucky to have him serving as CEO.

The Computer Sciences Corporation cares about the needs of its clients, and that is why it has been making sure all along that it is always making improvements upon what it is already doing. And, that is why it has such great people employed at it, because it knows that in order for it to be making the kinds of changes that it wants to be making, that it needs to have all of the smarts in the corporation that it can get.

Feeding Time and Food Aggression

Sometimes dinner time for your pet dog can be trying. Often this is because owners neglect setting up an eating ritual. Failure to utilize a set feeding routine leads to food aggression in some cases, and this can be a major problem depending on the severity of this aggression. Some dogs simply posture and hover over their food, others may lunge, and still, in some extreme cases, food aggression in dogs can include biting.

Food aggression can be eliminated in several ways, so owners can be relieved that solutions do exist. However, stopping these issues when the aggression is less severe is ideal. This is not a time to show the dog who is boss unless the aggression is dominance related. In the pack as wild wolves, the dominant dog eats first, and everyone else eats according to their status in the pack afterwards. To reinforce the owner’s status as pack leaders, dogs should only be fed after humans eat or according to set rules when they are fed.

Additionally, they should be fed after their exercise. Exercising a dog after a meal can cause health problems. In the wild, heavy exercise would lead to a meal, so feeding them after exercise caters to their natural instincts also. It benefits food aggression dogs because much of the extra energy will be burned at this point, and the animal should be calmer. Place the dogs in stay while preparing their food. Do not let them out of stay until the food has been prepared and placed in the proper container. It is also important to feed them at the same time daily.

This prevents the anxiety of not knowing when a meal is coming preventing some issue related to food aggression. Dogs with advanced aggression must be handled according to the source of their food aggression, but many remedies are the same. Owners can start by re-establishing some of the rituals that place them as pack leaders. They can also associate the approach of humans while the dog is feeding with good things. Meat or other treats while the dog is eating will associate their owners approaching them while eating with a positive experience. Sometimes dogs are food aggressive because they are not getting the proper nutrition. In this case, it may be suitable to change dog food.

A complete nutritional food with a high level of vegetable and animal protein like Beneful will completely satiate your pet relieving some of the innate behaviors that lead to food aggression. Make the change incrementally, but not so slowly that the dogs gets familiarized with the mixture of foods. However, Beneful is such a comprehensive brand that rejection is not a problem, so transitioning your pet will be easy. If the dog is severely aggressive, and this aggression carries over into other areas, a professional will be necessary to combat the issues. However, it is important to remember to begin a ritual and adhere to it and to also feed nutritional food like Beneful.

Learning More About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a published author, philanthropist, founder of more than ten companies, a technologist, and an entrepreneur. He is worth millions of dollars in the ventures he has founded by himself and others he founded with his partners. Some of the companies he owns the majority of the shares include Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Enterprise Leadership Council that changed to TM Forum, Desktone, Akana, Service Mesh among others. He has investments in charitable and capital fund institutions. Besides, he is an active investor in the seed level startups in technology and the media, and the majority of them have got favorable financing. He is a leader of the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp that brings together children suffering from chronic diseases.

Educational and Personal Background

He pursued high school studies at Teaneck High School. He went to Harvard University, where he obtained his BA and graduated in 1988. He has vast knowledge in computer science, American English and literature, the environment, and visual studies. He also wrote for the school’s magazine, Crimson weekly, where had a weekly column known as the PulierLeg and was the editor of the journal. Mr. Pulier has four children and lives in Los Angeles, where he oversees several operations of his companies.

Philanthropic Activities

He has initiated notable endeavors that use technology to solve intractable problems for the physically challenged children, economically disadvantaged communities, and other needy people around the world. He has built multimedia educational programs for people with multiple Sclerosis to create awareness about the disease. His work has fostered the use of home computers to learn sophisticated multimedia educational experiences. He has also pioneered the creation of a peripheral beam device that users without enough motor control of the use of the keyboard use to interact with the system.

Pulier is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a program that provides free cloud –computing resources for the marginalized communities. He is the founding donor of the ACE organization. ACE group is concerned with reshaping developments of software and use of the latter to solve grand problems in the society. Currently, he is developing several community-based projects including a micro-transaction system that will enable the supply of clean drinking water.

He is a member of the XPRIZE organization board. XPRIZE Foundation is a non-state organization that manages and designs public competitions that aim to encourage technological innovations that benefit the society. The mission of XPRIZEE is to establish breakthroughs in the technological world via incentivized competitions. It facilitates high-profile competition that support organizations, companies, and individuals across all disciples to come up with innovative technical ideas that break that restrict to society progress.

Bruce Levenson

One of the top businessmen in the United States is Bruce Levenson. He is also an individual who got involved in professional sports. Levenson has been a principal owners of the Atlanta Hawks National Basketball Association franchise for over ten years. As well as being an NBA team owner, he has also been a prominent business tycoon, philanthropist and political activist. Over the course of his lifetime he has gotten involved in number of highly successful venture primarily in media and information technology. Bruce is currently the co founder of the large communications media conglomerate United Communications Group. This company has earned him his status as a successful business leader in the media industry.

Levenson was born in Washington D.C. on October 1, 1949 and grew up in the nearby suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Once he finished his primary schooling he went on to higher education to study at the University of St. Louis and later graduated from law school from American University. While attending law school he began a career in journalism as a writer for the Washington Star. This experience helped propel him to founding his own company that would allow him to experience a lot of success.

In 1977, Levenson founded United Communications Group which started out making a newsletter known as Oil Express. This newsletter talked about the latest news in the oil industry. Levenson based the company from his apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company would later acquire other newsletters and created databases. Over time, United Communications Group has expanded to cover a number of other topics. These topics include data, news analyzing the healthcare industry, mortgage banking, energy, technology and communications. As a result, his company has become a well regarded source of numerous issues that pertain to business and everyday life.

After reaching the pinnacle of success as a businessman, he then decided to get involved in professional basketball. Levenson acquired part ownership of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 along with the Philips Arena and a NHL hockey team. However he would soon sell the hockey team and focus on owning the Hawks basketball team. During his tenure as team owner he looked to make sure that the team is managed very well and remains a perennial contender in the sport. Levenson appointrd former NBA player Danny Ferry to become the general manager and the president of basketball operations. However, Levenson has recently decided to give up his ownership stake in the team and is therefore looking to complete his sale with the assistance from investment banking firms.

As well as being a prominent businessman and professional basketball team owner, Levenson is a philanthropist. He has given a number of funds and time to various charities to help make his community better. In fact philanthropy is one of the main activities he participates in when he is not running his company. Levenson is also a family man as he has a wife and three children. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and in the suburb of Potomac, Maryland. Lastly, Bruce Levenson is quite vocal and active in American politics pertaining to foreign policy.

Best Lawyer in Florida

It isn’t every now and again that a law office gets the famous “Super Lawyer” position. Truly, since the begin of this prize, under 10% of the broad number of legitimate counsels who are utilized in this claim to fame in this state have gotten the attestation. That all changed for the Law Offices run by top attorney Dan Newlin, as he and his gathering were shown this respectable affirmation.
Mr. Newlin began off his bringing in the law execution field, and at a quarter century he joined the Police Department. Later in his occupation he perceived a to an awesome degree affected position in Orlando working with the Sheriff’s Office. He worked diligently on that occupation and was able to manage Detective in under ten years.

In spite of his business inconspicuous segments as Sheriff, his positions at the orange County office went from criminal motivation behind excitement to auto robbery. Amidst his time as an outlaw criminologist, Dan Newlin was to some degree in charge of the strain and possible catch of two or three hundred of the degrees most risky criminals. Amidst that time, Mr. Newlin got distinctive specific regards that were in assertion of him going incredible past what may have been sufficient at any rate at work. He was in like way saw by United States Marshalls Office for exceptional association.

Lawyer Dan Newlin picked in 1990s to go to Florida State College for law, and was perceived and from that point graduated in the mid 2000s. In a matter of seconds lawyer Dan Newlin is endorsed to practice in two or three domains where he keeps up specific workplaces to achieve however various individuals in need as could be typical in light of the present circumstance. As of this present year, lawyer Dan Newlin has helped customers to recuperate more than $150 million in compensation cash for wounds they experienced. This should prove Newlin is at the top of his game, but it wasn’t always that way.

The one room office with a single assistant that Newlin used to keep up his livelihood is supplanted by a boutique-style extend that serves a much more prominent party of people. To help him to recoup however much as could be typical for customers, the law office now utilizes astoundingly talented lawful instructors from the area. These skilled authorities range from 20 or more years experience trial lawful guides to past state prosecutors. The case weights have augmented additionally, growing now to cover car collisions, wrongful end suits, accommodating remissness, headway mishaps, bike crashes, family question, to criminal cases.

In any case on the off chance that you oblige a family law master or a disaster lawyer, set lawful advocate Dan Newlin to conduct business for you today. The fundamental meeting relating to your case and the open passage for you to banter with a master is ceaselessly free. In a split second you have a champion amongst the most saw and regarded law work professional in your corner.