$21 Million App from Classdojo to make parent teacher meetings a thing of the past

Classdojo is a classroom communication application whose makers are based in San Francisco, California. The application was first launched in 2011 and its main mission was to make sure that the link between the teacher, students and the parents in the classroom environment was strengthened through easier communication. The application has been praised by many as one of the best ways to follow up on the progress of the student in the classroom and also during the co-curricular activities.  See angel.co.

The $21 Million improvement means that the parents will be in a position to communicate with the teacher throughout the year. Parents will always be up to date on what their children are experiencing in the school environment, which is different from the surprises that they sometimes get from the parent teacher meetings that are organized once every term. ClassDojo, which was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary got the additional round in 2015. This will help them figure out which additions can be made to the application to make it better for the parents. The application can be used both during the normal school hours and at home.

The main purpose of the application is to be a guide for the communication that happens between the parents and their children in connection to academics. The application is used by teachers to make the classroom and learning related activities known to the parents. The application is already being used in 85000 schools in the country and is still expanding their reach. The people that are using the application have children between the Kindergarten and the 8th grade.  Check  and read more on linkedin.com.

Other features that will be part of the application include transactional features that will enable the parents carry out functions such as making payments for activities such as field trips through their mobile phones.

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John Goullet’s-Business Leader

Currently serving as the Principal of Diversant, John Goullet has been making a name for himself in the business world for quite some time. John Goullet founded his company Info Technologies back in the early 1990’s and he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Goullet’s resume is full of amazing accomplishments that make him very respected among people in the business world. He has proven himself to be a leader who knows how to get the job done.

John Goullet began his career as a computer consultant. He later began working with company staffing. He helped a number of companies and then decided to start his own IT staffing company in 1994. Goullet focused his energy on understanding the staffing needs of his clients. He had a very unique approach of attempting to match the personality of his clients with their work style. This client-centered approach helped to lead his company to great success.

Goullet’s philosophy has allowed him to build great success with his companies. As Chairman of Diversant, he has built Info Technologies into an award winning company. On multiple occasions Info Technologies has been recognized by Inc.’s magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies. Over the years it has been Goullet’s unique approach that has helped him to build his business. Goullet has what he calls a production paranoia. This constant push to get the most production out of what he does, is what he believes makes him more productive as an entrepreneur.

John Goullet has had a tremendous impact on the business world. Besides the mentioned positions, he has also served as at Computer Sciences Corp., the Constell Group, and Tsr Consultants. This Ursinus College graduate has taken the world by storm and continues to impact the business world. With such dedication, he should be around for many years to come.

https://ideamensch.com/john-goullet for more.

Wessex Institute of Technology- Collaborating with the world for science

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) was founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1981. It is an internationally recognized educational and research institute located in the South of England. WIT achieves its goal of knowledge transfer and exchange of information through conferences, publishing and research. In association with other organizations and educational institutes, the Wessex Institute of Technology organizes around 25 interdisciplinary conferences throughout the world. WIT Press is the publishing arm of WIT and it publishes papers, conference findings, journals and monographed research. Its eLibrary is open-access and has over 30,000 new and archived peer-reviewed papers. WIT has collaborations with universities and organizations around the world for research and development facilities. According to www.businessinsider.com, the research at WIT is in fields like electrode kinetics, ecology, rapid manufacturing systems, fracture mechanics and crack propagation, corrosion models for environments and many others. WIT annually awards the George Green Medal and the Prigogine Medal to recognize and encourage scientific thinking.  Click here for added articles.



George Street Locations Offer Great Flexibility For Your Event

George Street Photography was launched in Indiana by several young enterprising photographers. Their idea was to make their knowledge of photography and video available in many communities all over with local photographers and videographers collaborating.

Today there are George Street professionals in nearly every city in the country, and they can be found very easily be Googling. For example, looking in Seattle offers several photographers who are affiliated with George Street as well as prime locations to hold the event. Visit georgestreetphoto.com to book a professional photography and videography service.

Lord Hill Farms is an epic location for a wedding with its panoramic beauty and wide open spaces. Up to 450 guests can occupy the spacious grounds for one of the most memorable weddings ever. The Pickering Barn in Issaquah has that indoor-outdoor availability, giving guests lots of freedom in a beautiful country setting.

There are hundreds of idyllic venues in beautiful Seattle, and you can be certain that the George Street affiliated photography and video professionals will be able to give you the results you seek.

Tidal Under Strong Negotiator Desiree Perez

There is a deal going on the Tidal and Samsung. There are already talks going on with Jay-Z and Samsung together with a long term associate and leader Desiree Perez. The corporation is said to have held discussions with Kanye West regarding the release of the album The Life of Album. It seems there are big plans that are underway. Samsung has worked with great artists before such as Rihanna of Roc Nation. It is a Korea-based company.


Tidal.com is a music streaming company that is working its way to the top of the game. The company had experienced a series of events which contributed negatively. Previously, there had been leaders defecting from the enterprise, and the company also struggled with financial issues. However, while many thought that the company would go down to the drain, there is now new development and Jay-Z the talented rapper decided to hire Desiree Perez to help in the management of the company. The company has seen strains regarding finances, but that is now gone. The company is now at the top, and there are great things that are happening right now.


Large corporations such as Google and Spotify have been looking forward to signing a deal because they know the potential that the firm has. There are also other investors who have approached Desiree Perez so as to seal a deal but that seemed not to go through probably because their offers were not such lucrative.


Running a music streaming company needs someone who is strong willed and who is ready to negotiate for good deals. There is no one else who could occupy this position apart from the great associate of Jay-Z, Desiree Perez. She is a woman who has succeeded in business as well as in the management of business. She has seen the development of many great artists. It is because of being able to make a smart decision that makes her able to negotiate for great deals. She also runs the Roc Nation Sports which is also owned by Jay-Z. Hop over to musicbusinessworldwide.com.



Jeffry Schneider: Raising the trend of alternative investments at Ascendant Capital LLC

It takes a person with a sound sense of discipline, hard work and dedication to make any organization great. Jeffry Schneider is one such personality, heading the boutique alternative investment firm in Austin, Texas, called Ascendant Capital LLC. Ascendant specializes in providing unique investment strategies and plans for its different investor crowd that fits every need of its clients. Moreover, its global outreach and focus on private equity are financially beneficial. Ascendant does not compromise on meeting every requirement of the market. To fulfill these needs, the company has joined hands with exceptional fund managers to create differentiated plans.


Ascendant Capital strives to be a trustworthy source for alternative investment strategies. Their aim is to redefine the way investors view alternative strategies. So, how does Ascendant Capital achieve its goal to stand out and become the number one choice for investment strategy? Through it’s expert process with which the company builds strategies that are fit for the market needs. The company’s focus on client relations and dedicated teams assigned to sales and marketing support sets them apart from their competition. They have the clear vision to create relationships with customers, employees and the market, which is beneficial and rewarding for everyone.

Every organization that excels in its market like Ascendant Capital LLC is led by an ideal person and a dedicated team, where both drive the human resources and skills to help the organization be great at what it does. Jeffry Schneider has changed the fate of Ascendant Capital over the last five years and has raised a capital of over $1 billion dollars. Mr. Schneider’s vision to make their top investors Ascendant’s priority and making alternative investments grow rapidly in the market again is what makes Ascendant Capital successful. Before making this organization great, Jeffry Schneider was offering his expertise at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. Moreover, he has received his education from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Jeffry Schneider has instilled the values of transparency, teamwork, voicing opinions and new ideas and listening to them, along with creating a sense of trust between employees. He has 24 years of experience in financial services, the huge web of private and public pension fund, globally spread financial firms and industry work, which makes him a valuable asset to Ascendant Capital. Other than running a successful business, Jeffry Schneider has interests in traveling, charity, taking part in marathons and believes in living a healthy life. Schneider realizes that all able men must help those who need a helping hand. That is why he is involved in some charitable organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.


How James Dondero is helping The Family Place meet its $16.5 Million Capital Campaign

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero is a Dallas’ resident and the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management (HCM) where he acts as the president. He is a certified management accountant (CMA) and has an Honors degree, in Finance and Accounting, from the University of Virginia. Mr. James Dondero has an experience of 30+ years to his name where he has mainly concentrated on the credit and equity markets mostly focusing on the high-yielding but distressed investment ventures. He is also the incumbent chairman of Nexbank, CSS Medical, and the Cornerstone Healthcare. In addition, he sits as a board member of MGM and American Banknote studios. Philanthropic activities are very dear to his heart including those touching on public policy, education, and veteran’s affairs. His career kick-off dates back to 1984 as an analyst and one of his early notable achievements is helping grow out the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life’s asset to $2 billion when he served as the C.E.O in the organization between 1989 and 1993.


The Family Place

The Family Place is an organization, based in Dallas, which is committed to supporting victims of family violence. The organization has a legacy campaign aimed at raising $16.5 million by April 4, 2017 and $2.8 million is missing to hit this target. Eventually, James Dondero, in October 4 2016, announced a $1 million challenge grant to help raise the fund. During the Launch, Mr. Dondero stated that his agency was impressed by the Civic community in Dallas and was willing to invest, alongside other philanthropic and generous parties in the community, in this noble course.


The Birth of Ann Moody Place

As for The Family Place’s C.E.O, Paige Frink, he encouraged those interested in helping the victims of violence to utilize this tremendous opportunity. The money raised from the Legacy Campaign is intended to support the construction and operations of a new Counseling facility for victims of family violence, to be set up in Dallas. The facility will be named Ann Moody Place, which will be an extension of the current, The Family Place that is already operating at the capacity. It will cater for 6000 and 2000 victims of teen and family violence respectively. Additionally, it will have an on-site child development center and an animal shelter for those victims carrying along beloved animal pets. The whole story can be accessed from; http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

Julie Zuckerberg: A Talent Manager To Look Out For

A company may have outstanding policies, achievable goals and objective, however, if they don’t have the right employees or a team in place all is that useless. Employees play a great role in an organization. At the end of the day, they are the ones working tirelessly to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. There is nothing unfulfilling as having the right resources, plan and failing to have the right employees suited for the job. Nowadays, companies are paying so much attention in recruiting and getting the right people for the job, which is not enough as the employees need to share the same values and mission with the company.



Julie Zuckerberg is a force to be reckoned with in the greater New York City. She has an eye for talent identification, acquisition and management. Currently, she works at Deutsche Bank as the executive talent acquisition manager. She is responsible for heading talent management and recruitment processes for the employees. She is also in charge of collaborating with clients who head in various global technologies, private wealth and commercial clients. Through these interactions, Julie has garnered expansive knowledge and skills that make her a remarkable talent manager.



At Deutsche Bank, Julie has seen herself work in various positions. Not only did she recruit and acquire talents for the company but was also the vice president of the bank. As the vice president she was in charge of devising and implementing regulatory initiatives and also maintaining the relations with other companies that the company was involved with. Her fierce nature got her into hiring and recruiting the managing director and directors of the firm.



Prior to working at Deutsche, Julie Zuckerberg worked for Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Consumer Bank. She was the vice president and the executive recruiter. Her experience and expertise got her handling challenges cases of recruitment that involved negotiations with equity buyouts, cases of immigrations and deferred awards. She was also involved in recruiting the high end positions of directors at the bank. Moreover, Julie also got to advise their clients on strategies required in recruiting, and how to attract and retain employees.



Julie also worked at Hudson as the director of candidate placement. At Hudson, Julie made sure that the company was always ahead with the tax and other legal requirements. She also recruited attorneys, paralegals, and managers for the company making sure that the talents identified was trained and readied for their positions. She was involved in identifying trends in the employees and also in the awarding and promotion of employees.



Julie’s success can be attributed to her degree in philosophy she attained from City University of New York Brooklyn College and a law degree in New York Law School. Her keen interest in people and her desire to understand and study people has made her one of the well sought after talent recruiters and managers. Years of experience recruiting has made Julie an expert in what she does and continues to grow and develop talent each day.


Defining Your Internet Reputation Before Somebody Else Does

“Who are you?” That is the question that every entrepreneur needs to answer. Unfortunately, if she does not answer it, somebody else will, and she will probably not like the result. The world of business can be competitive. It is a world in which the strong survive, much like in nature (just without being eaten by the competitor). The best strategy to defend against the attacks is to put on some proverbial armor. The entrepreneur needs to build herself up and establish her reputation before somebody else does. Forbes offered a few helpful lines of advice to that end.

Tell Your Story

There are two critical aspects of self-promotion. The first is for the entrepreneur to tell the audience who she is. This could be done by writing a short biography on her blog or website. She should relay the aspects of her personality that make her human and relatable. If she is a mother, then other mothers will begin to feel a common bond with her. She shares in the struggles of billions of women throughout history. She knows what it is like to have a child who will not listen.

Similarly, if she shares a bit about her passions, interests, and where she started, people will begin to appreciate what she has to offer. This is particularly true if she started at the bottom. People enjoy hearing the story of the person who rose from the ashes and into true success. It provides inspiration and hope.

Perfecting The Product

The second critical question that the entrepreneur will need to answer is what she has to offer. While a product will probably not sell itself, there should still be a reason that consumers are choosing the entrepreneur’s over those offered by her competitors. She should find out what weaknesses her product has and what weaknesses the competition’s product has. When she fills those weaknesses, people will turn to her because her product does not have the same deficiency as the others. This will be part of surveying the market.

“Who are you?” and “What do you offer?” are questions that the entrepreneur should reflect upon as she tries to develop her online reputation.


‘The Greyhound Diaries’ Take Doug Levitt Out Of His Comfort Zone

Like most Americans Doug Levitt had heard much about the problems of poverty in the U.S., but even in his role as a leading journalist with many major news networks the Cornell University graduate had little experience of life in the heart of the U.S. below the poverty line. After deciding he required an artistic outlet in life, Doug Levitt felt inspiration arrive in the form of the legendary WPA programs for artists to explore the lives of struggling U.S. citizens in the 1930s; using these recordings as inspiration Doug Levitt embarked on a six week bus journey he hoped would provide inspiration for new songs and writing.


Over a decade later Doug Levitt is still traveling the U.S. as part of his ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ project that has resulted in music, a book, and a series of live performances at some of the top venues in America. Levitt has also taken his project to a number of news networks to discuss the issue of poverty and his first hand experience of interacting with people who are struggling to simply get by; Doug Levitt believes shining a light on the issues facing U.S. citizens who are struggling to get by is the only way to make a significant change for the future of society.


Doug Levitt has always been aware of the many different problems facing society at its poorest levels in society as his parents were major community leaders in his hometown of Washington D.C. Despite the political and community work of his parents Doug admits it was not until he began exploring the U.S. as part of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ and came face to face with the realities of poverty that he began to understand the problems facing millions of U.S. citizens.


In his work Doug Levitt points to many different reasons why ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ have become such an important fight against the continuation of inequality across the U.S. Doug points to a media based in the largest cities in the U.S. who rarely explore the vast center of the country to discover the truth of how everyday life is affected by the stress and concerns people face about money.