Don Ressler Brings Something Unique To The Table

While Adam Goldneberg works on the logistics and technicalities of running a business, Don Ressler deals with the products. Don makes sure that there is something unique brought to the table that will get people to shop at JustFab. When people visit a store, online or offline, they are looking to find something that other stores are not offering. It has to be something more than just lower prices. Don Ressler has understood the importance of offering something unique that he has looked at the athletic clothing category on One thing Don and his wife noticed was that there was a huge gap when it came to athletic clothing. This has presented a huge opportunity for Ressler to come up with something that will make huge sales.

Don Ressler understands what something as simple as a change in wardrobe could do for a person no matter what he is doing. He has seen that most athletic wear stores or sections of clothing stores offer the same boring types of clothing. The selections are dull and uninspired. As a result, he and his wife have decided to come up with some very new and interesting designs that are meant to flatter the body type as well as improve athletic performance during a workout.

Don Ressler’s efforts have brought forth Fabletics. This is one of the few stores that offer a style that is known as athleisure. The clothes that are offered in the stores go beyond the typical loose and boxy clothes that people have known. Fabletics offer clothing that actually looks fun. At the same time, it feels good and fits right. Women don’t have to worry about the clothing getting in the way of their workout. Source:

Fabletics was also made possible by Kate Hudson, who is a celebrity who knows how to dress stylishly. She is always showing people that she knows how to dress well. People always see her in clothes that flatter her physique, skin tone, and body type. As a result, she is always getting compliments, and feeling confident in her overall sense of style. Don Ressler is also someone others look to as an example for fashion and style.

Behind The Scenes: Beauty Gurus

On this Wengie vlog, we learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a beauty guru vlogger on YouTube. Wengie goes over different troubles and situations that happen when a beauty guru is filming a make up tutorial or a skincare treatment. Wengie explains that while people watch her videos and enjoy her content they truly don’t have a clue as the amount of work that goes behind the scenes. Aside from makeup seeming like it doesn’t show on camera, there is always the possibility of bloopers or even working repetitively to get the right take.

First step, which is a must for any type of video footage, preparing the set! Uploading a make up tutorial is essentially a performance and it isn’t easy to focus on the person showing you how to do ombre lipstick if they have a messed up bed or dirty clothes everywhere.

Once the set is prepared it’s time to get into “costume” or pre-filming grooming. Wengie highlights this by showing that her nail polish is chipping and isn’t exactly too appealing to look at. Since she’s showing us how to apply makeup we would be focusing on her hands a lot and if we’re distracted by her chipped nail polish we might not see just exactly how she applied that highlighter. Wengie has a simple fix of just applying another coat of nail polish, they may not be manicure perfect but now we’re able to focus on the make up and not be distracted by worn nail polish.

Next is the meat and potatoes of vlogging, filming the make up tutorial! The perfect angle is a must. The camera needs to showcase your face but not be too wide so that our eyes are bouncing off of props that may be in the background. A camera with a face detection feature is perfect for vlogging because it will blur out the background and ensure that your face is forefront at all times.

Despite a face detection feature a camera might become out of focus, as cameras do, and an application of concealer or foundation might need to be done in another take. Wengie also shows how she has all of her supplies on the set (her bed). She’s well prepared enough but we see that she didn’t have her concealer ready and had to go look for it. Little silly things like this are bound to happen when vlogging.

The end result would not be possible without editing and as Wengie shows us, she spends nearly thirty minutes of filming “vain” poses of her with the make up look and are the core part of why we’re drawn to her videos. She only chooses a fifteen second slot but she wouldn’t have got it at all if she hadn’t spent thirty minutes during takes and poses. It is definitely a lot of work and can be strenuous except that is never shown in the videos and it helps us appreciate Wengie all the more.

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Resiliency in drought conditions: A brief interview with Andy Wirth, CEO Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

California is in the midst of a record-setting drought. In a recent poll sponsored by the California Water Foundation, respondents have ranked their concerns of the drought above any other issue currently facing California residents today. While the shortage of water is difficult on most, imagine if your livelihood depended on it?

Ski areas rely almost entirely on precipitation to operate a successful business and are therefore facing many challenges with these dry conditions.

To learn more about the impacts the drought can have on the skiing industry, I tuned into an interview on the KCRW segment “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” Madeleine interviewed the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Andy Wirth to discuss the effects the drought has on skiing.

Andy Wirth is a well-known figure within the U.S. skiing industry. He has served as CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation since 2010, has over 24 years of marketing and sales experience and has many interests in sustaining the natural resources needed to operate a successful skiing business.

This past winter was a tough one for the ski industry as it was one of the driest in recorded history. Because of the less than ideal conditions, Squaw Valley did notice a decrease in the number of skier visits, prompting the question: “How many winters could the ski area survive if each year was like the last one?” Learn more about Andy Wirth:

According to Andy Wirth they can survive an infinite amount of winters. They have a solid capital structure, a good business and the ski area has remained profitable. However, they do have to take measures to help alleviate the pressure these dry years can create.

This includes supplementing with more man-made snow, managing existing snow efficiently and reducing the amount open skiing acres. Additionally, during summer months, they help boost business through hosting other activities such as weddings, meetings and athletic events. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Wirth says these opportunities allow them to “withstand changes and the variability of weather.” Yet, beyond dealing with common weather variability,

Wirth says they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, promoting renewable energy sources and reducing their overall contribution to climate change. This, in and of itself is an investment in the longevity the ski industry.

Lastly, for skiers that are simply looking forward to the upcoming season, Squaw Valley is predicting a winter of “favorable circumstances” and are planning to open on the weekend prior to thanksgiving.

NutriMost Weight Loss Company Is Hard To Top

Sometimes a company becomes so successful that the competition can only follow its lead. However, another weight loss company might have gone too far. NutriMost has filed a lawsuit against the rival company that’s known as Healthy Living. Healthy Living is being accused of stealing video content from the NutriMost website so it can be used to for their company instead.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Healthy Living posted a video on their website that appears to be the same video that was originally produced by NutriMost, with very few changes made to it. In the video that was posted on the website for Healthy Living, it appears as though references in the video for NutriMost were replaced with the phrase, “can’t lose diet”. The testimonials in the video were from the same people. At this time no one has been able to get any comments concerning this matter from any representatives from Can’t Lose Diet.

NutriMost is a nation wide company with a reputation for achieving positive results. It’s reported that people who use the NutriMost weight loss program lose about five puonds per week on average. Many people claim to have lost over twenty puonds during their initial forty days after they started the program.

The NutriMost weight loss program is safe and unique compared to other weightloss programs that are available. NutriMost clients aren’t prescribed drugs or hormones. There isn’t any kind of exercise regiment that needs to be followed. Each individual is evaluated so that a specific weightloss plan can be made that is best suited for them. The client is eventually given a specific weight number and they learn how to stay within a two pound range of that set number. The weightloss team at NutriMost help further by providing daily support to their clients.

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Responding to Reputation Attacks Tactifully

Your business reputation is everything. It is basically the factor that drives everything else and as so should be guarded with all we have. However, it is not all times that we will be able to avoid attacks on our reputation. The best thing to do is be equipped to deal with the situation if there is an attack on your reputation. When dealing with negative attacks on your brand reputation, here are a few things that you need to follow;

Respond to Customers
This should actually be the first thing that you do. First, if the attack is as a result of miscommunication or misinformation, ensure that your customers understand what you really do and your processes. Try to clear the misunderstanding respectfully. If the attacker is a customer, write them a mail explaining yourself and making things clear. You do not want to lose the customer, even if it’s just one. This could have an adverse effect on your business

Never Ever Lose your Cool
When faced with an attack on your reputation, the pressure may be too much, and the first thing that might come to your mind is retaliation and getting into it with the attacker. I strongly urge you not to fall into the temptation of doing so. You want to maintain professionalism even as you handle the attack. Therefore, address your attacker with respect. And, if you cannot do that, ignore them and move on. It will not cost you a thing.

Use a Crisis Manager is a leading crisis manager. They will help you clean up negative articles or comments on your business. The importance of using a crisis management service such as is to keep your company in the clear from negative comments that may affect future searches for your company online.

Bottom Line
Whichever way you choose to address the attack, always stay civil. You want to come out of the crisis as the bigger person and not bury yourself even deeper in the mud. By following this guideline, you should be able to effectively manage reputation attacks. Find Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more about their news and services.

Securus Technologies on GTL’s Case

Recently, Securus Technologies made a press release on their intention to shame them in public and make them own-up for their mistakes and work in better capacity to stop ruining the reputation of their industry. In a report by PR Newswire, this press release was composed after Securus noticed continuous wrongdoings by GTL, yet their situation seemed to be worsening.


During the press release, Securus brought to light some of the wrongdoings that Global Tach Link was being investigated of in regards to their services. Some of these wrongdoings were from the past but Securus brought them to light because GTL has simply not learnt their lesson. They continued behaving recklessly without a care of how they were affecting others in the industry.


The press release was a plea for something to be done to make GTL sober up. It was released, not for the purpose of putting down GTL but to protect the consumers, who were in the end the people who suffered the most. They hope that the release will make GTL more responsible, stop monkey business and take their customers more seriously for the good of the whole industry.


The reason why Securus America was considered with GTL irresponsibility is because they share the same customers. The company was established in the year 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They offer their services to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across North America.


They themselves have a policy of treating their customers with utmost integrity. This can be proved from their recent award of BBB accreditation as stated on They were graded with an A+, indicating excellence when it came to transparency, integrity, responsiveness, honesty, building and maintaining trust and the ability to safeguard the privacy and security of their clientele.

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Brad Reifler is Sharing His Investment Knowledge to the World

Brad Reifler is the CEO and Founder of Forefront Capital. Just as any investor would know, investing can be a scary thing at times. Not knowing whether or not you will be successful and make money or if you will suffer a loss is the basic principle of investing.

Through years of experience, Reifler has become familiar with every part of the investing market. With this experience, he has decided to share his tips on how the average person can become successful without fear of complete failure. His first piece of advice includes taking into consideration where you put your money. This is a top priority as some investors can get carried away with investing all their money in the stock market. Another point he makes is to ensure that you are investing your money into someone that you trust. Remember why you are investing your money and what you want your outcome to be. When you find an investment that is successful, continue to invest in it and add more funds to it.

Reifler has had the experience and dedication needed to help others who have similar goals to his. His company works hard to help people invest their money wisely.

Being an overall grounded entrepreneur and passionate worker, Reifler has served on many advisory boards such as the board of the European American Bank. He has found himself to be the director of several organizations which include Wins Finance Holidays Inc. and Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation. Throughout his career, Reifler has gained the knowledge and leadership to hold his current company in place, while making others successful.

What Makes The Midas Legacy a highly Competent Company

The Midas Legacy is a Winter Garden, Florida-based company that offers advisory solutions focused on wealth management and success. It services are beneficial to private investors, rising entrepreneurs, individuals who need to be cured using natural remedies, anyone who wants to have an early retirement and people who need peace and happiness. The mission of the The Midas Legacy is to help all its customers to achieve the particular kind of life and success that they wish to have. The Midas Legacy makes its goals attainable by facilitating members with a high potential through provision of resources to change the real estate, natural health, finance, and entrepreneurship sectors.

Individuals who join the company as members benefit from its services from day one. A book that is known as The Midas Code, which contains the company’s strategies to success, is issued for free upon enrollment to membership. The Midas Legacy comprises of experts who provide professional guidance on different sectors, and they include renowned entrepreneur, bestselling authors and the principal shareholders in the stock markets, All professionals who serve the organization are devoted to ensuring that its mission of making people prosperous is fulfilled.

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Retirement Calculator

Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Mark Edwards, Jim Samson, and Sean Bower are the leading specialists who work at The Midas Legacy. Mark Edward has plentiful knowledge on offering treatment using natural cures. Jim Samson is a thriving entrepreneur, famous bestselling author and is highly knowledgeable in the real estate business since he has been in the industry for over twenty years. Sean Bower’s expertise is in the finance sector and business journalism. He has been in the two fields for many years and therefore, has ample knowledge that he uses in advising The Midas Legacy’s clients on capital markets. The Japan’s Nikkei, the International Business Markets and the Yahoo Finance are examples of international magazines that have quoted Mr. Bower.

The Midas Legacy is conscious about its social responsibilities. It is a great contributor to various community undertakings. Examples of the company’s beneficiaries are the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Give Hope Foundation, which is located in Central Florida and the two are dedicated to fighting childhood cancer and other detrimental diseases. The Florida Sheriffs Association also has The Midas Legacy as one of its benefactors and has honored it as a Gold Business Member. Other organizations that gain from the company’s charity undertakings are Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army and the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Finally Appointed as Coriant’s CEO and Chairman of the Board


The success of a company is determined by various variables such as the devotion of the employees, the business model, and market reception. With all these factors in place, there is a need for a capable and competent leader to steer the entire entity towards achieving its objectives. The scarcity of experienced, competent and performing leaders makes individuals like Shaygan Kheradpir be in high demand by companies looking for reliable executives. Consequently, Coriant opted for Kheradpir to take the positions of both Chief Executive Officer as well as Chairman of the Board in September last year.

Fiercetelecom released a press report citing that the able Shaygan had moved to Coriant. This was credited to a previous relationship developed between Shaygan and the top management of the Marlin Equity Partners, which is the owner of Coriant. Previously, Shaygan worked closely with the senior management team as an Operating Partner.

Why Shaygan Kheradpir

With the availability of other successful individuals in the market capable of steering the operations of Coriant, the company settled for Shaygan as its best option. Apart from his cultivated relationship with the management of Marlins Equity Partners, Shaygan has an outstanding record of executive positions in numerous global entities such as Verizon, GTE, and Barclays.

In his previous position, Shaygan has managed to leave a legacy behind him for leading positive transformations in various entities. For instance, in Barclays, while working as the CIO, he assisted in developing the Pingit mobile payment system or software. On top of his experience is a strong academic background in the Electrical Engineering field. He is a proud holder of a doctorate, masters and bachelor degree from Cornell University.

Shaygan is an individual who firmly believes in Coriant’s ability to provide cost-disruptive networking services to its clients. He is also lured by the company’s portfolio of packet optical and data networking solutions.

About Coriant

Coriant has made a reputation for itself is one of the largest providers of networking solutions around the globe. Consequently, the company is a proud provider or supplier of networking services to numerous network operators based in over a hundred nations worldwide. Among the network operators served by Coriant include, utility companies, financial institutions, government agencies, cable MSOs, content providers, fixed and mobile line service providers and large enterprises.

The Marlin Equity Partners, which is the entity credited for establishing Coriant to its current status, founded the company in 2013.This was done by integrating various systems or networks such as Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) optical unit, Sycamore Networks as well as Tellabs.



Soft And Clean Hair In One Bottle

There are several infomercials about WEN by Chaz Dean [] . A cleansing conditioner is one of the products that has been tested to see if it really works as well as women on television say that it does. The cleansing conditioners do more than just soften the hair. They act like a shampoo and styling treatment all in one. Wen promotes products that can be used for any hair type. The sephora fig version of the cleansing conditioner promotes shine and bounce while adding hydration to the hair.
On the back of the conditioner, there is a recommended usage depending on the length of the hair. Those with short hair should use about 10 pumps of the conditioner while those with long hair should use about 25 or more. The amount of conditioner by WEN by Chaz Dean that is used when washing the hair is a good bit more than an ordinary conditioner and shampoo. Almost as soon as the hair is washed it feels thicker. The conditioner strengthens the hair and gives more bounce once it’s dried. The conditioner is one that gives beauty to the hair for a few hours after washing, but it can leave the hair oily the following day.

WEN by Chaz is a line of hair care products that are used to cleanse and help with styling the hair. From cleansing conditioners that soften and moisturize the hair to a nourishing mousse that leaves hair manageable, you can find almost any product that you need to care for the hair. Natural ingredients are used in the products instead of products that could damage the hair.